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Wolfwill rechargeable LED Camping Light, speaker and 8000mAh powerbank Review

speaker and 8000mAh powerbank

I never get bored trying different camping products, I love them, anything for that zombie apocalypse. Im ready axe in hand; now we have a camping light, powerbank to charge the phone/walkie talkie and speaker to lure the zombies away from us...if you follow zombie stuff you'll know what I mean lol!

Im excited to be bringing you another camping/festival item. I absolutely love multitasking products so when I was offered this camping light from Wolfwill I almost bit their hand off (sorry zombie metaphor, I know).
We have alot of powercuts where we live in the middle of nowhere so Im always obsessed with trying the latest camping lights and powerbanks; but what makes this extra special is the fact that its NOT just another torch...Ive shared alot of those, but this is a lamp and to top it off it has a Bluetooth speaker AND powerbank.

So Ive added a full box opening and my first impressions, showing you each part of this clever light.

Here is my video unboxing and walk through of pairing, the speaker test, powerbank and of course the light itself.

My Light arrived in a simple black box showing a diagram of the light, everything I would want, nothing too fancy.

 Inside the box you have your obligatory USB cable and user guide leaflet.

This rechargeable camping light does a variety of things that we all need and want when we lose power or go camping, hiking or go to festivals etc. You have light, sound and portable power! I also love the lime green accents around the middle, subtle but nice.

This clever square-ish light is made of a hard perspex/plastic so its really durable and robust. The main light has 3 modes which puts out 24 or 150 lumens, the 3rd mode is SOS, most lamps have a hazard light which just flashes.
 This actually flashes the international signal for help 
dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot
Ive never seen this before in any of my travel lamps or flashlights.

 The front part of the light has 2 rubberized silicon buttons with a speaker symbol and a light symbol, nice and easy very simple to work.

 On first looking at your light you remember its rechargeable, then start to wonder where the ports are to charge it? Then you see a finger grip designed into the front of the buttons....

Then tweak it and it peels back to reveal its secret ports underneath...super cool huh! This keeps the sand out when down the beach and it waterproof, the listing states this light is IPX65 waterproof which means in tech terms its protected from powerful jets of water but NOT to be submerged.
I would actually be slightly concerned about the open holes of the speaker, but I cant take the top off without breaking it so I cant tell you for sure...maybe the speaker cone is sealed plastic...just be sensible to be sure!
I would definitely say its splashproof so a bit of rain will be ok.

The first plastic button is to press and hold for 3 seconds this turns on the light, the same to turn off. Over the top it has 3 blue LED's this shows how much power you have in the 8000mAh battery.The second button is to press and hold to look for Bluetooth for your speaker, this has 1 blue LED above it just to show you its looking for Bluetooth, it remains blue when your using your speaker.
Next you have the charging port for this light and underneath you have a USB port so you can now charge any USB device you have...sooo excited; eg Phones, tablets, torches, MP3 player, Ipods, gaming devices etc and so many more.

Turn it over you have 2 rubberized strips (feet) so its got some grip when using the light and wont just simply slide off a slightly angled surface. Also you have better grip with cold or wet hands as the black ABS plastic by itself could be a bit slippy.

 On the top you have speaker outlet with the Wolfwill logo ontop, I adore the lime green accent around this very modern design edge. Also you have a nice chunky rubberized handle, this is perfect to hang it up in our tree or on our fence and the handle added to the flexibility for comfort and grip.

The Science Bit 
Light Power: 3W
Input: DC 5V/2A. max
Output: DC 5V/2A max.
Battery Capacity; 8000mAh.
Lighting Modes: Eco, High, SOS.
Bluetooth Version: 4.1.
Transmission range: 10m.
Response rate: 102Db.
Frequesncy: 80Hz-18Khz.
Distortion: Less than 5%
Music Playing Time: 28hrs.
High Light: 48hrs.
Low light: 135hrs.
Charge Time: 4-7hrs.
Weight: 340g
Size: 10.8 x 8.2 x 8.2cm/4.3 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches.

Using the Wolfwill light
First of all we charged it for the stated time approx 4-6 hours; I kept it plugged in overnight, you can see here the blue LEDs light up and flash until charged then they stay litup, until you unplug the power cable.

The speaker has premium Bluetooth 4.1 and my phone found the speaker in seconds as "C1", I have video'd the pairing for the first time so you can see how easy it is. You can also enjoy any music or audio books from your devices too.

Charging your devices
This is what you need when your camping or away from home, or have a powercut. You need to be able to charge a phone in case of emergency.

I took my phone and Wolfwill outside so you can see Im away from power and hung the light from my fence and connected my phone. 
(Daisy Photobomb...again).

It charged my phone from 80% to 100% in 40 minutes, I always find when you charge from a power-bank it goes really fast initially then slows down, but it then kept up and didn't lose one LED dot in the whole 20% very impressed.

I then went onto flatten my phone and I managed to do a full charge, my S4 smartphone has a battery of 2600mAh and it charged it to 100% overnight.
But Wolfwill do claim it can charge a Galaxy 7 Edge or iphone Plus twice, but I dont have these phones to try.

The Sound
I have to say I wasn't expecting much from such a small 3W speaker HOWEVER the sound was amazing...see and listen to my video to hear it for yourself. It even had fairly good bass and I should know being a Bassbaby. It had really well balanced sound and is ideal for outside. It also has great volume and output with no crackle or interference.
There is no volume button so you simply alter volume through your device, in my case it was my S4 smartphone, for me its not a problem we techie people generally have out phones in our hands anyway so its easy enough for me to alter the volume then.
The speaker never lost Bluetooth at all and extends for about 10m from the source, this is just brilliant.
Wolfwill claim your music will last 28 hours depending on your volume level of course. I have played this for over an hour and half with no loss of sound, volume or LED charge light display change.

The Camping Light
This is mainly what we will be using this for as we live rurally and often lose power especially through the Winter which is coming up. I'm always on the lookout for excellent quality flashlights and lamps.

We have many flashlights but that's ok if your looking for something or walking around. But when you want to read, cook or fix a car, change a tyre etc you need ambient lighting; an all round light to view what you are doing etc.
This light has 3 modes low, high and SOS. It goes from 24 lumens to 150 lumens and as you can see in the video 150 lumens is more than enough to see what your doing.
What impressed me most was the fact it has an SOS flash on this; most lights and torches have a hazard flashing effect...NOT Wolfwill they have included a proper SOS flashing code; the international call for help in the dark; genius.
Wolfwill state it supports 135 hours on eco mode and 48 hours on high.

I have to say I love this light, powerbank speaker, all 3 work well and are well designed. Usually with a multitasking product only one of the sections work well, the others are literally addons, but with this Wolfwill light, all 3 are excellent at their own job and I wouldn't be without this on any camping/festival trips and its now got pride of place so we know where to grab it in an emergency.
This is an essential item for any household, you never know when you may need a power bank a light and bit of sound while your fixing the car, or go down to the cellar to fix a fuse.

Its so affordable, you can pay alot more for just a flashlight let alone 3 items and for under £20 its compact and portable with its own comfy carry handle, its a little weighty but I would say ideal for camping where your not carrying it around. Its cute and convenient and everyone NEEDS one in their home.

You can buy yours from Amazon

All my thanks goes to Wolfwill for kindly sending us this brilliant camping light at a discounted price for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own, all images are mine unless otherwise stared.


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