la pomme 8gb usb wearable flashdrive

Emobox La Pomme 8GB USB wearable flashdrive necklace Review.

La Pomme 8GB Flashdrive. 

This is photographed actually in my own apple tree, its quite at home.

I was excited to receive a few products from the lovely lady at Emobox to review, you may have seen my last review of the brilliant Wallet drive.


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Emobox is a company specialising in wearable USB flash drives to keep all our precious data safe, be it important documents and information as the latest British spy with 3 seconds to save the world or images of your cat. You can keep them on your body without anyone realising.
But you know you can’t tell anyone or I’ll have to kill you….

Anchor I have to admit my eyes just lit up when I opened up my box to find the gorgeous La Pomme necklace AKA the most beautiful 8GB USB flash drive I’ve ever seen.

Emobox’s packaging comes as a small white cardboard box sealed neatly with Emobox sticker simple so you can easily give them as gifts.


Apple USB and 28 inch chain

My La Pomme 8gb USB flash drive is in disguise as a stunning crystal apple, with the most beautiful peridot crystals embedded into a cast silver metal base. The Apple pendant is 1.65 inches wide and 1.76 inches high including stalk.


Inbedded into the apple shaped pendant are over 20 peridot coloured crystals, these have the most gorgeous sparkle, that the camera doesn’t show how stunning this is. Believe me I have tried in sunlight and flash; its bee…autiful, absolutely stunning.

It comes on a lovely 28 inch curb chain which is strong and secure and doesn’t come with a connector clip as it doesn’t need one.

The back isn’t just plain, it has a silver metal finish with over 20 small hearts cutout allowing you to see the hollow inner slightly, giving you the choice of two different looks.

The apple pendant has been so beautifully designed even down to the cute apple stalk gently laid over the top. It also comes with a small bail attached to allow you to use your own chain. I personally love the chain it comes with, its just perfect.

 This La Pomme holds a secret in that it has a secret sliding USB flash-drive inside.

 The apple has a small ornate filigree handle on the side which is also surrounded with another 10 peridot crystals.
(USB slightly eased out to show its place)

This makes it easier to grip with your nail or finger to slide out.

Pull the handle to reveal a small 8 GB USB flashdrive, leaving a space looking like you’ve just taken a bite, its an adorable design. 

 Its extremely secure and will not just fall out as it has a small magnet to hold it inside securely.

 From the back.

 Snow apple or as I call this The Snapple!



This has to be one of the most gorgeous USB’s I have ever seen, I’m a complete sucker for fun and unusual USB’s and this adorable La Pomme has a luxury quality to it. The stunning peridot
seUcrustals have a sparkly shine in any light which I have tried my hardest to capture on film (or digital card so to speak). The silver curb chain is just perfect as curb chains are extremely strong and can easily carry the weight of the apple pendant. The pendant come with an extra silver bail as you can see so you can add your own chain or leather thong, be wise though as its quite a weighty apple.

The gorgeous apple has beautiful curves and glitzy glamour with a nice
The tiny handle has a nice stiffness to it because of the small magnet, so you are reassured its not going to just fall out and lose your precious files. The flash drive has exactly 7.51gb like most 8GB drives and it doesn’t come with any adverts or software. Its all available space for your files.weighty, excellent quality feel to it. Its not your cheap lightweight tin jewellery, its beautifully made.

 I love the fact you have the choice to wear it either way. But I’ve yet to wear it silver heart side as I adore the green crystals it just goes with everything I Wear. I love the long length chain too as it really suits the larger size pendant.

 Is the apple dreaming of being beautiful or is the stunning La Pomme dreaming of living real apple life?

Anchor Every time I’ve worn it out I’ve had great comments, but not one person has guessed
These 8GB USB pendants are elegant chic which is so affordable and make an unusual techie gift at any time or as an extra treat for yourself, you will feel special wearing this with the added excitement of its internal secret no one will know. Bring out your inner spy with this wearable fashion.its a USB yet which is perfect for my next mission as GadgetGirl undercover…shushhhhh!!!

Excellent quality,
Crystals are stunning,
8GB plenty of room,
Long 28 inch chain,

Absolutely none.


You can buy your very own La Pomme from 

Anchor Emobox for 

Anchor ONLY

Anchor £13 
Free UK shipping

Anchor Three colours to choose from
Cupcake Pink  Enchanted Green (mine) and for the ultimate in glitz Golden Glamour 

Please see the other Emobox wearable designs available too

Anchor  The heart USB necklace Little Bijou and the brilliant unisex memory straps bracelets in 3 different colours.


All my thanks goes to the lovely Emobox for sending me these wonderful items for my review free of charge. This does not effect my personal opinions or views they are my own.

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