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Arty & Planner Reviews

Ive added a complete extra tab for just my planner and art reviews as I realized so many of you were interested in my planners and art supplies. 

So this page is just for you guys, all my arty and planner reviews all on 1 page.

Ive also been a spending spree of art bits for both my planners and for me as Ive started to sketch and paint again after many years…since I was at school many moons ago.

Ive re-discovered my love of drawing.

The planner world introduced me to art journalling and now thats let me back in a full circle of sketching. Its a wonderful feeling to rediscover something, its like finding that missing extra comfy sock again…ok…maybe not quite a sock but you know what I mean.

I spent many hours as a little girl drawing and colouring in my room and I ended up going all the way through school to A level art.

However the day I left school I took to my photography which I still love with a passion and the arty side of me got forgotten. But thanks to you guys in the planner world you know who you are I have rediscovered my arty side.

So I decided to share with you my new art materials that Ive been collecting since August this year; so its all here in this little section of the web.

If you love gadgets that will still be on my other pages.

Below are my video reviews already posted with links, plus a list of whats coming up very soon.

 Feelily Large Capacity Multilayer PU leather pencils case

Feelily Set of 3 soft pencil pouches/pencil cases

 Feelily Super large capacity pencil/cosmetic case

 Feelily 28 piece sketching and drawing set with Canvas wrap

 EVA Hard Shell Pencil Case Video review

My NEW Travelers Times Travelers Notebook Boho Style

Travelers Times refills, Notebook boho style

Brimbles September Stationary box Unboxing video

 XPassion Waterbrush 3 piece pen set 

Travelers Times Travelers Notebook

Travelers notebook inserts from Travelers Times

Lyra & Co Fauxdori Covers and inserts

 Websters Pages Colour Crush Personal planner

My 1st planner The Happy Planner

Reviews Coming Soon

 Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils

FaberCastell Albrecht Durers watercolour pencils.

Derwent Inktense Pencils

Pentel Aquabrushes set of 3.

I have a selection of my new art supplies coming very soon, some large capacity pencil cases for my  FaberCastells, FaberCastell pencil sharpener, Derwent battery operated eraser, Windsor & Newton watercolour paint set and of course a set Aquash waterbrushes.

 Ive also discovered my love of adult coloring books, so I will be sharing these very soon.

Coloring book flip through’s and coloring videos coming soon.

 My NEW Diamine Inks

Just some of my  favorite fountain pens for calligraphy.

Sketching set, extenders and tortillions etc.

 Derwent sketching pencil set.

 36 Staedtler Fineliners.

 Which erasers are best

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