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Mudder EVA Hard Shell Pencil Case for Executive Fountain Pen and Stylus Touch Pen Video review

I nice quick review for you guys today as I just wanted to share a little pencase I got to put my inked-up fountain pens in, as I have been using a ziplock bag...yep I knew bad eh...a plastic bag. Considering the cost of my pens it seemed so silly to be keeping them in a plastic bag, so with a bit Googling I discovered this small EVA hard shell case.

I purchased this and just wanted to let you know what I thought of it.
Its the sort of case you would want just going too and from work or college everyday, not an expensive leather wallet which could be stolen.

So please find a video unboxing and look round video review below so you can see it for yourself.

I have had many different styles of pencil cases, mostly fabric quirky designed versions; this time I wanted not only an expensive looking case, but something that was going to protect my pen collection; after all Ive spent alot on my fountain pens in the last few years.

Here is my full video review of this gorgeous pencase.

I was quite surprised it arrived guessed it a....ziplock bag ironic..hmm what to use!
It was then in its own plastic poly bag inside.

This Carbon fibre look pencase looks super cool and modern to carry around. Its made of EVA or Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate meaning its flexible and strong...not quite carbon fibre but its still super strong.
Its substantial and completely encloses the pens inside with its solid plastic shell. The 2 zips make it easier to secure and gives off a excellent quality feel to such a cheap case.
The carbon fibre detailing is really nice and would appeal to the guys as a business case for your executive pens and stylus's.
Saying that I love the look of this as it looks far more expensive that it actually is.

 Its a fab size and still remains small enough to slip into your handbag, briefcase rucksack etc.

  • External dimensions: 7.87 × 2.36 × 1.37 inches
  • Interior dimensions: 7.5 × 1.7 × 0.9 inches 

 Opened up you can use both sides of the case; one side is half netted with a black mesh to hold smaller items like nibs and erasers etc, at the top is a single elastic to secure the pens.

The right side has 3 evenly spaced elastics which holds approximately 3 fountain pens, it will hold up to 5-6 pencils as you can scrunch them together; Im being careful not scratch my pens.

 The hinge is a wide silicon hinge backed by nylon fabric so its not going to rip or tear easily with alot of use, its also keeps the case floppy which I love...see my video on how flexible this is.

In all for me it holds 6 of my fountain pens...perfect till a week ago when i purchased another 3...sigh but for now its perfect as its the pens I have inked-up at the time and I keep this with my Travelers notebook for my art and journalling.

I love this case its so affordable and perfect to keep all my inked-up pens together, each pen has a different ink and a different nib, allowing me to choose what I want immediately without rooting through drawers and pencases. They are held securely by the strong elastics and the net holds the smaller items while unzipping the case so they dont fall out.
I have to stress how strong this case is, you couldn't place something heavy on top of the case but certainly it protects being knocked about in your bags. Its small and light, plus looks expensive too while protecting from dust and damage.

Its amazing how versatile this case is;
I saw recently a review on Amazon of someone who has diabetes, they keep all their insulin pens and needles together as well as all their medicine.
Its ideal for cables, ear-buds and small accessories in the webbing pocket, eg your apple stylus, these all cost money and can end up at the bottom of your handbag or case ete.

Now you have something elegant and strong to keep them all togther and safe from drops and knocks. Its so affordable so please dont keep your expensive pens in a ziplock bag anymore...cant believe I was doing that lol!

You can buy yours from Amazon HERE

More Video Reviews below

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