For Music lovers 

iHat Music Hat
Keep warm too, hat with speakers.

Nothing says you love them better than diamonds...okay...Swarovski crystals, stunning pressie.
Stilletto speaker shoes
For the
girl whose addicted to her shoes!

Dancing Cat Speaker
Cute and cuddly cat connects to your laptop,
iphone, MP3player and more. Watch this adorable kitty bop away to your favourite beat!
Me to you Teddy ipod Speaker
 This adorable teddy is another of the speaker range choices which would make a gorgeous pressie for any girl......of any age....yep any age!!!

Emobox have a wonderful range of wearable USB 8gb flashdrives a perfect gift for anyone at anytime!
Little Bijou 
Gorgeous USB heart shaped 8gb USB flash drive
storage  in 4 stunning crystal colours.

Wallet Drive 


8gb USB flashdrive storage in 3 designs.

 Memory strap
USB bracelets to take around with you anywhere.
 Perfect gift for guys and girls.

For the Home

The icushion


This is one of my favourite gadgets this year, its a gadget for my gadgets; the comfy beanbag that holds your ipad, kindle and tablet. Sit anywhere comfortably no more neck or backpain problems. A brilliant Valentines pressie available in many colours.  

Review coming soon.

Sound Asleep Pillow
Listen to music help you drift off to sleep, perfect for those that dont like headphones, no aching ears, simply plugin to your
Memory foam 24.99
Original £17.99
iphone or mp3 player.

Remote Control Candle Set (3 Pack)

So many uses see my review, will look great in any home.
Drinks Enthusiasts

Music wine glasses
Pack of 2 Gold lustre finish wine glasses
You've seen it on TV an in films now you can make music with your wine.
.Simply wet your finger and run it around the rim of the glass and listen for that perfect musical note to ring out.


Sparking Vodka
20% proof vodka with edible
22 carat gold leaf for that special occasion.

The Corkcicle
Keep your fine wines cool in the hot weather...yep dont laugh...
Im sure we'll get some soon.

Forget messy icecubes and ice buckets, keep in freezer overnight, made from thermal gel sealed into this elegant icicle shape, wont dilute the drink and keeps cold for longer.

swiss army bar knife with 10 tools for every cocktail occasion

Combination Bottle  
To keep your drinks safe from prying fingers young and old.

For the Gardener lock

  Koubachi Wifi Plant sensor


For the gardeners out there.

Sky Planter; upsidown indoor plant pot 


Make the most of  floorspace and technology of plants losing water during evaporation, now there roots stay wetter for longer.

For the photographers

Camera lens Mug and lid
I have this review coming soon.

Camera lens flask


I want this too...pretty please....!

Or see my 

iphone gizmos article for many more photography gadgets for your iphone!


Arcadie for iphone

For the retro enthusiast out there.

Space Invaders Wallet and cufflink set
More gorgeous retro Space invaders took the world by storm in 1978 and still loved now.


iphone or Blackberry Cufflinks

Working watch cufflinks

The fun stuff!


ihelicoptor Lightspeed Phone controlled ihelicoptor 
Cellon Magic cube Laser keyboard
I love this and its on my wishlist.


iwallet for iphone 5 and 

iphone 4 hardrive cover
Ultimate geeky iphone cases for iphone 4/4s!

Bluetooth Gloves
Connects via
Now you really can, answer your phone and keep warm all at once, turn your hand into the phone...well almost your not yet a cyborg...!
"Talk to the hand"
bluetooth with Integrated microphone and speaker with finger and thumb!
Mini DV camera
One of the smallest video cameras in the world, for those budding James
Bond spys out there.
saves to SD card and is 30fps 720x480 pixel resolution.
Charges by USB.

Walkie talkie watches
intouch with your loved ones with these fun USB charged watches.

Bluetooth keyboard for tablets
The perfect keyboard for those with tablets and other Android devices.

Solar powered keyboard
Powered by light...yes I did say light...just
sun power and extremely thin.

The Spy Hawk 
Remote controlled plane with the
 The Ultimate gift for the guy in your life,
most awesomest video technology onboard, view live streamed feed from the the plane itself onto the LCD screen hand controller.

I hope this has given you some ideas ontop of the usual chockies and flowers.
Saying you love someone with a gadget!
I hope you all have a fantastic Valentines day, please let me know if you choose something of this page, I'd love to hear how you get on with it.

Happy Valentines Day! 




Valentines day coming soon!

Do you want something special but different to buy your other half, yes we all love our flowers and chockies but Im one of the growing crowd of girls who adores their technology.
I'd swap my flowers for something gadgety anyday...I said...the flowers not the chockies....I couldnt
give those up!

Those of you that love anything with a on/off button here are some brilliant gizmo and gadget ideas to help you choose something diffrent. Surprise your other half with some technology instead. I have to be a bit biased as I have already reviewed some incredible products that I KNOW would make fantastic gifts for anyone!


Idealcases for phones, ipads, tablets and kindles

This is so personalised and is ideal for anyone, I do suggest a giftcard though as half the fun is designing your own case.
But for that special message its one of themost unique ways to say you love someone or even
"Marry me" designed on the phone...I know Im
a hopeless romantic.

 Valentine popup diamond
 Give your girl a diamond....or the chance of one!

Romantic 10" Pizza
See you can still give chocks but "Pizza style"

 We first met here Postcode puzzle
Where did you meet your loved one, in the park, a party, abroad; evoke those memories with a jigsaw puzzle of where you met, with choice of aerial or land-ranger imagery.

Pixel heart mug
Pour in hot water to see the heart turn red with Thermographic inks.



Valentine Gadget Ideas