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I adore solar power as I love anything that can help save energy; so I was really excited to have the opportunity to review this nifty little Solar Boost phone charger from the lovely guys at ParamountZone

This for me is what gadgets are all about, not only great up to the moment technology, but so uselful in every day life.

Have you ever been out and in a hurry forgotten to charge your smart phone, in our busy lifestyle its easy to forget; we've all done it. Recently too we personally have had a few powercuts as we live in the middle of nowhere. So a solar powered charger is just perfect for us.

Have you needed that 1 important call and your phone just dies on you, no need to worry anymore, this solar charger will always come to your rescue.


Front of the box.


The Solar Boost phone charger arrives in a simplified box with a transparent window to view your charger.

On the back it displays all the specification for those that love all the details.

In the box

The manual, the 2 cables one USB and one the charging cable to your phone or gadget, then you get your 7 power adaptors.


This brilliant Solar boost solar phone charger is a compact unit which is slightly smaller than your average smart phones at 11.4cm/4.5inches long and 6.6cm/2.6inches wide.

It contains a 2000mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery and its own solar panel with built in photovoltaic cell allowing you to recharge the battery using nothing but sunlight or even a lightbulb. So you will have plenty of calls and texts from just one charge.

The solar charger is quite a small unit enabling you to simply pop it in your pocket, it has 2 ports a DC in and DC out and the 2 cables to match.

You also have a nifty switch at the bottom to change the voltage of the power from 5v-5.5v -9.5v, this allows you to power item from mobile phones with the 5-5.5 voltage and portable DVD players using the 9.5 voltage switch. 

It has a large solar cell (3.5 x 2.1 inches) that covers almost the whole unit with 2 LED's to show you when its charging and discharging.

With your solar charger you also get 7 power adaptors to power most phones available, supporting the iphone and even the new iphone 4s, Samsung and Nokia mobiles, Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS.

The 7 power adaptors,

Micro USB, Mini USB, USB Female, ipad (including v4), ipod, Sony Ericsson Fast-port, Samsung D800, and Nokia 3.5mm. (not in photo order)

Here is the FULL extensive list of products 

which are compatible with this charger, 

To top it all you even have a USB adapter so you can quickly charge this unit. You have approximately 32 inches of cable to play with incase your USB port is at the back of your PC.

The standard USB connector acts as a solar powered USB port; so you can charge devices that can be charged by using your computers USB port.
TIP: Always make sure you keep the Voltage switch to 5 when using USB. 
There are literally hundreds including 99% of digital cameras, PDA's, and MP3 players, ipod shuffle and most HTC phones (inc HTC Desire).

The accompanying user manual is really extensive and explains everything easily.

So charge via USB while you have your computer on or simply leave it in the sunlight, although this little solar charger also works on dull days and under a lightbulb, so you will never be without a charge. It will also hold its power up to 6 months on standby. Power for nothing.


When I first got this out the box I was surprised at how light it was, it actually felt quite cheap. I expected it to be a bit heaver like my Power monkey explorer which I have had for over 6-7 years now. I have had my Power monkey for so long, but have now been unable to use it for awhile, due to most my gadgets now are upgraded and the adaptors no longer fit, so I was excited to try the Solar boost with all its 7 adaptors sure it was going to fit most of my new toys.

First of all I powered my new solar boost from my USB

Next I wanted to put my iphone 3G to the test

No problem at all it managed to charge my iphone within only a few hours.

The iphone adaptor fits well and is well made too.

Fully Charged iphone.

It also powers my Kindle Touch and to my surprise our satnav the TomTom Go 720.

This has given our Tom Tom a new lease of life as the battery life on it is absolutely pants and we haven't been able to use it because we dont have a cigarette lighter in our open topped jeep and in this day and age a satnav is something we dont want to be without.

 Thanks to this Solar Boost charger we can take Tom Tom with us and also use it by foot too, its given us back our satnav making life just a little bit easier again while travelling. Its like going back to the dark ages using paper maps lol.

Welcome back Tom Tom!!!

When powering your charger the green light will come on and depending how bright the LED is indicates how much power its getting, a dull light may mean it needs a bit more power or simply left for longer.

It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge on USB depending on usage and a red LED will come on to say its fully charged.

TIP: The charger will turn itself off if the power is unstable to protect your mobile.

It can be left in the mesh pocket on the outside of my rucksack to charge while I'm busy and know I will always have spare charge for my phone and satnav if needed. Its ok for the rambler, camper, keen cyclist and hillwalker, anyone who spends time outdoors will need this charger at some point. Its light and affordable and you can 

Grab FREE power and save the planet at the sametime how cool is that!

My only niggle is that it didn't come with a small pouch to keep the solar charger in to help protect the screen and keep the adaptors together in one place. Saying that it keeps prices down and I have simply found a make-up bag to keep them in.


Updated on the 17/4/2014; 

Since reviewing this little solar charger back in 2012 I felt I had to update this review as with all technology its changing all the time; when I first reviewed this I only had my little iphone 3G and my satnav and this little solar charger was just enough to give me 1 full charge. 

But I now have a Nexus tablet which uses a 9000mah battery and a Samsung S4 smart phone with a 2600mah battery and this little solar panel charger only has a 2000mah and wont be able to fully charge the S4 and certainly wont be able to charge a tablet fully.

BUT it will give you enough for that emergency call or email on your smart phone however. So if you have one already its still quite useful if you dont have anything else. 

To be honest when looking to buy a new charger or power bank you need to be looking at least 5000mah to suit our devices in 2014.

Despite this its well made and all the adaptors fit their products securely. Its so light and perfect to keep in your bag or pocket. But I would look carefully at the devices your planning to charge before buying this product.
There are now better products to buy on the market. 


  • Large battery capacity,

  • Large solar panel,

  • 7 adaptors,

  • Charges by solar power or USB,

  • Lightweight.


  • Sadly this little charger isnt quite powerful enough for most modern day devices but you will get that emergency call which is what this product is all about.

  • A small pouch or case would have been nice but the price may have been higher.

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All my thanks goes to ParamountZone for sending me this product free of charge for a fair and unbiased review