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EasyCover Haul and Goodie box and Video.

 EasyCover Haul

If you love photography then this is for you.
We spend painful amounts of money on lenses and then cut corners on looking after them...hands up you know who you are...yep Im guilty!! I have been putting lenses in zipped-up coat pockets or bundled together in a camera bag. 
Until Now............!

EasyCover is a brand that specialises in making camera assessories.

Last year I reviewed the EasyCover camera case/skin which I absolutely love.
Here is my full video review

 Ive added a full video to share with you my EasyCover haul and how I use them.
See after the break.

 The amazing girls from EasyCover kindly sent me a surprise Goodie box of some of their products.

I couldnt believe it when a delivery driver knocked on the door to bring me this amazingly large box. I wasnt under any obligation to review these or share them as they were sent as a gift; but I loved each and every product so much I just had to let you guys see them for yourselves.

Checkout my full video box opening to see each product in detail and my initial thoughs on them. So you can makeup your own mind if they are for you.

The easycover  packaging is excellent by the way.

I wish you guys could have seen my face when I opened this box it was all my Christmas's come at once. You can tell my surprise in the video.

Inside the box
Lens Bag 160mm
Neoprene case Medium.
Neoprene case Large
Pack of 2 lens rings.
2 x loose lens rings
Lens cap keeper.
= one Happy Gadget Girl!!

So Im going to run through each product, but of course you will see them better in my video.

Lens Bag

 Lens bag 160mm
These lens bags are designed to protect and store your lenses when not in use. They are made of a weather resistant material and you can see in my video the padding is at least 1cm thick. Making them shock absorbant to protect from drops and knocks..

These come in black or camo and in 7 sizes. 
images above by Easycover
See it for yourself here

 Here are all the main points of this gorgeous lens bag.
  • You have 2 strong zips, quick and easy to use and super smooth no snagging.
  • The strap round the middle can be tightened.
  • It has a "double folding" velcro attachment to go round belts and attach to other lens bags with belt loops...checkout my video to see how this works.
  • It comes with a large inner pad to place next to the lens inside to keep it from jiggling round or divide it to add something else like a phone or a smaller point and click camera. Literally anything.

 I use this to pop my phone in...well it keeps that safe too.

Neoprene Pouches

Two soft neoprene pouches
I was so lucky to have been sent the medium and the large; its exactly what Ive been looking for as my four lenses above dont have bags...I know slapped wrist right!

They are high quality shock absorbant neoprene material to protect your lens against bumps, scratches, dust and dirt. They have both an ABS plastic carabina and toggle clasp closures...see my video for close-ups.
So..... just to choose which lens gets its own pouch...see my video while Im trying each of the lenses for size.
From left to right above my lenses are;
  • Canon 100mm, 
  • Canon 18-55mm.
  • Canon MP-E65mm Macro pride and joy!
  • Canon 10-22mm wide angle.
Yep Im a Canon gal, had you guessed!

 They arrive well packaged as you see above.

Each of these neoprene pouches have a strong carabina clip to attach it to anything, a rucksack, belt, camera bag, tent.

  They also have strong toggle clasp closures too for complete securirty. Even the toggles have plenty of nylon braiding to then still tie them to something else, Easycover really have thought of everything.

Checkout how good they look; inside are my Canon 100mm in the large and the Canon 10-22mm in the medium, but the large actually fits all 4 of these lenses so I now have a choice. I have a home for all my lenses now except my 18-55mm so Im going to purchase the small one too.

 These are available in a choice of 5 sizes and in the colours black and camo.
See more here
 Images above by easycover

Lens Rings

These are just genius and they come in pairs so you can use them together; one at the end of the lens, one at the front. Offering amazing functionional grip and stability when its cold or wet.
Its also protects from bumps and scratches too.
Im so in love with my lens rings especially being in camo...just take a moment to checkout how gorgeous my Canon 100mm macro looks,I absolutely love them.
They even look great as bracelets sorry I had to pull the girly card on these.

They come in 4 colours black, white, red and blue and of course camo.
Checkout my video as I show you how easy it is to get them on.

The Cap Keeper

Last but by no means least this clever little cap keeper; which I have had one on my macro lens for over 20 years when it finally disintergrated a few months ago...I hadnt realised just how much I missed this little gadget.

No more lost lens caps and I dont know how many times Ive had to retrace my steps to find my lens caps. Only to giveup and go home and its in a jacket pocket etc.
Simply stick the button on your cap and pop the tight eleastic around the barrel of your lens; it couldnt be simpler. So Im now off to get a few more for my other lenses.

I feel very spoilt and very grateful to have had such an amazing surprise from Easycover, thank you so much guys! Happy Dance!
I have a case for each of my lenses and the I adore the neoprene pouches which are perfect to get at quickly when needed. I now have a perfect storage case for my pride and joy; my Canon MP-E 65mm macro, I desparately needed a case for this and this lens bag is so chunky and padded, I know I could drop this from a height and the lens would be ok....but no I wont be doing this today...or any other day!

I highly recomend Easycover accessories as they are all so well made and its obvious they are designed and produced by photographers too as they know exactly what we want. They have all bases covered; we will always need pouches, cases and capkeepers.

But dont just take my word for it checkout their main site and see all the recomendations from other amateur and professional photographers and EasyCover fans.

If you enjoyed this post you may like my EasyCover Video review I posted last year and I still love this.

Take a peek at my full video review.

 EasyCover Camera protector
 Coresponding post

All my thanks goes to the lovely girls at EasyCover for kindly sending me this incredible goodie box. All my views and opinions are my own, as are my photos unless otherwise stated.


  1. Looks really cool Gadget Girl, love the camo style of those lens rings, how has the silicone cover held up? Are all camera buttons relatively easy to access with the cover on?

  2. Hi Alex yes the silicon cover matches the button's perfectly. Although because of its chunkiness you do have to press the buttons firmly. You just get used to it and it's brilliant to have such fantastic protection. It's genuinely saved my camera numerous times now.
    Thanks for popping by.


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