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Hi everyone no I havent sold out to become a beauty blogger, I love my gadgets and always will love my gadgets however; as a girl I want to make the best of what Ive got with a little bit of luxury...what woman doesn't!

I have been a qualified nail tech since the late 80's...eeep so long ago...but now I just do nails as a hobby as I love of all things naily; particular nail art so anything naily gets my pulse racing!
I have recently been offered a few naily items to share with you that maybe you love too; but most of the nail items Ive purchased with my own money.
These items are simply what I think of these products and my own feedback on them.

So let begin with whats coming up; I have a MASSIVE HUGE nail haul coming up as Ive purchased things I haven't had in years, I decided I wanted all new.
mainly nail art as its what I love.
These are just some of my NEW naily basic tools, I cant wait to play with.

I decided it would be a perfect time to finally put on some UV gel nails, so I bought a starter set from Naio nails, plus a brand new set of Naio Acrylics. Plus a few more bits which arnt on this you do.

Plus I ordered some gel polishes ....I know any excuse to buy polishes of know where Im coming from dont you girls.

 Ive always loved foils so I also purchased some colourful new foils despite my large collection already....eeep! These are my new foils and Ill show my others very soon too that Ive collected over the years. Ive now got over 80 designs.

While writing this I have also just purchased this gorgeous weekly Moyou mani box too. 2 Tropical plates and 4 gorgeous stamping can a girl resist. Since this Ive also collected a few more so Im looking forward to showing you my stamping plates, stamping polishes and of course I have collected a few different stamps too.

So Im excited to share the girly stuff on these pages for those that are interested. So all my Nail and beauty stuff will be linked below as I post them.

 EBoot 7 piece Acrylic Uv Gel nail art brush set

More Reviews Coming soon are

 More Nail reviews coming soon

Nail stamps videos coming soon

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