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Cinematic A4 LED Lightbox Video Review

 If you guys watch alot of Bloggers and Vloggers you would have seen many of them have their name in lights behind them. Ive always envied how good it looks and had been on the look out for something similar for GGR.
So when I was kindly offered this gorgeous light-box by Sanzoom I almost bit their hands off.

I have added a full video unboxing, 1st impressions and how to use it with many different phrase ideas. I had so much fun with this video so lets get on with it...hit the jump to read or watch my review.

I absolutely love these lightboxes they really bring back nostalgic memories of the cinema, its very retro of the older theater signs...yep I still remember those eeep!

 Checkout my video review so you get to see this gorgeous lightbox in action.

This is the first product in a while Ive been really impressed with the packaging, Its promoting the cinematic lightbox on every available spot and its modern and fun. Great as a gift.

Inside is your lightbox, letters and cable...see below.

 Inside the little brown box is the USB cable and the set of letters , numbers and symbols.

This is an A4 LED lightbox to make your own fun messages for home and/or workplace for that special occasion or just for fun.
It is made of black textured ABS plastic on the back and Acrylic material on the front to gain as much light as possible.
It is powered by a choice of 6 x AA batteries or by a "mains" USB connector.  Don't be fooled though as I thought for one minute it was rechargeable when I saw the USB cable. However its a "mains powered USB". So you can power it from your computer or on a mains USB adapter.
NOTE: They have so much room in the A4 box I feel they could have made it rechargeable, Im still more than happy to put in batteries as it would allow more portability or to use outside.

The box itself is robust and the black outer plastic is textured so it will take a few bumps, I wouldn't want to drop it too often though lol!
It has a nice 6cm width allowing good balance and stability for its size and it does have some small strips on the base for feet.
On the back there are 2 holes so you can hang it up; giving it pride of place on your wall if you are short of space.

Light box in use
The lightbox cannot be any easier to use; you have the choice of 6 AA batteries or plug into your computer or mains via USB.

The choice of  6 AA batteries or a neat power port with a super tiny on/off switch.
Images above by AGM

NOTE: On the back of the box it clearly states to remove the batteries if you decide to use the main USB.

The Lightbox has 3 rows which hold 8 characters or tiles of your choice, next you choose your phrase you want to use on the lightbox, I found picking them out in order ready was much easier than trying to sort them out as you go along.

 On and Off!
I ran out of G's and so could have used a 6 but decided on a C.
You can see from the image above the massive difference once turned on. The light gives off a beautiful diffused warm light and the letters contrast perfectly showing up well. 
The light could be used alone for atmospheric lighting or with your chosen phrase, its a fantastic household decoration.

Each number is doubled and the letters range from 1 to 4 of each character (see below), then you get 1 emoticon of each. Image by AGM
But you can be clever and use the 2 noughts for 2 zeros, M's for W's, 9's for 6's etc.

You get 90 letters, numbers and emoticons.
Each one is printed onto clear plastic and you have a distinct front and back side. I have the shiny to the front as the back is where the lettering could be scratched off. Each letter too comes with a thin film of plastic that you can peel off, I left mine on till I need to to remove them, giving them all extra protection. 

You will see in the image above I run out of I's so I used the exclamation mark as a small i for the L"i"ghtbox. So have fun and you can juggle with what you have.
Plus each line holds 8 tiles but on the word "cinematic" is 9 but I was able to overlap the I's a little to get the extra character in. Its all open to interpretation and your own imagination.

Here are just a few examples but as its so easy to keep going, you get the idea!

Make movie night extra special!
Dull the lights, bring put the popcorn and have this in the room...your ready to go for those extra special touches for the kids or yourselves.
Once you've got your chosen phrase they are super easy to slide on the light strip. If you have kids its a fantastic pressie as it will help with their spelling skills too.

You can tell I love this light. In particular the ☺(smiley-face) adds that little extra to a phrase too.

You can use this in so many ways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. Or you could be inspirational by adding a daily quote for the family or for someone that needs a little encouraging Goodluck boost before a driving test or exam etc. Its literally never ending the variety of ideas for all year round and for different people.

If you have a business add prices, sale, discounts or special offers, grab peoples attention by having this on display.
Plus the fact you could use the light by itself as its a softer light due to the LED backlighting and is very atmospheric in a room too which will not be off-putting while watching TV or when you have friends round.
It really is an affordable nostalgic decoration for your home.

to checkout my video review to see this in action and see it for yourself!

You can buy yours from Amazon UK
at £19.99 it is so affordable too. 

All my thanks goes to Sanzoom for kindly sending me this to share with you all for a discounted price. All my views and opinions are my own and the images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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