i pic personalised photo frames

i-pic Personalised photo frames Review and Give-away!

i-pic Personalised photo frame

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review a unique product from a company called i-pic, who offer personalised photo frames.
You are not getting just the frame but your own image printed inside too. A fantastic idea and so unique to anything I have seen.



i-pic frames are tough, waterproof, magnetic A5 photo frames which you can have some fun personalizing to your taste with your very own photo and messages.


You can own your very own i-pic photo frame too as the lovely people from i-pic have kindly allowed me to give 1 very lucky person the opportunity to choose your very own frame and photo to personalise yourselves.
Just entermygive-away by scrolling to the bottom to the Rafflecoptor widget and follow the quickie questions, not too many dont worry.



Being a photographer photos are close to my heart and I have spent my 30 years as a published photographer placing photos in what are now “old fashioned” photo frames where you buy your frame, then print out your image and place it behind glass or cheap plastic.

In the past I have had mould, damp and dust get behind the glass and ruin my treasured images, some photos are from the original negatives that are now lost so I can never replace these.

Thanks to i-pic we now have another option.


What makes these frames different from any other frame you have is that i-pic’s gorgeous choice of  frames encapsulate your chosen photo with durable polymers, so you have no worries if the frame and photo gets damp or dirty; its waterproof and wipe-able. The neat A5 frames are also magnetic so you can display your new frame on any magnetic surface like a fridge, filing cabinet, shelf, mantel, side table. The small plastic peg also allows you to stand it like a normal frame to be displayed absolutely anywhere.

The main part with these frames is that you can personalise them with not only the amazing choice of frames for almost every occasion, wedding, birthday, anniversary, pets, but you also get to add a name and your message on the back making this such an extra special pressie for anyone. I do not know one person who would not love one of these frames.

Choosing your i-pic frame

ipic’s process is easy and fast.

You have 2 main choices at the start; choose from the hundreds of choices of frame specially designed for special occasions; Fathers day, Mothers day, Christmas, Birthdays and many, many more even armed forces, music themes, flags, graduation, Easter, Sports and astrology. You have double options in most designs so you can choose from portrait to landscape.

Or you can create your own using a blank frame where you have the option to upload your own frame image then use the “Paint-like” editing style to doodle, draw, add names or just write or colour it in to your favourite colour, make it yours.

Three steps

in Two ways

I wanted a frame for my elderly hound Wolfie and although i-pic offer pet designed frames with bones etc for dogs and fish etc for cats, even one for your horse; I fell in love with many other designs they had to offer.

So when I saw the “Poppy” design by Kate Knight who is one of their 4 featured artists section. I had to have that one as Wolfie loves running through fields of poppies.

It took me 3 days to choose my frame as I had so many options (….Im a perfectionist lol) I tried many different photos with many different frame options as you will see below. There is a frame for everyone for every occasion.

I know….well Im female and allowed to be indecisive lol.

The hardest part was choosing the frame as I loved so many of them, it was so easy from here and so fast, it took about 5-10 minutes once I had chosen my image, frame and message, I simply uploaded my own image of Wolfie and had the option to resize it to fit in the frame.

(Your images need to be a minimum of 200dpi to give crisp, clear images within the frame, anything less you will lose quality.)

First edit
The resizing option shows you in real time how your image will fit, you can see from myscreen shot I have his ears in the edit box but in the frame the top part of his ear is missing. I would have needed to have chosen an image with more topspace. But I loved this look as I get more face in.
So remember what you see in the frame, you get in the frame.window

Next page allowed me to add my personalised twist on the frame, here I could add his name with the choice of font size and colour, just like you were in word on your PC, some of you will recognise the familiar names of fonts, so if you have a favourite this is perfect.

You can change this many times till you are happy with your result, I chose the font Comic Sans in black so it would show up on the bottom of the frame.

 Name or add message window, where you have space for a short sentence, like Happy Birthday “name” or I love you etc, or a single name on the front depending on font and size you wish the text to be.

On this particular frame there were no personalisations for the back, but there are many that do allow this; it just depends which frame you choose. 

I loved the beauty of this gorgeous poppy design as the colours are stunning; I was happy to just have his name printed on the front.

From here you simply check your photo alignment, spelling, font colour and your ready to proceed to checkout.

Here you can choose whether you would also like the gorgeous chrome, metallic finish. I did of course this is beautiful, really making your frame that extra special.

Or…..Create your own frame design

If your feeling extra creative you can personalise the whole frame from scratch by choosing “Create your own”,  you then choose from Portrait or landscape and use the Painter tool to add your special touch.

Here you have the option to use the familiar basic tools you see in Paint and photoshop to make the frame yours. Use Text box to add writing to the top or bottom of the frame or use Fill tool to simply fill the frame with your favourite colour. Play with lines, squares and circles till your happy.

You also have the option to email them your own image as an i-pic background, if you wish to have one of your very own photos as the frame, you can then continue and “Paint it” to your choice.

i-pic will print whatever your imagination creates!

My Photo i-pic Frame


i-pic send the frames in firm envelope boxes and mine arrived on my doorstep amazingly within 48 hours of choosing my design.

The frame is kept safe in a transparent polybag and with it comes a small silver plastic peg so you can slot into the frame so it stands up on a mantelpiece or shelf, this is cleverly folded within the envelope, the attention to detail is perfect.

I was actually blown away when I opened my i-pic; the photo and frame were stunning, the image is bright, sharp and the colours are exact to my image, its perfectly aligned to what I had designed on their site.

The frame and back is beautifully metallic to the point I had trouble taking the photos to show you just how beautiful the effect is. 

The poppy design would have a completely different look if I hadn’t chosen to have the chrome metallic effect, I love it both ways, its personal choice.

I have tried to show you the metal flake style it has, as it catches the light in this image.

The colours are so rich.

 Having his name on the photos makes this a really special gift to keep forever.

 His name really stands out in the metal effect!

Display options

I love the fact you have small peg with your frame to press and twist into a pre-formed hole in the back to allow it to stand up anywhere on a shelf or mantlepiece. 

You have to make sure its firmly pressed into the hole or it can fall out, you could glue it in to make it more secure.

The pegs need to be a bit stronger but they work well and the frame sits perfectly on my mantelpiece. If you lose your peg, i-pic can replace your peg (for 50p +p&p) or supply more expensive metal or acrylic stands if you want something smarter.

Personalised Giant Fridge magnets

The i-pic frames are made with powerful magnets inside them so you can put them on your fridge, filing cabinet, metal shelf etc and it looks amazing.

You can see how gorgeous the frame looks on our fridge freezer; especially with the metallic finish catches the light.

The magnets inside the frame are strong and hold the frame well; but make sure it sits firmly against your fridge door to get the best magnetic adhesion. Parts of my fridge door were not flat meaning it slipped, you need to find the perfect flat surface.

with my frame also Tip; came a small warning sticker concerning the magnets in the frames to keep them away from credit cards and electronic devices like mobile phones and heart pacemakers. 


I absolutely love my i-pic frame and so does my family…oh and Wolfie. 

The whole process of choosing a frame and personalising it to suit you makes it unique to you and I will definitely get more frames for my photos. I have all my expensive camera equipment so it makes sense to put those special images into a special frame.

I think the A5 sized frames are perfect but I would love the opportunity to buy a larger frame if they decided to supply them. The frames are strong and have an excellent quality feel to them. My metallic finish is gorgeous and Im so pleased I chose to have it.

Are you always stuck for pressies, do your family always come up with brilliant gift ideas, well now you can get your own back. Its a perfect gift for someone special, plus you get to personalise them too, it will look like you have spent a fortune on them. Friends and family will love you forever if you buy one of these for them and dont forget to treat yourself too, I will definitely be getting more of these, they really are stunning. i-pics have a massive variety of designs in their library one for every occasion; with the option to use your own images as the frames too.

The photos are protected and wont fade, they wont get mouldy or damp, the images will have sharp, bright, glossy colours forever and can even be wiped clean if they get a bit dirty or something spills on them. The tough engineered plastic are also scratch and impact resistant and so much safer than conventional glass fronted frames especially for children’s bedrooms. Your photo gift will be cherished for years to come. 

They are a company who care about your images and attention to detail!

Capture and personalise those special moments; its the perfect gift and that’s not something I say often as a reviewer, but everyone has a favourite photo and these affordable frames really offer you something to cherish for years to come.


Stunning designs,

Scratch and impact resistant,


Magnetic fridge magnets,

Peg to stand frames upright,

Infinite ideas to personalise,

Gift wrapping service,



You can buy your very own i-pic frame



Metallic frame only £19.99

Gift wrapping available

Chat about your ideas with them on Twitter

All my thanks i-pic for allowing me to choose and personalise my own photo and frame for this review free of charge.goes to the lovely guys at 

This has not effected my views or opinions in anyway.

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