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Archeer Monocular 16 x 52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope Video eview

A slightly different review today; anyone that knows me knows how much I love bird-watching and photography. Ive used binoculars for years. So when I was kindly offered a monocular I couldn't wait to try it as Ive never used one.
Its perfect for camping and saving space in your bags. Any sport even that you struggle to see like motorbike racing or horse racing, you need something still powerful but not as bulky.
This also claims to have a low level night vision- something Im super excited to try out.

 Ive added an unboxing as well as actual real-time viewing through the monocular as best as I can for you.

Video review
In this video review I was able to use my camera to see through the monocular, so you could see what I was seeing and view it for yourself.

It arrived well packaged and wrapped securely in thick foam sheeting.

The outside of the box is modern and descriptive, offering ideas on when to use this. Although if your going to buy one Im sure you know what you want it for, but thank you Archeer for the advice lol!

 In the box you get your Monocular, Case, user guide and lens cleaning cloth.

 Lovely chunky feel.

The lovely length 13 inch wrist strap clips directly to the monocular. Its also detachable if you dont want it on.

Inside you also get a high quality nylon braided case to keep it in, this has its own belt loop so you can have it with you at all times.

What do the 2 numbers mean on Binoculars and Monoculars?
Now if your new to binocular type products you may be a bit confused with the 2 numbers that always accompanies these type of telescope-esk products so let me explain how they work.

First of all "Monocular" means "one" lens NOT 2 as in a "Binocular".
This particular Monocular has a 16 x 52 dual optic zoom lenses.
A monocular is a compact basic telescope.

The first number 16 refers to the magnification or how many times closer an object will appear when looking through the monocular;  compared to looking at it with the naked eye.
The general rule on magnification is; The lower magnification gives you a wider field of view and is easy to hold steady.

The second number 52 indicates the diameter of the objective lens (the front lens is called the light gathering lens) in millimeters.
This objective lens is always the bigger front lens, but while a large front lens will give you a brighter image it will also be heavier and more expensive. A smaller front lens will be lighter and more compact and fit in your pocket however it will struggle in lower light such as dawn and dusk or in denser woodland etc and may not be as bright as the larger lenses.
This is why you need to review your choices thoroughly or better still go and try it before purchase.
As a reviewer I try to give you a thorough opinion so you can make up your own mind.

So the fact this monocular has an objective diameter of 52 is just amazing and you can see in my video how bright the lens is as I can just about show you.
The 16 is fabulous magnification but makes it sometimes harder to hand hold, but being a monocular its so much easier to grip with 2 hands to stabilize it.

This is also a roof prism system making it slightly more compact than a Porro-prism.
These are also "roof prism" binoculars which means that the prisms inside overlap closely, allowing the objective lenses to line up directly with the eyepiece.
Resulting in a slim, streamlined shape offering an image which is magnified and in a straight line.
The other option is a "Porro Prism" system; where the objective lens is offset from the eyepiece, these offer greater depth of perception and a wider field of view; and therefore alot more expensive.

I hope this makes a bit more sense any questions just ask?

This Archeer Monocular has a 16 x magnification and 52mm optic lens which means it gives a brighter image.
Archeer claim its the most powerful hand held monocular on the market; obviously I cannot say either way on this statement. The optics are multicoated to offer the best light and image crispness. They are also anti-fog too, something perfect for these Winter mornings.
Its a chunky monocular and weighs approx 350g with a lovely rugged durable feel to it.
The whole monocular has a thick rubber case and you do get a fairly strong aroma for approx a week for those of you that hate the smell. However its really going to protect your monocular from knocks and I feel drops too.

The eye-piece end has lovely cushioning for eye comfort while using your monocular, the thick rubber edge is extremely comfortable to use.

 The objective lens end also has thick rubber protection too.

They also claim it has a low-level night vision; something I was super excited to try out as my all time MOST wanted gadget is night vision goggles. 
However...dont get too excited people...sigh...its simply because the objective lens is high quality and this larger lens lets in more light perfect for dull days, dusk and dawn and walking through darker woodland, this lens will capture as much light as it can.

The length and distance of this lens is huge compared to its price, I'm really impressed with the distance 66m to 8000m; Obviously I haven't measured it, but I can say it really goes the distance.
I was even able to view less than 66m I would say approx from 4-5m onwards.

How good is the image?
So how does it fair, can you really see clearly with such a cheap, affordable monocular. Well actually yes I was so surprised at the quality of the image, its bright because of the larger objective lens. What surprised me most was looking through this at dusk and the image remained really bright and crisp right until dark. I was able to show you in the video...yes actually show you, I managed to focus my camera straight down the monocular so you could see what I could.

I even managed to grab a few photos THROUGH the monocular using my Canon powershot SX720 HS. So Im actually able to show you guys the images I can see.

These images I took during the day mid-afternoon across the fields using my Canon so you can see how far away those trees are in the background as far as you can see.

 I just had to show you the incredible distance this monocular picks up.
See how sharp and bright it is. (no photo-shopping its straight from my Canon through the monocular)

Next I actually managed to capture a bird through the monocular, yes its this sharp.

Here is another image but taken at dusk with my Canon Powershot. Again see the middle tree its the furthest in the background.

I  managed to get a shot through the monocular with my Canon. Checkout how sharp and how bright despite being nearly dark.
AMAZING for this price.

 Here it is close-up.

I do have a few niggles however after using this for a few days of putting it through its paces.
  1. First of all its NOT an adjustable zoom monocular, it is strictly set at the one magnification, the 2 wheels adjust the focus to make the image sharper; NOT to make the image bigger. Saying that I found they work together and they work well to get a lovely clean crisp sharp central image. They are an image diopter to help with your own eyes and a distance focal ring.
  2. The objective lens is not 52mm its the diameter and is approximately 42mm.
  3. You have a lovely bright sharp image in the middle, but you do get some pin cushioning and aberration around the edge which you can see in the monocular shots above. This blurred edge makes an already small aperture (its field of view) even smaller. Despite that the central image is really sharp because of the good quality higher objective lens.
  4. The field of view is small, almost tunnel vision, I prefer a wider field of view, then if it was a zoom monocular you then zoom in to your target. eg as a birdwatcher I know my bird is in the tree so I zoom into the tree, watch for movement then its easier to see the bird to zoom in. Its harder to find the bird already zoomed in.
  5. The belt loop on the case is quite small, if you have a 4cm belt it may just fit, I prefer to add a carabina to it; Im being picky now, but Im just happy it comes with a case for this price.

First of all despite my niggles its a well built medium weight, rubber protected monocular, this little guy will take some heavy knocks, its also rainproof. It does initially smell of rubber though, for those of you that hate the smell, but its faded now after a week.
I was slightly disappointed it wasn't a zoom monocular as in the description, but despite this the magnification is just amazing, your right into your subject immediately which is pretty nice. I do struggle finding a small bird in a large tree through but once you've found it, its pin sharp; this lens is great quality despite the aberration on the edges.
Being such a tight field of view you have to hold the monocular fairly steady to view the image as you are so close.
This would be OK for the golfer looking for that ball a large distance away, but it would really come into its own at a concert as you know what you are looking at, but just want to see more closely. It really depends what you want this monocular for.
The fact it also has multicoated optics to help with light transmission is amazing for this price.
Its an ideal hobbyist starter monocular or if you have expensive ones; get this one if you know its going to get battered around in a rucksack etc. Ideal for the kids to get used to having fun with "spywear" lol!
If your a serious bird watcher I would recommend looking for a zoom version as it will be easier to find your birds being able to zoom in and out. But this is so affordable you could keep one at your window all the times for that rare bird or the nosey neighbours. So if the cat or dog knocks it off your windowsill you haven't lost hundreds of pounds of lenses.

You can buy yours on Amazon

All my thanks goes to Doercil and Archeer for kindly sending this monocular to share with you all. All my views and opinions are my own and my images are mine unless otherwise stated.


  1. Is the screw hole for the strap 1/4x20 tripod screw compatible?

    1. Hi David thanks for stopping by, no this monocular doesnt have a tripod thread; the strap doesnt come off even though it looks like it.


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