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Marco Renoir 100% Linen Wrap/Roll for 48+ Coloured Pencils Video Review and 1st Impressions.

1st of all Happy New Year to all of my readers old and new so lets kick off 2017 with something for the artist in you. If you love your art you know you will always need or want a special case or wrap for those special pens or pencils.
Ive only recently started using a wrap and love the different feel you get than a normal pencil case.
Im so happy to share this beautiful 100% linen super soft wrap directly from the Marco official shop.
This stunning 100% linen art wrap is the 1st review in a set of 3 products from Marco.
I have added a full video 1st impressions and video review so you have the choice. I always prefer watching a video these days. So its up to you what your prefer. 

There's something more luxurious about using an art wrap than a case (but of course I love those too lol). An art wrap has an olde world charm to it, something special to keep your pencils in and use daily, but still keep them secure and nibs protected, plus inspiring when you hold it.

Video Review 1st impressions, box opening and loading the artroll.
So you can see it for yourself.

The Artroll or wrap comes in this lovely giftbox; perfect for a gift or pressie.

This beautiful wrap is 100% linen which is so incredibly soft to touch. I love the grey and orange coloring, perfect for both guys and girls.
 The wrap measures 32 inches long and 8.5 inches in depth and takes 48+ pencils or brushes.

 The edge of nib flap is 1 inch long up the pencil and is 1/2 inch wide to fit the width of each nib/tip.

 The middle pencil holder is 3.75 inches long so it really gives firm support to your pencil or brush with no elastication like most wraps.

 The clever part is not only do you have 48 pencil/brush spaces you also have a pocket too which is 3.75 inches wide and 4.5 inches in depth. On the image you can see it fits my waterbrushes perfectly with loads of room to spare.
In my video you will see me add another 10 pencils into this pocket so infact its holding 58 pencils; but remembering they dont have as secure hold in this pocket than in the pencil holder section, but you can tighten the ties to hold them and this worked perfectly for me.

The Renoir is beautifully embroidered in orange and is a lovely touch.

Marco also have their logo to prove its genuine Marco product.

The 2 orange cotton braided ties are 19 inches long, this gives adequate tying room for fancy bows, or if your like me, I just love the loose wrapped around 2-3 times look!

It was super quick and easy to fill up the wrap as you see in my video; I have used Marco Renoir's watercolour set to fill the coming soon (72 set).

You can see how gorgeous the watercolours look and the extra inner pocket fits my pencil sharpener, Pentel Aquabrushes and paint brush perfectly.

Plus with the watercoloured Renoir's they have a half coloured barrel which when slid in correctly just shows the coloured end above and the cedar below. 

Dont they look stunning...see it for real in my video to make-up your own mind. 
I just wanted to point out that you can put your pencils in anyway you wish.

 I have seen an image on the site that shows the pencils end in first, which is a bit easier to get in as the pencil tips dont catch the material; however I feel the tips are a bit vulnerable left like this. But its personal choice and I prefer using mine tip first giving them a bit more protection. 

The only thing is; I feel the nib protectors should have an extra layer of linen or a slightly different material, something firmer as I love my nib points super sharp and they could start to point through depending how firmly I push them in. 
Saying that they haven't gone through the linen yet and none of nibs have broken..not even a piece so they doing their job perfectly.

One of the main things when carrying your pencils around is to enjoy using them and that includes visually too. We are proud of our art products and many are expensive and you could have saved for months to buy that special pencil set so to have them stored in something that displays them beautifully too is extra special.

If you havent already guessed I love this wrap its excellent quality super soft 100% linen, its a pleasure to carry around and quite touchy feely. Love the orange accents on the grey as its ideal for both guys and girls. There's plenty of tie room to do fancy bows or knots if you wish or just simply wrap it many times like me...for that "just tied sloppy look"!
The stitching is gorgeous and I like the longer length of each individual pencil holder; this is instead of a piece of elastic which if is often a struggle to get the pencils in and out, not so with this as the linen holds the pencil firmly, but its nice and slippy to use against the material. I personally thought it may be a negative and eventually stretch and the pencil eventually fall out; nope not yet, no signs of stretching and Ive been using it daily so far.

I highly recommend it to anyone with any special pencil sets or brush sets to get one of these its affordable, it looks beautiful, feels gorgeous and above all is protecting your precious art gear. Its easy to just grab along with a sketchbook or colouring book and off you go. Just using your art roll makes you feel like a "real artist" inspiring confidence and I think we all need that!
So leave your box or tin at home save space in your bag for more art things or that larger choccy bar and get arty !

You can buy your Marco Renoir Wrap or artroll
 here on Amazon UK
 At this time they are offering 20% discount when purchased with any other Renoir set, see the link!
( UK Listing will be live very soon)
US Amazon listing

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Marco Renoir Fine art Pencils 72 set and Marco Renoir Watercolour 72 set. I simply cant wait to share these with you.

All my thanks to the girls from Marco Official shop for kindly sending me these for review. All my views and opinions are my own.

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