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MECO LED Scrolling Rechargeable Message Name Badges Video Review

Wearable technology thats fun, affordable and easy to program to make it yours!

Do you need your business to stand out, or do you want to say something important. Well these maybe what you might need either for fun or your business.
Definitely something the kids would love.

Ive added a video so you can see these in action, they are bright, colourful and certainly gets noticed wherever you are.

Ive added a video review so you can see these badges in action, beautifully bright and so easily customisable!

Ive seen this type of badge on other people before and thought they were a fantastic idea with so many uses. So when I was kindly offered one of each colour I just couldn't wait to share them with you all.

They arrived quickly in fairly bland boxes; but then how often do we keep tiny boxes like this.

Whats in the box...
User guide, Red or Blue LED badge and white mini charging cable.

Both red and blue packaging

If you are still not sure what Im rambling on about these are customisable LED name badges...or anything you want to say badges!! Its a digital sign of 11x 44 dots which spell out different letters and symbols.
You can then program them to scroll up or down, left to right or right to left etc, with the software provided connected to your PC, when programed just remove the badge from your PC and your good to go.
It is compatible with Windows PC (Win10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98SE) but sadly not available for MAC which is such a shame with the amount of you guys using Apple right now.

 The badges are 9.3cm long by 2.8cm wide with a depth of only 1.8 including the built in magnets and pin.
They have 11 by 44 LED's = 484 LEDs.

 On the back you have your button for 3 brightness settings on the left, in the middle you have a built in magnet and the badge pin.

 To the edge you have the on/off button and the USB charging port.
 They both have a rechargeable 230mAh built in lithium battery which runs upto 12 hours or more in full brightness mode.

The badges are rechargeable so no having to use the silly button batteries. I charged both badges and as soon as you plug them in they light up and show they are charging with this this...very can see it in action in my video and you can already see how bright the LEDs are going to be.

They had charged in 15 minutes, but I kept them plugged in for 30 mins for the 1st time.
A clever thing is that when you turn them on they flashup the amount of battery power they have left for a few seconds.

Programming your badges
Next was to follow the instructions on the firm card user guide, its easy to follow and well detailed too.

 When you plug them into your PC you will see this file HDSmart V3.7 which you can unzip it or just click it like I did and it opens up a fun detailed software page to program your new badge.

Its fairly self explanatory to work through, it allows you to write your word or phrase in a huge choice of fonts with capitals or small etc; plus a choice of symbols.

Once you have your phrase or word you have loads of variety on how it moves...see the image above for the photo of the drop-down menus, they not only move in loads of directions, you can have them twinkling, snowing, flashing, you can add borders and so many more options.

This is just amazing to have the options for such simple badge, you can have so much fun with this and I can see so many uses for fun or for business. The kids will love these and get used to using and programming software at the same time.
The magnet attached to the back allows you to leave it on the fridge or metal cabinets to leave messages for each other.

It also comes with small metal tags seen in my video; which you can attach with bluetack, glue, sticky fixers to attach to a cupboard or wall etc. If you dont have anything metal to attach them too.
Image by Meco

My other half had this great idea of attaching these behind my review table. so you will be seeing these in my future videos. 
Both scrolling in different ways for effect.

Just checkout my video to see these for yourself, they are even more dramatic at night or in the dark. I love that the magnets are built in, so you cant lose them...brilliant. I love the variety of effects, fonts and borders to make these completely customisable and your own. 

I feel most people would find a use for one or more of these whether its for fun to leave messages for each other...a fab fun Valentines pressie and/or amazing for your business to wear all day to sell something to your customers or have the company name on your lapel; its got so many uses.
In fact we loved these so much we bought another Blue LED badge (a 3rd) for my other half to put in his PC.
Its fun and affordable and a very unique gift idea.
Let me know if you can think of any other clever uses or ideas or if you have them already what do you use them for?

You can buy yours from here
Only £11.99

All my thanks goes to Doercil for kindly sending us both colours to share with you all.
All my views and opinions are my own and images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Is there a video to show how to use the HDSmart.exe program to create a message on the badge?


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