Remote Control Candle Set (3 pack) Review.


 Remote Control Candle Set (3 pack)
 Let There be Light!



This is my very first review for The Paramountzone gifts and gadgets and I'm really excited to bring you these gorgeous elegant remote control candles any one would be proud of.

I dont know if its a girly thing but I absolutely love candles of every shape and size, quirky, funny and scented I dont care, no home is complete without them.


But of course its often dangerous to display candles in homes with children and pets running round. I have large birds so my worry is them landing and setting tail feathers alight.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to try this Remote Controlled Candle Set.


These clever LED are the coolest and safest way to create an impressive ambient mood lighting!



The parcel arrived the very next day thank you
paramountzone and extremely well packaged. The outer box of the candles has modern graphic design with clear photos of the products inside.


On opening the box I was so damn impressed, for one they were far bigger than I ever thought they would be and being incased in 2 halves of polystyrene really protects these candles from any dents.


 Inside the box you have 3 decreasing sized LED candles, a remote control unit and instructions.


Height is 10cm high,
Smallest candle

Height is 12.3cm high,
Medium candle

Height is 15cm high,
Large candle 

These beautiful elegant candles will glow for over 50,000 hours. 
These extremely clever LED candles are such a simple idea, but wow what a gorgeous one. The 3 candles arrive in 3 decreasing sizes as for interior designs things always look their best in 3's.

Diameter of all 3 is 7.5cm wide.


The candles to my surprise are actually made of REAL candle wax wrapped by a thin sheet of transparent plastic temporarily to protect from dents and scratches until you want to use them.  You seriously cannot tell these candles from real wick ones, when they are on display. All 3 candles are stylish wavey tops just like the real thing.


 The inside of the candles are hollowed out wax and at the bottom is the small LED.



You can see there is absolutely no flame or anything that could be of any danger to child or pet, they do not get hot or even start to get warm, should you put your finger on the lit LED. These are 100% safe.

To top it all you will not get any melted wax spills on the carpet or other furniture.



 The bases of all 3 of the candles are made of plastic and hold the batteries and switch.



Underneath  is the battery compartment lever and the small on/off switch.Plus 4 small plastic feet to protect the bases.



Small On/Off switch



 Battery compartment where each candle requires 2 AA batteries.



I have never even heard of candles that were actually remote controlled and initially thought it was
Remote Control
over kill and just another manufacturing idea to make us buy this stuff. Then thought why wouldn't I just want on and off, surely that was enough....BUT Oh how wrong was I, what an incredibly innovative idea.
Yes I'm actually raving about them now and admitting how wrong I was to underestimate these products.
The cute little remote is extremely well made with sealed buttons, so no dust dirt gets stuck underneath like TV and DVD remotes, the buttons are excellent quality
.It requires a CR2025 battery which is already  included
, I love it when companies include the little things as these batteries can be a pain to find.


You have the On/Off, then you actually have a 4 or  8 hour timer, how cool is that, no more worries about the batteries dying when you've accidentally left something on overnight, simply choose from 4 or 8 hour button and click!

or better still if you want some ambient bedroom light to fall asleep this is perfect.

BUT thats not all.....


You also have CANDLE and LIGHT this allows you to pick if you want a flatwarm light or a flicker like a real good is this.

BUT Im not finished yet its so clever you can then choose between dim for mood or light to see what you are doing!



These options make this an incredible gift for anybody you know and certainly a gorgeous treat for yourself ladies. See how bright they are compared to the other 2 turned off in daylight.



Please take a peek at my video showing how gorgeous the lighting actually is !

These candles are extremely easy to use...yes even for us girls, batteries easy to replace, no broken nails as you have a nifty little lever you can use a key or knife to lift up. The remote offers so many ways to use these candles you will never want real candles again....okay maybe you
will , but you will be addicted to buying a few more sets for every room and a few more for pressies.


 Flat light compared to dimmed choice.


I have them in my lounge where I have birds as pets and I can now relax if they are out with no worries of tail feathers catching
They really are my super candles.I love the fact I can alternate between flickering and flat light and brighter or dim light depending on my mood. Then choose if I want to have a timer so that all 3 automatically turn off after 4 or 8 hours. 

light, no worries of my my dog wagging his tail and knocking them over, it wont matter if he does and the same goes for children.

Perfect for mood whether for the bath or bedroom, creating that relaxing warm ambience we all need for healthy well being.


I absolutely recommend these remote controlled candles, you dont just get 1 you get 3 different sizes, so you can have them together or divide them up
round the room.
I particularly like them not just because we have animals but because we live in the middle of nowhere and suffer
with powercuts, no more having to hunt for lighters or matches; so these will be ideal for us.
I will be purchasing more of these, not just for ourselves but for friends and family.
The varied ways of using these candles make them so special and perfect for every home, we will all use them completely different, but I think I can say without a doubt most us girls love candles and these are no exception. 
These flameless candles are THE safest way to enjoy candles without any fear of fire, accidents or wax spills. Ideal for child bedrooms when they want to sleep with a safe night light where you can even have the timer set to go off 4-8hrs later after they have fallen asleep.
Perfect for areas where real flames are not practical like outdoors where its breezy, Summerhouses, garden paths and barbecues and especially
round the edge of the bath where us girlie's love our oils, which would normally be a huge fire and health hazard.
Create a wonderful romantic night in or table centre-piece, bedroom
or simply for some cheap extra lighting.
They are extremely well made and affordable and creating impressive mood lighting to any home.




Large candles,
Remote with various options of use, 
Timer options,
Flicker or flat light,
Dull or bright,

I now want to buy many more of these,



You can  buy your Remote Controlled candle Set from Paramountzone



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All my thanks
goes to Paramountzone for sending me these Candles for this review free of charge.