Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lecxci Double Leather Keycase Video Review

I have a luxury leather gift to show you today, I was kindly sent this beautiful leather keycase from CXCOUK.
 Ive always wanted to try a keycase which will prevent my phone or anything else getting scratched in my bag. Its perfect essential to keep any small items in too.

See my Video Review after the jump....

 I have added a quick video review so you can see for yourself how luxurious this leather keycase is.
Or you can carry on reading for more details.

It arrives in a lovely large black jewelers box and the case is well protected in a polybag.

The gorgeous keycase is made of a soft genuine leather and the fact its a double pouch keycase means you can keep alot of keys or small essentials inside.

The outer layer is made of cowhide leather, in a pretty leather weave.

If you look carefully they have even used a smooth to larger pebble to give a really lovely texture difference in the weave.

 The top part of the case has an excellent quality leather loop, which has been sewn securely into the case. This holds 2 large stainless steel keyring attachments.

 These keyring attachments are really great quality, the first is a standard but chunky keyring which you could use for extra keys or bag charm (for the girls).
Then you get a this a word... chunky karabina style keyring.
This is so well sprung and super strong to attach to your belt or rucksack, bag etc. Its not going anywhere this is so strong.

 The case has 2 sections one just for the car key fob if you have a newer car you'll have quite a large keyfob. The other section you could use for house, garage and shed keys. You have the choice.

 The back section unzips to show an approx 2 inch chain.

 Which has not just 1 but 2 keyrings attached, to again give you some separation and organization to your keys.

Both chains are also detachable via a sturdy lobster-claw clasp; so you could use the section as a purse for change if you wished.

 Opening up the front section you get the same chain with another 2 keyrings attached, you also get a transparent window so you can partially see whats inside.

 You can just see the chain so it will give some privacy for your keys or a bank card etc.

 The case opens up both sections with plenty of room.

Plus both zips are strong and smooth to open quickly if your in a rush.

Here are the full measurements of the key case.
The only thing I would say before purchasing this beautiful case is to check the length of your keys. I have old fashioned doorkeys which are very long and those wont fit inside. But the modern day locks are generally small, Yale size keys which will fit with no problems.
So checkout these measurements to be sure.

This is an excellent quality leather keycase, it has a lovely substantial weight from the chunky stainless steel karabina and keyring. The leather is super soft and has a luxurious feel to it in your hand.
I love the fact you have 2 sections so you could use one for carkeys and one for house keys. Or better still one for keys and they other is large enough to carry your phone charger cables and it even fits my Bassbuds earphones. It will fit any small earphones as they curl up super small. Ive even kept my spare camera SD cards in here too, its so useful especially if you go camping to festivals etc; its perfect for small essentials as well as keys of course.

It has so many uses and a brilliant affordable gift, everyone will have a place for this little luxury with Xmas coming up fast.
Perfect for your keys, charging cables and earbuds, a luxury leather essential everyone will use differently.

You can buy yours from Amazon Uk

All my thanks goes to CXCOUK for kindly sending me this to share with you all. All my views and opinions are my own. MY images are mine unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for popping by and I will see you all very soon, bye for now!

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