Beanflinger and some facts about the Nexus 10




My gadget of the year happens to be my new toy the amazing Nexus 10 which has blown me away. Review coming soon! Until then I have found some really interesting fun things you may not know about it.


Good old Google have added a fun Easter egg in Android 4.2 called the


 I have to say I really love this one who would have thought of a giant jelly bean which explodes into tiny ones which you can then flick all over the screen.
I love the way you
think Google!

Pleas scroll down for my video and I have added some of my own screen shots taken from my Nexus 10 to show you.

  •  Simply go into Settings, 

  •  Then go to About Tablet,

  •  Then go to where is says Android 4.2.2 or Version and tap this quickly a few times.



 This brings up a giant jelly bean smiley-face on your wallpaper, 


Tap and hold and this Giant smiley Jellybean to see it explode into lots of tiny coloured jellybeans which float slowly around the screen, you can then flick them and move them wherever you wish, a fun little game.




 The giant smiley jellybean on my Gyro space 3D live wallpaper.



Tapped and explode into tiny jellybeans floating around with the meteorites.! 
AKA The Muppets and yes
Im showing my age!

 Please see my video on the Beanflinger!
You have to admit it makes you smile...go on you know it does... ;-)


Easy Screen shots


Talking about screen shots you never know when you just want what is on your screen so what could be easier than grabbing it easily. Simply press and hold both the on/off button and the volume button together for 3 seconds, this will take a snapshop of whatever is on your screen at the same time.


 Here are some screen shots of my Live wallpaper Friendly Bugs.
(Review coming soon).

TipIts a little fiddly at first so I have found if you press the volume button down till its off, your not accidentally playing with the volume instead of taking a screenshot, you can even accidentally reset your tablet and that wouldn't be good. But once you get the hang of it its easy.:


Incredible high resolution display

When I kept hearing people say about the amazing display, I just assumed it was all hype, well after seeing it for myself it blew me away with how crisp and well defined the screen is, its bright, crystal clear and the colours just pop! The display also has extremely wide viewing angles.

The Nexus 10 is the worlds first tablet with WQXGA 2560x1600 pixel display, meaning it has almost a million more pixels than Apple's ipad 4 retina display 4,096,000 to 3,145,728.

Touch to Share technology

Another piece of info you may not know is that when you place the Nexus 10 with another Android with NFC support it instantly allows you to share photos, videos, contacts and web pages. This means any Android device which has the NFC chip.

NFC stands for Near Field technology, its one of the most long awaited technologies so far. 



Google and Samsung call this beaming and was recently used in a Samsung TV commercial where a wife sends a video to her husband by touching phones back to back.

The Nexus 10 is the only device at this time to have dual NFC sensors front and back, this is so you dont have to turn the tablet around to beam things.


Haptic Feedback

The Nexus 10 supports haptic feedback which means it gives you a little vibration when you type, this makes it clear your touch was acknowledged. Most

android devices now have this installed. With games it gives you a much more tactile feel to the game, I really love this, at first I thought it may get annoying, now I find it quite reasurring, especially if you are a fast typist like me.

LED alert

This little LED is something a new tablet user may not notice for a while, it sits centrally at the bottom of your screen and is a warning of emails, ebay notifications, but by

itself the single white LED can be confusing and not much help.


So users like myself have started to use an app called Lightflow, this enables us to change the colour, speed and sound to distinguish between which notification you have, you may have emails set to red if waiting for something important, otherwise it simply blinks white once, this app makes this LED so useful.




Nexus 10 or ipad 4

I have to admit I spent alot of time reviewing tablets in November trying to decide which tablet to buy and which one would be best for me, everyone was raving about the ipad 4 but after alot of reading and surfing I know I made the correct choice in choosing my Nexus 10. Despite having to wait to early January (Father Christmas was left tapping his foot) to grab mine because of lack of stock.

Here is why I chose the Nexus 10 compared to the ipad 4.

  • The Nexus 10 costs less,


  • Faster processor  which is 30% faster than the ipad 4,

  • Higher resolution,

  • Lighter, larger screen,

  • Touch share technology with dual NFC sensors ipad 4 doesn't,

  • Faster wifi,

  • Micro USB port so you can easily use other peripherals, 

  • HDMI port,

  • Front facing speakers,

  • Better keyboard,

  • Better front and rear facing cameras,

  • LED camera flash,

  • Larger Gorilla glass screen,


  • Built in barometer,

  • Easy drop-down notification bar, is easier than scrolling the apples apps to find your updates, this shows you all your updates.

  • LED alert,

  • Advanced photo editing in gallery,


  • Back button dedicated to Android.


I will be writing a fully detailed Nexus 10 review very soon.


If you know something interesting other than the basic facts, that I haven't mentioned shoot me an email.