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Feelily Super Large Capacity Multilayer PU leather artist case Review

 Feelily Large Capacity Multilayer PU leather pencils case

Hi everyone I have another review for those of you that love your art products. We sometimes spend quite a bit of money on our higher end pencils and pens and I didnt want to just throw them into a normal pencil case; it would just seem blasphemous. I wanted to enjoy them visually by seeing them set out and organised. 

Those of you that love your pencils will know exactly where Im coming from... lol!

So when I was kindly offered discount off this gorgeous PU black leather large capacity case I jumped at the chance and the story to this was that I loved it so much; my other half bought me another one as a pressie; so now I have a home for my 2 favorite sets of pencils my FaberCastell Polys and my new Prismacolours.

I have reviewed several items for Feelily before and love the quality and finish of them.
Ill leave all the video review links to the above at the end of the review.

But dont take my word for it checkout my full video review to see them for yourself after the jump.

These affordable super large capacity cases definitely have a gorgeous luxury feel.
See my box opening and transfer of the pencils and just how good they look in such a luxurious looking case.
 See for yourself how gorgeous these cases are, if you have a set of Polychromos or Prismacolours you can see how well they fit in these cases.

The packaging is fairly self explanantory a poly bag to keep it protected during delivery.

 The gorgeous soft black PU case is divided into 3 layers to help you organise your art stuff.
This Feelily pencil; case is made of a luxurious black PU leather which is so soft to touch, it has 127 slots inside for all your art stuff. Divide it all up in the 3 multilayers to help you organise your arty bits more easily. 

Image by Feelily

  It has 3 large stainless steel zip-pulls which are a really fantastic grabbable size to get to quickly. The zips themselves feel great quality, smooth with no snagging or sticking.

 It also comes with a lovely matching PU leather wrist strap. 
Which you can see here is a really fab size too.
 Its connected with a large swivel clip so you can take it off if you wish.

Inside the first section or the last depending on which way you open it, you  have 17 elasticated art tool sections, you get a few larger ones for rulers sharpeners etc.

The next 3 layers have 22 elastcated pen/pencil sections on each layer, I show this in detail in my video.

 These elastcated sections are well sewn in and are lovely and tight, I feel they will easily stretch to copics too if you wish but you may lose space and endup with a few less.

I found this case such a pleasure to use everyday with the soft PU leatherette, which has a luxurious feel to it.

I ended up loving this case so much my other half got me a 2nd case as a pressie for my new set of Prismacoloured pencils.

You can see me transfering my whole set of 75 Prismacolour pencils from the original tin to the case in my video..speeded up of course; cant have my readers falling asleep too soon lol.
I have enough room left to expand as I start to collect more colours, Im already drooling over my next 55 colours lol...shushhh dont tell my other half! ;-)

 You can see how neat they look, the barrels are slightly smaller than my FaberCastells but they still look amazing. The elastic will fit most size art products.

 You also have plenty of space to protect the delicate nibs all round.

Ive also added  my Prismacolour pencil accessory set coming soon.
The Second case

 This is what I did with my FaberCastell Polychromos, as I have exactly 113 polys, Im just missing some greys which Ill collect if I find I need them later on. But they fit so perfectly with some extras like my Derwent eraser, pencil extender, Prismacolour putty eraser and my little zero eraser; plus some glitter gel pens.

 I cannot stop looking at how my FaberCastells colour fade together, this makes me really happy...or is this just me lol!

The barrel is slightly wider than the Prismacolour but they still fit perfectly again not too tight; still easy to pull out and replace.

Still plenty of room for the pencil nibs.

My only niggle if I am going to be picky is that the zips can disapear into the spine part of the case, so you have to pick them out. However I found not zipping them to close to the spine corrects this problem. But I realise this could protect the zips scratching other objects in your bag.

So here are both my cases; top is the FaberCastell case, bottom is my Prismacolours.
Its such a pleasure to choose which set to colour with and know its all organised, the awful flimsy trays are not going to flick all my pencils across the floor...yep thats happened a few times. Im so lucky not to have broken barrels and these cases are now keeping my pencils safe and sound.

I enjoy being outside with my pencils and colouring books and this makes it so easy to just pickup and go.

To summarise
These cases feel such excellent quality for any of your art or even cosmetic brushes and products, the elastic makes the barrel width extremely versatile. The case feel beautiful to touch making it a pleasure to use everyday and they look so good in such a luxurious looking case.
It keeps your arty bits organised and secure if you travel alot or are an art student etc.

We sometimes spend quote a bit of money on higher end pencils and pens and I didnt want to just throw them into a normal pencil case, I wanted something that felt equal to the quality and these affordable super large capacity cases definitely do that.
Dont hesitate just get one...or two like me.

You can buy yours directly from Feelily on Amazon
*At this time Feelily sell the black and light grey cases not the brown version.

All my thanks goes to Feelily for kindly offering one of these cases for a discounted price.
All my views and opinions are my own.  All images are mine unless otherwise stated.

If you enjoyed this review you may enjoy more of my products Ive reviewed from Feelily; seem video reviews below.

Feelily also supply the EVA hard shell pencase I reviewed.
 Feelily also sell this same case.

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