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Bistar Galaxy Fashion Backpack, Rucksack, book bag Video review

Hi everyone, if you know me, you will know how much I love animals and love my bags. So Im super happy to combine both animals and bags together and share with you all this unique, fun backpack from Bistar Galaxy.
Bistar Galaxy offer unique, fun design backpacks in all shapes and sizes; something to suit everyone!

 I cannot express how much I fell in love with this adorable red squirrel.

I have added a video review too; so you can see the size and look of this gorgeous bag in real time.
Open after the jump.

Just using this bag everyday will bring a smile to your face and you can choose from the sweet kittens and puppies to wolves, tigers, lions and even a T-rex.

I think its always best to see something so you can make up your own mind if its for you. This squirrel looks far better in real-life with its bright colours, the bag quality and you can see just how much space youve got in this huge backpack.
My backpack arrived in a Amazon cardboard box and then inside a poly bag to keep it dry and clean.

This backpack was like a Tardis; the more I looked inside the bigger it got; so much room.#
Size :44H x 30W x 16Dcm (11.8" x 6.3" x 17.3")

Its made of an eco-friendly polyester material with a fabulous animal design on the front; in my case I have the adorable red squirrel. You can see here what fab quality the image is, he is just gorgeous.I also love the design on the positioning of the image. He's paws, arms sit exactly on the lower zip compartment making this bag even more quirky.

Secure chunky top handle to grab it when you need to.

The backpack has 2 large compartments both big enough for laptops and tablets and books. 

Here you can see the 2 zipped top openings.
The giant zip is your main part of the backpack and the normal sized zip compartment will fit files, laptops tablets etc.
Both these compartments will fit large sized laptops. You simply have to see the massive comparison between the standard zip and this one. See my video to see for yourself.

1 huge main compartment opened by a brilliant over sized ginat zip, I really love this.
 Just checkout the zip teeth on this pik. It opens smoothly despite its huge size and a unique fun addition to an already quirky backpack.
In my video you can see the huge comparison between the standard zips to this one.

Here they are opened up.

This backpack does a great "Jaws" Dunah...dunah.. impression and you can see how much the bag opens up so you can actually see whats inside; without having to rummage around or scratch your hand sliding on the zip.
Once inside you also get a inner slip pocket which is also elasticated. Then 2 inner side pockets to keep bottles etc upright. (see the video).

On the outside sides of the backpack you have 2 huge elasticated side pockets for bottles of water, drinks etc.

The base flattens out so it stays really flat to hold your belongings.

The lower compatment is exactly where he's front paws are positioned in the image.

It unzips to reveal not just another pocket but a velcro'd slip pocket inside for smaller items like cards etc.

The standard zips on the backpack are also different to the standard zips you find elsewhere; they are ergonomic with a nice curve to them to make it easier to grab and use in a hurry they have thought of everything.

 BUT...wait thats not all....

 On both sides...yes I said both sides of the backpack there are also 2 more compartments.

 These 2 pockets are slip pockets for easy access; perfect for your phone, credit cards, passport etc. No more fumbling around in the depths of a rucksack to find that important item. 
Plus too the back straps are slightly padded for comfort and easily adjustable to suit all heights and sizes. These are also reinforced to make the bag stronger and more durable.

 Bistar Galaxy's own pik showing you just what you can get inside this backpack...thats lots! I have my art stuff so I can grab it to sit outside in the freshair if I want to.

I love this backpack, its excellent quality, well made, well sewn and its the largest rucksack type bag Ive ever owned, it holds so much, just the fact its tapered slightly means you can pack the base with clothes, books etc so the weight is distributed across. the bag..
It easily holds my 17.5 inch Acer lap top and if it holds that; its going to hold most sized laptops and tablets that you can buy right now. Both main compartments will hold a laptop or tablet adequately so you can carry alot of tech with you if needed as well as clothes etc.
The quick access pockets are just genius. Ive not been away yet but I know its where I would keep my phone and passport or any door keys, so I havent got to rummage around looking an idiot if your in a hurry lol!
But most of all I adore my Red squirrel he is just gorgeous and makes me can you not!

Its a fun affordable backpack to use as your everyday carry and Im sure most kids would love them too for school and college; I wish they had these when I was at school lol!
Its truly the tardis of backpacks!

Checkout the other designs Im sure there is an animal to suit you; which is your favorite?

If you love this backpack, then go check them out for yourself HERE at £27.90 its a bargain for such a great quality bag.
Bistar Galaxy also offer many other smaller backpacks for the kids and in many more fun designs.

All my thanks goes to Bistar Galaxy for kindly sending me a backpack for this review.  All my views and opinions are my own and all images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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