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Ever since I can remember I have loved new and innovative ideas and gadgets. I am the ultimate gadget girl; if it bleeps, has a USB and flashing LED's I have to have it, it doesn't stop there I have to know how it works and then how it could be improved.
I'm just attracted to anything that is gadgety like a homing beacon.

"I'm a tom-boy Geek with a hint of a sexy." 

Okie a little about me
I have been a published writer and photographer since my teens over 30 years ago...yes I am that old..eeep! I won my first writing competition at the age of 8 where I then got the writing bug and I have been published many times since. 
 I originally learn't computing on the BBC micro computer and was hooked ever since on technology.
I have many qualifications over the years that are quite varied from each other, as I love studying and am not your stereotype blonde bimbo, I do have a brain...honest!
I'm an Ex-Nurse, Reiki, Aromatherapy & Holistic therapist, Nail tech and Pet Behavioral Consultant, I told you it was varied lol.

As a published photographer I have won many competitions over the years and my weapon of choice is my trusty Canon 7D...yes I know its old but it takes incredible images.
I'm a country bumpkin and enjoy nothing more than wildlife photography in between all my techie stuff, I love the contrast.
I have an arty side too and am a photoshop whiz and enjoy composite photographic art with a bit of mystical fantasy.
Plus recently Ive discovered my love of art and drawing again and have started to teach myself colouring and sketching...dont get excited its no mona lisa. Im still learning.

Im a self confessed Geek and love On-line gaming with World of Warcraft, Rift Gauntlet and Archage where my inner female warrior appears and kicks ass.

Another side of me is that I suffer with ME and CFS and Addisons so I struggle with chronic pain and energy loss and many other annoying symptoms. So Im constantly trying to find things to help me so I can help advise others.

Gadget Girl Reviews

Why did you become a reviewer?
 I wanted to combine my passion for writing, photography and technology all in one so I decided to setup my own review site as I wanted to offer a more photographic element to my reviews than you normally see on review sites; showing the product in far more detail; also adding comparison and lifestyle images so you can imagine that product in your hands or home too.
I wanted to offer you as the reader more descriptive detail which is honest, fun and informative and encourage more girls into the fun and technology of gadgets.
There are not many girl techie reviewers out there and I want to show people us girlies love boys toys too. The tomboy in me adores remote controlled gadgets like helicopters, cars and robots. USB and solar products are also a firm favorite of mine. I cant wait to show you the latest in technology, be it tablets, PC's, laptops, speakers and phones; or the operating systems and software behind them which is just as fascinating.
I get enthusiastic about every review I do, whatever it is, whatever the price; be it one of my own gadgets or something a company has kindly sent me to review, I just love taking the photos and sharing the products and my opinions with you all.

Why are your reviews often so long?
Er...yeah...sorry about that...but I like to include a variety of photos of the product/s showing every-side, so you feel like you have the product in your hand.
I always add a final opinion or added video review; so you can always skip to the end and get a short summary of what I think if you haven't the time to read all the details, you can go back and read them later. My reviews are always sectioned to make it visually easier to read the bits that interest you.
So it doesn't matter if you send me a £2 product it will get the same time and photographic effort as a £200 product. 

Why would you make a good reviewer for my product?
Im a photographic review site which makes me slightly different from the many other review sites out there. I take photos of that product in as many settings as possible not just in a studio lightbox, if its an outdoor product we take it outdoors and take photos and video footage to show it working. Plus many close-up macro images showing any detailing it may have. 
I will always add comparison images where possible so you can visually see sizing quickly, its proven our brains take in images faster than a set of written measurements.
Plus I now add corresponding video reviews.

Why are there very few negative reviews?
I want to create a reliable and trustworthy source of gadgety information for you all and I only ever feature products on Gadget Girl Reviews which deserve their place and that I highly recommend, however these are of course only my own opinion.
There will be occasions that a product does have some flaws and I will point those it or make a few suggestions on how it could be improved. If the product is actually faulty I will send it back and get a replacement. This is never a negative as it happens to everyone. I then can review the customer service as a good thing.
If I find a hate a product (this has never happened yet) I will approach the company and discuss my problems and then go from there.
I want Gadget Girl Reviews to be a site that has a variety of products that I can fully and honestly recommend to you all.

I pride myself in promoting gifted items as if you have been kind enough to send me a product for free I will always take the time and effort to photograph, test and write a detailed thorough review of always more than 800 words (usually much more).
I will then spend time promoting the product frequently with all my other networking sites; this not only promotes you but me, so we can help each other.

My views and opinions are my own despite receiving a product for free for that review.

Well that's me, if you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear from you.

Here are my social media sites feel free to follow or contact me. I love hearing from you.



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