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As you know I love my you dont say... well everyone that owns a precious gadget really needs something to keep it safe and protected after the fact you have spent alot of money on your new toy; you need something to keep it safe.


I have a tendency to keep my gadgets together and I was browsing ebay one you do...and found this ebayer who sells the most gorgeous artistic cases in many amazing designs.

So after browsing over 30 gorgeous designs one or two of them really stood out for me.



Now Im not usually a girly pink girl but I fell in love with this design. So I decided I needed not only a case for my NEW toy, my Nexus 10 but for my trusty little Panasonic Lumix TZ30 and found I could get both in this adorable design.



Post and Packaging

Both cases arrived quickly within a few days in protective clear plastic sleeves, you cant buy much for 99p these days and as I bought them both together they combined postage to 99p for the both of them.


The Tablet case





I wanted something different and I really did get that, this is a snug and protective 5mm neoprene top loading sleeve available for tablets, notebooks and laptops that are 10 /10.1 /10.2 inches in size, make sure you measure your device carefully before deciding on size.


It will accommodate most devices up to a 10.2 inch screen.

Its full dimensions are;

Case width 10.5 inches. / Nexus 10 is 10.3 in width.

Case depth 0.75 inches.

Case height 8.3 inches. / Nexus 10 is 7 inches in height


The neoprene is the same as diving suit material with a high wear resistance and will easily protect from knocks and scratches, its also easy to carry too, with its grip-ability. Its close fitting protection maintains it safely in position with no jiggling about. The neoprene is also breathable compared to plastic cases that cause damp inside.



Both cases designs really brightly coloured and brightens up your day to look at them.



 You can see my Nexus 10 is a perfect fit for this case.



It fits beautifully into the sleeve with plenty of room around the side.



The sleeve has an excellent quality strong double zipper and the zip itself is excellent quality and extremely strong. A neat touch is the leaf designs embossed onto the large inch long zipper pullers. They are made of tough grippy soft rubber making it easy to open and close.



The 2 zips enable me to even leave it charging using both zips either side of the charging cable, but still having it safely zipped-up on my table.




The colours do differ slightly from the product image as you can see; but that wasn't a problem at all for me as I actually prefer the pinky cerise.



Plus the tablet case matches my next review item the gorgeous iCushion from Mobiletoyz
which helps you sit comfortably in any position keeping the tablet upright, read it in bed, on the sofa, on the desk but in complete and utter comfort....and style of course.


 The combination of the cushion and this case makes them look absolutely gorgeous together, what do you think?
Review coming very soon!



The New Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ30/ TZ25/ TZ27digital Camera case, for the 



The Camera Case

 The matching digital camera pouch is designed for the Panasonic Lumix DMC  TZ30/ TZ25/ TZ27. Its made from the same super stretchy 5mm neoprene material with the same butterfly design I love. Its absolutely gorgeous to look at and soft in your hand, but has enough protection from harder bangs and knocks.

12 cm x 8cm x 3cm 
These are the measurements for this case and will definitely fit the Panasonic Lumix cameras mentioned, but will also obviously fit other devices with the same measurements as the Lumix.



The camera case comes with a  6.5 inch threaded strap with a strong dog clip clasp.



I was really impressed with how much room was inside this little case. It also comes with a double zip; these are 2 metal zips with the same strong thick zipper.



Plenty of room to store some spare cards and screen cleaning cloth even with my little Lumix inside..



Again the product images differed on colour variation but I'm still absolutely fine with this, but if you specifically wanted purple then you may be disappointed.


The main features of both cases are;

  • High quality.

  • Double zipper design.

  • The artwork is identical front and back.

  • Waterproof, breathable and durable.

  • Washable and easy to dry.




I absolutely love both of the gorgeous cases and will be buying from them again when I have another gadget.....I am always planning my next gadget....shush dont tell my OH! They are stylish and individual multicoloured sleeves and allows you to put your own chic and modern personal stamp on your gadgets; the ultimate in looks.

You certainly will be noticed out and about with the added bonus of them being so light and do not add to the weight of the device which for me is quite important. I have alot of pro camera equipment which I have stored in pro camera bags for full protection but it makes it almost double the weight to carry around.




Both my Nexus 10 and my Lumix TZ30 are valuable to me for the fact they are small and portable, I already have a full gaming system PC with 3 screens which isnt portable...obviously and my laptop is a 17.5 inch laptop and isn't ideal for moving around and yes its heavy.




My laptop sleeve (above) is in the same soft colourful neoprene material and large rubber zips; but I was a little gutted I couldn't find the same matching sleeve like my other two, its hard to find that size laptop bag anyway let alone in these amazing designs. So this design sort of matches the other 2 and they all look amazing together. (Photos coming soon).


I highly recommend these sleeves and cases for those of you that like your bags individual or like to stand out. I have to say too I was really amazed at how affordable these cases are, how many excellent quality cases can you buy for under £13 including postage these days and considering how much my Nexus 10 and little Lumix cost dont hesitate in treating yourself. Its worth buying several matching cases or buy a few fun ones for friends and family, they will love you for it.



Excellent quality,

Great choice of designs,

Amazing colour quality,

Zips well made with large pullers,

Waterproof and breathable,

Very lightweight and soft.



Does get dirty easily but then washes easily too, so maybe not a con,



 You can buy both these cases and many more other styles and designs for many more devices 

Visit the Pefect mobile shop here


 10 10.1 10.2 inch Laptop, notebook and tablet sleeves.


p&p 99p



Panasonic Lumix Pouch for TZ30 TZ25 TZ27 TZ19


P&P 99p 

They will combine postage .

If your unsure on sizing please contact them directly with your device model number and they will get back to you.


Take a peek at the designs you can choose from, it took me over an hour to choose one of these amazing designs and then to find the same for my camera.

Here are just some of them!