Non Gadgety Reviews

These pages are for reviews of products I have been kindly sent that are not gadgety!
Being a girl the last time I looked; I am now receiving some really amazing products that are more lifestyle; beauty, garden or home side.
So I still want to share those reviews with you all as I'm sure some of you will still find them interesting as I do.
I do have many facets as a girl as I do as a reviewer; that I enjoy and I feel they will overlap in your life too. I am not really a girly girl, if anything I'm quite a tomboy but I still have my girly side!
I love shoes...der...obviously...but they are often hiking boots and wellies with my love of nature. Stilettos...sigh...which I adore...dont really fit into my lifestyle of living in the country, but its doesn't mean I dont just pop them on to remind myself to feel feminine.
My hobbies overlap into my art, planning and journalling so you will be seeing some of my planner reviews and my art supplies too.
So here are some super exciting reviews that are not gadgety.

My 1st planner The Happy Planner

 Daisy's doggy unboxing.

Wolfies Petshop doggy unboxing

Peony Artificial flowers Haul and Video Review

My Pandora Charms

 (odourless & Burpless)

 ChipEx Car Paint touch up system Review


 NEW Aloe Vera juice drinks from Taj Foods Review

Burts Bees Lip balm with Kokum butter and Burt's bees Tinted Lip Balm review

Two Lip balm giants go head to head!
Carmex and Burt's Bees

NasalGuard Cold and Flu Block

The Flower Council and House Of Plants

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