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Gellen UV Gel Nail Polishes 4 piece kit & NEW Halo UV Gel polish Video Review

Im excited to be bringing you nail addicts another set of gorgeous Gellen UV Nail polishes.

I have a beautiful 4 piece set and Gellen's NEW Halo or Holographic UV polish. Those of you loving the new Halo (Holographic) nail craze may be interested in this video review with no messy powders and fiddly unhealthy dusts rubbing into your nails, it comes in a polish super easy and lasts for weeks.
But you need to see the video to get the full effect.
If you've been following me you will know I have just started to add a series of "naily" video reviews.
I used to be a nail tech a lifetime ago but had to take a break due to health issues; Now Im back in the groove but just as a hobby for myself (and you guys)...just cant keep away from naily stuff!

I reviewed a 2 sets of Gellens earlier in the year so I just couldn't wait to share some more amazing colours with you all.

Checkout my full video review and demo of each colour so you can see the polishes from bottle to 1st, 2nd and 3rd coat to finished manicure.

I recently added a gorgeous new LED gel lamp review from MelodySusie and have been using this ever since to cure all my LED/UV gel polishes.
This new lamp cures the UV polishes at lightening speed, compared to just a UV lamp its just amazing.

Packaging of the Gellens polishes
If you are ever worried about ordering from abroad...dont as these arrived so well packed in a cube of polystyrene, then wrapped in a mountain of tape, they are not going anywhere.

Here they are just after opening...all secured inside.

I was kindly offered a 4 piece set which you get to choose the colours of, or if you wish you can buy some pre-chosen sets which are also fab, its so difficult to choose such amazing colours, but if you buy sets your polish collection can grow fast.
As with all Gellen polishes they offer award winning nail care products which are non-toxic and use a harmless resin using the finest technology.

Here are my chosen colours from left to right.

  • 293  -  I chose this deep ruby red with large glitter very much Wizard of OZ like!.
  • 286  - Beautiful turquoise in a clear base.
  • 189  - Is the most stunning cerise shot through with blue.
  • 067  - Stunning violet cream.

I also got to choose one of Gellen's NEW Halo (holographic) polishes the brilliantly named
"Harp on It".  Image by Gellen

 My 4 piece set arrived in these beautiful white bottles decorated in grey flowers, a lovely feminine touch from Gellen makes them look beautiful on your dressing table.

The other cute thing is the little window so you can immediately see the colour inside without trying to remember the number from the sticker on top.

If your like me you use the bottles so much the labels fall off, so the window is ideal.

 Images by Gellen
The new Halo range...OMG are just stunning and I feel very lucky to have one to show you guys. You really need to see my video so you can see this for yourself; as the photos just dont do this polish justice.

Even the label ontop is holographic.

  Image by Gellen
 They have an incredible range of Halo colours to choose from and its a lot easier than the way I used to do it by rubbing metal flake powders into the inhibition layer of the gel; its a gorgeous simple UV polish!

Using and Wearing Gellen Polishes
Ive been using them for a month now and they are just beautiful and long lasting. Im finding they are growing out rather than me having to do any repairs for chipped or broken nails. Its soooo good...and they remain shiny and hard for upto 3 weeks...sometimes longer.
But generally Im wanting to change the colour way before I actually NEED to do a fill or repair anyway.
The new UV LED polishes are game-changers for me and anyone who doesn't have alot of time to wait for polish to dry needs to try them for yourself.

So to sum up, Gellen have over 300 colours to choose from and I love the fact I can choose sets as its a great way to build my collection. Plus a great way to try colours you may not have picked normally. You can step out of your box and try something different. Ive done this several times and discovered colours I never thought would suit me and actually love now.

The quality of polishes are gorgeous, not too thin and they have a deep enough opacity that you can choose one coat if you wish; Ive shown in my video what 1, 2 and 3 coats look like on each colour. Plus with corresponding image shown on Gellens listing so you can see how perfect their colour matches are. Choose a red you will get a red.

Note; I did however have a few problems with my beautiful ruby red colour, it arrived VERY gloopy; but after stirring it thoroughly with an orange wood stick its much better.
This particular red glitter comes in a red translucent gel polish then large glitter flakes are added, its absolutely stunning, but it takes a bit of work to get a smooth nail.

So here are the beautiful final results on my popsticks from left to right.

The Halo Harp on it first, but this image doesn't do it justice; please take a peek at my video of it in sunlight...its stunning! I literally could not stop staring at my nails for days, they catch the light beautifully.
The red glitter has 2 coats, Id prefer to go for 3, but it was getting a bit thick and lumpy with the glitter chunks. But like the Wizards of Oz's red ruby slippers the depth of red is just beautiful.
Next is the turquoise glitter which has a clear base with turquoise and silver glitter; again this is 3 coats; I should have stopped at 2 as its a bit thick but still stunning.
 4th is my wonderful creme lilac one of my favorite colours.

Lastly my second favorite of these polishes after the Halo is this gooorgeous cerise with blue shot through it. Im now off to add some nail art to these; I just wanted to show you how bright they are by themselves and the shine is to die for.

They are super easy to take off by soaking with acetone or you can file them off if you happy using a nail drill. My gel extensions are the file off type so I simply file off when I want to change colour or do a fill. 

What is compatible?
Ive used a wide variety of basecoats and topcoats too with these and every time the finish is perfect, Ive had no bubbling, streaking or dull spots.
Ive used Naio's mega gloss, GDI base and topcoat as well as Gellish foundation base and "top it off" topcoat; Ive had no reactions and all give an amazing finishes. So I think that proves you can mix and match your bases and topcoats with no worries.
Though if you are starting from scratch I would advise getting Gellens base and top to match these.

I cannot be happier with yet another stunning set of colours from Gellen.

 You can get yours from Amazon Uk

Here are just some of the Gellen colours available...

The Gellen Halo colours you can choose from. Which ones are your favorite, it took me ages to choose one. I will be buying some more of these as they are so addictive.
My favorites are Blue Heaven, Holo Graphic, Kismet and Beyond.

So a huge thank you to Gellen for kindly sending me these beautiful polishes to share with you all. All my views and opinions are my own. All my images are mine unless otherwise stated.
See you all very soon.
Bye for now.

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