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iCushion tablet holder Review.

iCushion iPad cushion holder

From MobileToyz

Mobile Toyz is a technological product innovation company dedicated to bringing life and technology closer together.

The  iCushion is a perfect home for your ipad, tablet or any device to sit in comfort with.

I have recently bought my new Nexus 10 which I absolutely adore, but within a week I was getting shoulder and back ache from being hunched up over it.

So I was excited to find out the lovely guys at Mobile Toyz offered to send me an iCushion to review, wow its the best tablet gadget I have…read…on…


My gorgeous bright pink iCushion arrived quickly and securely packaged and sealed in a clear poly bag keeping it clean.


I was ecstatic to open my parcel from MobileToyz to find the most beautiful pink velvet iCushion for me to review. At the time I didn’t even know they were going to be making this colour as they already had a fab range of colours to suit everyone’s taste, so I was over the moon.

 Especially as it matched my Nexus 10 case perfectly.

I leave my tablet and cushion out ready for use and I have had so many ooo’s and arhhs over it from my friends.

The iCushion is made from an excellent quality fine velvet and silk in a wedge shape.

The iCushion comes in over 12 gorgeous colours.

The wedge shape has a soft black webbing centre which is designed so it sinks into the cushion slightly allowing the tablet or device to sit securely into the bean filling. The very front/bottom has a more cushioned roll to prevent the device slipping out of the cushion.

The only thing I could say is that it would be great to have a slightly more hard-wearing base e.g,
Underneath, the base is also the same gorgeous pink velvet.pvc or leatherette to protect this gorgeous sumptuous velvet material.

The back of the wedge is also in pink velvet which can also be used as the base depending on the angle you wish to view your device.

Inside the cushion is a white netted bag filled with
The Cushion has a zipper on the base to allow your to clean the cover.polyballs which is sewn inside with a knotted end to make it easier to empty the balls into another container to clean your iCushion cover more easily.

The iCushion has an embroidered logo to prove its a genuine MobileToyz cushion, beware of fakes as this is the original cushion. 

The polyballs mean you can sit at a desk, in bed, on the sofa, even in the garden or in the car, with a perfect viewing angle which allows you to read, work, rest and play in absolute comfort.

 iCushion Measurements

 My Nexus 10 fits comfortably.


Full length is 15 inches long,

Slant 11 inches,

Height depth 6.5 inches down to 0,

Black webbed centre is 10 x 7.5 inches,

Front padded shelf is approx 2 inches deep.

You can safely leave your tablet or e-reader in the cushion without any worries its going to fall on the floor, we have stone floors in our cottage so its vital my devices are kept safe. Just jumping up to answer the phone or door can be dangerous for my gadgets; but now I have the security in knowing my Nexus is completely safe.

You can even colour code your iCushion to your lounge and leave it on show with your other soft furnishings. 


I am so over the moon with my iCushion its something I use every day for sometimes hours on end and I no longer have any back or shoulder pain caused by using the tablet by itself. My Nexus 10 sits securely in the material indent and I can plump it up, till its in the perfect position for me to work in. Plus my knees are warm and cosy too.

Sitting watching TV and checking the emails and….writing my reviews…in comfort!
I do have a main system gaming PC with all the bells and whistles but I now have the choice to sit in comfort on the sofa rather than in the office for more relaxing writing and surfing. 

You can see exactly how plush and luxurious the iCushion is; the chunkiness allows you to plump it up for that perfect viewing angle no matter how you are sitting. Its not going anywhere its safe and secure in the indent shelf.

Use in any position

I even turned it on its end to give me a much higher viewing angle. 

 Its not designed for this angle but it still works well; but to be aware there isn’t a padded shelf this end, but it does sit into the wedge comfortably.

 I also use it for my Kindle
A mobile mini desk wherever I am, mobile, remote and Kindle all in one place, no slipping down the side of the sofa or the floor and breaking into a hundred pieces.

Then when you have done all your hard work…yes I do some housework…you can simply turn the iCushion into a pillow.
Its sooo comfy! 

Im working hard….shushh…no…really!


If you own a tablet, small notebook or e-reader I cannot stress enough how much this iCushion will add to your comfort, its a must have gadget for your gadgets as well as for you.

Using your tablet now means you can sit in perfect comfort and warmth whatever position you choose to sit, kneel, crouch, slouch or lay; your device remains safe and secure at the best viewing angle for you, preventing any RSI or body pains. 

Since using my iCushion I hardly have any aches of pains using my tablet because Im not hunched over it, I even get a bit more writing done on my reviews because Im not as tired at night, its actually made a huge difference to improving my daily life; and I know it sounds dramatic…but it really has.

 It is one of my most used gadgets apart from my gadgets.

The iCushion is versatile, fashionable, affordable and oh so comfortable and makes the perfect gift for anyone with a tablet or e-reader or just a pressie to treat yourself. With the amazing choice of fashionable colours you can colour-code for your room or simply choose your favourite colour. I love my pink iCushion, its stunning and I know many of you girls will love this too.

Dont wait or hesitate,
 buy your iCushion today


NB: my pink iCushion is called Purple velvet.

Mobile Toyz also sell other products too take a look at their website for more products.

All my thanks goes to the lovely guys at Mobile Toyz for sending my very own iCushion for this review free of charge. This has not in any way affected my opinions or views.

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