Thursday, August 10, 2017

Anthony James Black & Rose Vintage Men's Dress Watch Review

  Anthony James Vintage Black Men's Dress Watch

I dont normally show watches on Gadget Girl, but watches are gadgets and its a gorgeous one. So I thought you guys may like it too.

I was kindly sent this watch from Anthony James and was blown away with how gorgeous it was.

  It arrived well packaged like any Amazon delivery.
First of all the packaging is just perfect...yep I said perfect. You know I have a bee in my bonnet about how a product is displayed to me; well I love this.
 Its super classy and elegant arriving in a lovely grey slip box; which slides off to reveal a plastic grey box.
Just holding this substantially heavy box you know you have something REALLY special inside.

Anyone would feel very super special to recieve this as it really is exceptionally well packaged and well presented. The front panel opens up downwards and the top panel opens upwards held closed by a magnet.

I think the watch itself speaks for itself here.........this is an Anthony James of London, Vintage range elegant analogue gentlemens dress watch, in colours;
  • Midnight Blue.
  • Arctic White.
  • Black Dial in steel.
  • Black Dial in rose gold. (this review).

 You can purchase these in 4 different colour ranges.
 The one I was kindly sent was the black and rose gold above its just gorgeous.

The numbers are a large Roman Numeral in rose gold and boy does it catch the sun its beautiful.
 It has an oversized seconds dial with an open cut out calendar embelished in a black toned case...phew did you get all that.

If you didnt just look at the photos Im in love.

Watch Specifications
Case Diameter; 40.5mm
Case Thickness; 9.5mm.
Net weight; 133g.
WR 30M

 The watch itself was sealed in clear plastic and I had to carefully peel it off every link; this shows the intricacy and pride of this brand. Once the plastic was off it was even more beautiful.

I feel apart from the size it could easily be a womans watch too; I personally love it.

 Even the dial has AJ in rose gold printed on it, a little dial protector also comes with the watch as you can see here.

 To prove you have something special the back also has its own special number.
 Water resistant to 30m is even etched on the back of the watch here.

You also get a 5 year warranty although I have seen its also a lifetime warranty so I need to follow that up.

Even the metal balck matt strap has Anthony james etched on it.

The strap itself is a fold and snap type clasp and you will need to take it to a jewellers to get it fitted properly as it arrives in a large width. It was way too big for my other half and myself. But it does have 2 pins which if you have the right tools could adjust it yourself, its so worth it.
The inside strap despite being metal is super smooth and cool to wear.

 The strap design is chunky and I love the brushed metal effect so you know its durable and will take a few knocks.

This image really doesnt do this watch justice it oozes  a subtle mens elegance and is perfect as a mens dress watch or a girls everyday watch.

 So here it is on my tiny wrist and as you can see its way too big but if I got it fitted I love this look.

 But here it is on a guy and doesnt it look fab.
Image Anthony James

Im super impressed with this gorgeous mens watch, I dont know any man who wouldnt love to recieve this as a gift. It really is something special.
Its elegant, classy and looks very expensive.

So thanks to Anthony James for kindly sending this watch for this review.
 All my views and opinions are my own.
All images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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