Sunday, September 10, 2017

Exciting Gadgety Goodies Coming Very Soon!

There are some products I review that really make me feel beyond excited and these 4 of them that are coming very soon.
Oh wow! this is why I started to do Gadget Girl, because of my love of tech!.

So Im going to shut up and give you guys a brief over-view while Im still editing the videos for the above products; but I just couldnt wait to share them with you.
 Our own animated Jellipad, its super cute!

Full reviews and video will be coming soon
The Jellipad Android kids tablet

So first of all the Jellipad kiddies tablet.
This little beauty comes in 2 colours blue and pink. I chose the blue.
So here are the basics to whet your appetite.
Its a 7 inch kiddies tablet with fully installed childrens educational and game apps; with full parental controls over what your child will view at any time of the day or night.
16GB of storage.
Bluetooth and Wifi.
Expandable memory through an SD card slot.
2mp camera front and back.
Video and camera.

So if this has got you interested watch this space for my full video review coming up this week. Im so excited Im bubbling over.

 Honeycomb Speaker is by far one of THE best speakers Ive EVER reviewed on Gadget Girl, it not only looks amazing the sound is exceptional with Bass to die for...sigh...Happy dance!!!
So the exciting spec goes like this.
  • 2 x 40 Watt speakers yes I said 40 Watts...Im drooling I know its gorgeous. 
  • Full range dynamic speakers and dual dynamic ports.
  • Deep certainly has wow its phenomonal!
  • 2200mah battery power bank...yep you can charge your phone too.
I just cant wait to share this with you all, you will be amazed at this Bass.

 Our own Raspberry Pi WATERCOOLED/OVERCLOCKED in custom case.

For this super quick post it is our own Raspberry Pi project...yep its another one; but this is one with a difference.

Its not only watercooled...yep I said watercooled;
its the Tardis of Pi's you just wont believe what weve got to fit in this original retro ZX81 case.

 Jalo smoke alarm

In light of the tragic Glenfell Tower fire 2 months ago, fire safety has to be top of the list. So I cannot express how happy I am to share this unique NEW Jalo fire alarm from Homerama.
As well as being absolutely adorable it has an incredible 10 year battery with a claim of NEVER having to change the battery WOW!
I cant wait for you to see how gorgeous this looks sitting on my ceiling.

So there you go just a little teaser of whats to come as all four of these products have videos which are a little long with so much info, so they need alot of editing.

I just couldnt wait any longer to share these with you.

Coming Soon
Watch this space!!

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