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MelodySusie VIOLET series 24W Smart LED Nail Lamp for gel extensions & gel nail polish Video Review

Hi everyone I have something for those of you that love your nails and use UV or LED polishes.
 I just couldn't wait to bring you this gorgeous  MelodySusie 24Watt Violet Series Lamp., from one of the biggest names in UV/LED gel lamps.

I first qualified back in the late 80's and have had many UV gel lamps over the years and believe me the first ones were like bricks. This not only looks beautiful and elegant; you will be proud to have this in your salon or on your nail desk. I couldn't be happier!
But as always dont take my word for it Ive also added a full video unboxing, 1st impressions and complete look round, so you can see for yourself as well as this indepth post.

I have been a nail tech since the late 80's and have used many gel nail lamps over the years; I had to give up due to health issues years ago, but this year I started to do my own nails again and this year is the first time Ive used LED polishes and but this is my first only LED lamp. My other is UV/LED so I was so excited to see how much faster this would cure...and boy I wasn't disappointed!

  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of being one of MelodySusie's beauty pioneer girls on their website last month to review this amazing new MelodySusie 24Watt Violet Series Lamp.

I recently reviewed some Gellen UV LED nail polishes and a UV LED lamp but this is my first high-end LED lamp, so I can't wait to share this with you.

Here is my full video review as its always better to see than just read my rambles, but if you want to do that too, read on.

The Lamp arrived really quickly as I was sent mine from Amazon Uk, but if your in the US you can checkout the MelodySusie site and have a look at their amazing gel lamps and many other nail and beauty products.
It comes in the most gorgeous sturdy black box with beautiful gold writing on, your impressed before you even get inside.

On opening the lid your lamp is wrapped perfectly in thick poly bag.

Also you get your (UK) power plug and and user guide.

The brilliantly named Violetiel has a really gorgeous horseshoe shaped design in this gorgeous shiny black ABS plastic, if you look very carefully it actually has a sprinkle of glitter shot through it to add to the glamour.
Its really lightweight but it has a substantial sturdiness to it, if that makes sense. I reviewed one recently and it just felt flimsy. This has an excellent high quality feel.

Its a great compact and portable size for those of you that are mobile nail techs; I used to be mobile for many years and this would have been perfect for me. Ive had many gel lamps in all my years of having done nails and it was usually like lugging a breeze block around in my nail box.
This also is the first one, that feels robust enough for being in your mobile nail kit and would take a knock or two. In the past Ive had to wrap mine up in cotton wool as just a jolt in the car would damage one of the lamps.
(especially with my driving lol).
If you are static this will also look elegant enough on your desk/s in any nail salon. See my video to actually see how it looks.

Inside you have 12 violet coloured LED's, but whats special about these are the fact that they are set at a 180 degree angled to aim at your nails inside perfectly...great design...high 5...MelodySusie .....

They can work 5000 hours nonstop with no need to replace them; thats alot of hours! I have to say if your using gel polishes at home its also ideal for home use like me, its neat and compact to pop away in a drawer or cupboard or leave out on your dressing table, its looks gorgeous anywhere.

Underneath they have added 5 rubber feet so its not going anywhere even if you have shiny desk, it has fab grip.

 On the top you have 3 neat silver buttons also in the same horseshoe shape design. Now initially I thought the silver buttons could be a bit tacky, but I was WRONG they are firm and responsive; even though a little finger printy!
The buttons are 15 sec, 30 sec and a 60 sec, I was surprised to see a 15 sec and yes it works fast. I also love the addition of a loud beep to let you know its on and it automatically turns off to a beep to let you know...I love this!

The back is gently tapered to form the horseshoe it really has a gorgeous elegance to it, here is the power plug port too so its neatly out the way.

Using the LED Lamp
The design factors to this lamp are so clever, you have a wide front to allow your whole hand inside...and feet of course without the need to remove the base.

Finger Dips
Next you can see here you have thumb base dips...yep I said thumbs too, you can cure a hand at once as the LEDs are placed to cure the gel at the correct points. So even with your thumbs on their side it cures fast with no gel droop as I call it, no more bumps as the gel slides out of position.
Its so hard to see; but if you look carefully you can see the ridge and a slight oval dip in the middle but at the back. Enough to feel it with the tips of your fingers preventing anymore gel smudges...genius MelodySusie it really is a game changer with just these dips included into the design!

To top it all, this lamp has cut my curing time on both UV gel extensions and polish by over half; Im so in love; plus its such a pleasure to use, the violet LEDs are so relaxing and magnetizing to watch at the same-time.

What does this lamp work with?
Just to mention an LED lamp will not cure all builder gels extension systems, I have found its works perfectly with my Naio builder gel, but it wont work with their sculpturing gel as its needs a UV lamp too. So check first with your manufacturer system. Otherwise you will be working with 2 lamps like I have been in the past.
So I was excited to find Naios gel system I only need this lamp...but if I was to use their "sculpting gel" for forms etc then I would need to use a UV lamp for those. 
But of course it works fine with all the UV gels polishes Ive used so far and thats GDI, Gelish, Perfect Summer, Gellen, Elite 99 and Naio's Mega gloss topcoat and their polishes. 
Ill add other brands as I use them, but for now all the above work beautifully and sooo fast with this gorgeous lamp.

If your looking for an excellent quality, modern design LED lamp you need to look at the MelodySusie line of lamps. They also have many other designs that may also suit your needs. if your after a lamp with both LED and UV they do those too. Each one with a fab design and excellent quality build.

 Images above by MelodySusie
Go check them out and dont forget they also sell the most beautiful LED gel polishes, wigs and many other beauty related items. Its a 1 stop LED nailshop!

But for this one; go check it out here
 £29.00  from £62.99

or directly from MelodySusie in the US here

Here is the same design in silver and white.

All my thanks goes to MelodySusie for picking me as one of the Beauty Pioneers for this month.
All my views and opinions are my own. All images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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