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As many of you know I love my books too, yes I am a true geek and proud of it!
This is a page of all the books Ive reviewed that I have been kindly sent or bought myself.

All my book reviews are added not only on this page; but to my other sites here;
Amazon UK
Plus regularly to
Twitter and Facebook.

I am also an Indie Book Reviewer

My "To Be Reviewed book list" that has reached over 100 books at this time.
So I will be reading my way through these and let you all know when my book review page is open again!
Thank you to all those who are waiting for reviews, I am gradually working my way through and will let you know when your review is posted.
Thank you

Im happy to consider any book genres, but my favorite genres are:

  • Horror, 
  • Fantasy,
  • Dysotonian,
  • Sci-fi, 
  • Murder & Mystery, 
  • Crime, 
  • Supernatural, 
  • Psychological Thrillers.
Non Fiction 
  • Biographies, 
  • Natural History.

Book Review Policy

I am fussy about my reviews so Im fair to both my authors and my readers. Im fully aware we all have differing opinions and always allow for that.
First and foremost when I have been sent a book to review Im always honest and I will always read the book all the way through, its never skimmed or speed read. You will know straight away if I love this book I promise as I do get enthusiastic about great reads.
I never give away spoilers, there is nothing I hate more than reading a review without a spoiler warning and...BAM...theres the ending, its ruins my read. So you will be safe.

NOTE; If however I am reviewing a book from a series and you haven't read the preceding book there maybe snippet spoilers for me to be able to complete that review properly.

If you would like me to review one of your book/s please contact me here

I'm happy to receive mobi or PDF files for my Kindle.

Apologies Book Reviews Temporarily Closed

Book Reviews
  • My site automatically adds a pinterest icon to all the images so if you want to add the book cover to your pinterest account simply click the pinterest icon.
  • To read my full review instead click on the book cover to the side of the pinterest icon within the image.


Post Apocalyptic Dystonian Zombiefest! 

The Sixth Extinction Series 1-4 reviews

Supernatural and Science Fiction

Murder Mystery, Thriller.

Natural History 

Non Fiction

If you have read any of the books here let me know what you thought, Id love to hear your opinions too!

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