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NEW MAMBI Mini Happy Planner Haul and Setup Video

NEW MAMBI Mini Happy Planner, Inserts and Setup Video

I recently discovered that MAMBI
(or Me And My Big Ideas/ Creative 365) have brought out the NEW MINI Happy Planner woohoo!!!

Beginning of last year you may have seen my very 1st EVER planner; I'll link this all below as I added a full video MAMBI haul. Since last year I have collected quite a few planners trying to discover the right one for me.
I used this -Life is beautiful- planner for approx 6 months but found it just too big and bulky. I loved everything about it...BUT the size.

I then discovered my passion for Travelers Notebooks for personal they are just stunning and so beautiful and I use these everyday; I love my double Boho's so much!
Travelers Times Notebooks Cranberry and Temptation Teal. video reviews.
But I still wanted something extra for planning day to day life as I never take my journalling or art planners out the house.

So today Im excited to share with you now that MAMBI has made the popular Happy Planner in MINI; it could have been made for me.

When I discovered the mini size I knew it would be perfect for what I wanted, which is to keep my life in order...and STILL enjoy a partially decorated planner.
What I love about the MAMBI planners is that you dont have to decorate if you dont have time or you dont want to.
They have absolutely excelled with the designs of this years planners.2017!

I found they offered so many incredible designs inside and out; it took me 2 days to choose one. took another day to find someone selling the design I fell in love with.

Eventually I found "Happy Mind, Happy Life" on Amazon through a seller called Hey Little Magpie

Which for those of you with amazing memories I bought my Websters Colour crush planner from last year.

So after 2 days it was on my doorstep wrapped in bubblewrap and Amazon packaging; here is the Front and Back.

So where to start...well checkout the video first to see it in real life. The unboxing or unpacketing, then setting it all up with all the NEW "mini" inserts and finally I show you how to change the rings.
Having some different sizes I show you what the mini planner looks like in all 3 ring sizes; well I couldnt decide which ones I liked best   ⇖😀⇗

So here is my MAMBI mini haul!

Here are the mini inserts I ordered from Craftie Charlie.
The pack 5 folders, pack of paper, 3 Dashboards.

But lets start with the Planner itself.

The new MAMBI mini planner really is the mini version at only 11.75 x17.8cm in size compared to the classic Happy Planner at approx 8.5 x 9cm. 
However if you want even bigger than the classic size they now offer them in BIG at 11.25 x 9 inches in size.

So whats in my mini planner well its a 12 month UNDATED planner so you can start at anytime and if life gets too busy you dont waste any of those beautiful pages.

Its a sturdy, robust laminated planner which really take any knocks and bumps and throwing around in your bag. It really is a thicker laminate too and those translucent teal coloured rings are gorgeous.

 On the back laminated cover is a wonderful rustic wood effect and if I wanted to reverse the flower cover I can. See below.

 This looks just as beautiful.

Its a disc bound or ARC system meaning you can take the pages in and out as you wish; or add them with a special punch; which MAMBI also do.

This is why I personally chose this planner "Happy mind Happy life", the flowery rusticness just called out to me!
There are many other designs so go check them out to find your favorite planner design.

Inside mine.

 Every month has a page to start it off and each one of those is gooorgeous just CHECK these out.
Its been beautifully colour coordinated with a mix of floral artwork, brushwork calligraphy and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.
Each page has been so well designed and as I said Ive chosen this planner for its "rusticness"; the woodiness and floweriness of every page...its sooo beautiful!

 On the front page as you open the planner for the 1st time you see a beautiful sheet of gold stickers. So you label your tabs that are also laminated down the side of the planner. A clever thing is the monthly stickers are also vertical so no craning your head round to see the month know what I mean?

This is one of my favorite monthly pages with this gorgeous pink brush lettering design, anyone that knows me, knows how much I love calligraphy; usually I would try to make a page like this myself, but this is perfect.

 The opposite page has the monthly matching page with places for important dates, Top 3 this month and reminders.

...AND it even has matching washi tape design through the whole month even on the monthly and weekly, love love this.

 I adore the combination of wood and brush lettering...hello...its made for me.

 Plus of course the addition of foiling for that extra zing.
This is my favorite page in the whole planner.

Monthly and weekly layouts.

 The monthly layout is clean and crisp ready to be decorated or left as it is with the corner flower.

I couldnt buy this new planner without some extras; plus I have some items never used from my classic planner last year.

So specific to the mini planner I got the folders, extra paper and dashboards.

In the cardboard folder pack you get 5 all different colourful folders with a half slanty pocket on each side...yes 2 pockets.

Love these 2 and yes I know the first one is spotty but its glitter random spots...thats different...oh yes it is, lol!

These look gorgeous added to the planner. Ideal for your stickers and photos etc. My favorite flowery one went straight to the front.

"Messy fun (bun or hun) and getting stuff done!"
Yes I know its meant to say Fun but Ive been doing all different styles of calligraphy for over 30 years and never seen an F brushworked like this, to me it looks like a small b or an h .
But its still beautiful!

 Despite the stripes I do like the having "very important stuff" written on this...very cute.

Im also slightly gutted there were 3 spotted folders and 1 striped. I would have loved all florals or had a choice of designs to match our own choice of planner; they offer so many floral planner designs, Id love to see a floral folder set or monochrome, marble, geometric for that matching planner etc.
As I must be the only girl who hates spots and stripes, I dont mind though as its the folders pockets I really want and they are really sturdy and firm even along the seam where Im pulling them in and out they havent creased or torn...impressed!

 Next was a set of dashboards each with different colour and phrase.
  • Pink - "Hustle Hard", 
  • Clear - "Plan a Happy Life",
  • Blue - "Youve got this" 
All three have top tabs and slot together so you can see them clearly. This combines beautifully with the mini planners side monthly tabs...Im so blown away with how everything is put together its gorgeous.

You also get a small sheet of stickers to stick onto the tabs. Love the hearts and stars.

My only niggle with these dashboards are they are really thick plastic and its a bit of a fight to get them in and out, for me it feels they are going to snap, yet they havent.
So once they are in I will try not to move them about alot. You can see how sturdy they are in my video.

They look amazing. I also like that they are translucent so you can see your designs through them, perfect to add your post-its to.

 Lastly is my paper pack where you get 20 lined and 20 graph paper...again I rarely use graph and would have rather had plain or dotted but Ill certainly use it all Im sure.

Finally the rings........

 Medium pink, large gold expansion rings and the original teal mini rings.

The Queen of the Rings...which rings?
So now we come onto the arc style rings, I absolutely love the transparent teal ones that came with the planner(right); however its almost full so its ready to go and I hadnt even added the folders, paper or dashboards yet.

I found or should I say re-found my gold extension rings that I had originally got for my classic planner and never got round to using them; so in my wisdom I decided these would look gorgeous on my mini planner.
The new planner taken apart....
This might not have been one of my best ideas.....eeep! think!!!.

 In theory it was a great idea; but they are way too big for the mini.
 I lost the grabable-ness to it, youl see in the video it was too big for my hand lol; but I had to try as I love the antique gold effect...sigh...!

Oh but wait....dont I have pink medium rings already on the classic moment?💡

 Oh wow, oh wow, I love this!

 They are a stunning pink and believe it or not Im NOT a girly girl; however I adore this cerise pink; plus combined with the hearts running through the middles they are adorable.
Finally got it right.

 You can see here they really allow so much more room.

Its good to use something you already have and find out it looks stunning.

The MAMBI Rings sizes
  • The mini teal 0.75cm,
  • The Pink Classic or Medium size 1.25cm.
  • The Gold Expansion rings. 1.75cm.
In my video I show you changing all these rings so you can see in real life rather than just piks.
I hope this helps with those wanting to change the rings and considering the sizes, I had to try the gold, but it was definitely overzealous (just a bit), the medium size on the mini is just perfect and I may have to get some gold rings now as I love them both.
I think a mix of the rose gold and pink would be beautiful.

I also discovered a pack of stickers and journalling cards I bought for my classic and never used...Yay!

 These fit perfectly; the designs are only on 1 side as they are made to be clipped in like a page to be turned over, so Ill add something similar on the other side. I like this set as some are moon shaped to give something different.

 Okay and lastly my new bookmark or book charm, I have 2 dragonfly necklaces for a planner and never found the right ones. This green dragonfly seems to match this so well.

But I have the blue as well let me know which one you like with this planner design, I just cant decide?

I love, love, love this mini planner, its the right size for me to sit on my desk, its also sturdy enough to throw into my bag. I love that its reversible too.
The fact I can buy so many extras like stickers, journalling cards and inserts too were a huge plus to my decision in buying this planner. My inner child has come out to play at last lol!

Plus the fact you have the choice of so many different designs not just the cover but planner pages too there is probably one to match most peoples choice in designs, from golds to marbles, spots to stripes geometrics to flowers and rusticness.
The arc ring or disc design allows those of you that love to paint etc on your pages to remove one from the rest of the planner without messing up the rest of the pages. Paint them, let them dry and pop them back in, its ideal.
Then you can also change the colour of your discs too whenever you wish just to change it around.If you buy the arc punch you can then start adding your own pages too,

So remember to checkout my video if you havent already to see this for real, see me setting it all up, changing the and a flip through of the whole planner so you can see it for yourself. I hope this will help you make a choice of MAMBI Happy planner, find the size, design and ring sizes to suit you and wether you like the insterts or not. Me?...well... I love it, spots and all.

I cant wait to show you when Ive decorated it some more, I have some exciting new watercolours and cant wait to get artistic.
*Just to say I bought the planner and inserts out of my own money and I recieved no payment for this review. All my opinions photos and footage are my own.

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