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EasyCover Camera Protector Video Review

Ive something for those of you that are out and about with their cameras and tend to put their cameras through hell; throwing cameras quickly into rucksacks, crashing through woodland, climbing mountains with no protection at all...shame on you... lol!
Well now I have something that will protect your poor camera but not get in the way of having fun and getting those important shots.
I was kindly sent this incredible new idea from cameraclean.
The EasyCover which is a silicon skin that completely surrounds the camera giving your expensive pride and joy a second protective skin.

I have added a full video unboxing, 1st Impressions, fitting and look round.

Im a bit clumsy when grabbing my camera and rushing outside to photo the latest dragonfly, its swinging on my shoulder as I'm dashing to get to the garden or through the trees and I dont know how many times Ive clunked my camera on the wall. I also dont know how Ive managed to not get 1 scratch on it yet.

So now with the EasyCover I dont have to worry anymore; of course Im always as careful as I can be as I treasure my Canon 7D, but sometimes in my haste to get to something, it clips a wall, tree, or fence etc. Well you know what I mean I'm sure you've all done it...so dont start tutting at me for being clumsy lol! ;-)

Here is my full unboxing, 1st Impressions and fitting of this amazing camera protector.

The EasyCover comes in a transparent clam opening plastic box with details of the cover on the back. Inside you have your Easycover that fits your own camera mine is the canon 7D and a screen cover for your LCD screen at the back.

The Easycover is a removable custom molded silicon case. It fits snugly around every dial, bump and curve. Checkout my video to see this close-up.

Firstly to get this cover on you simply slip the camera into the large space underneath, this also acts as your battery and tripod accesses. 

 You can see here the cable ports are also thoroughly protected and open similar to stable doors to access them when needed, you can also see the strap connector too, there is still enough room to add the straps when the case is fitted despite having the extra thickness.

You can see here its fitted snuggly around my lens button, plus you can see they have even thought to add holes for the video microphone at the top.

 Something to be aware of; is the rim of silicone around the base of the lens; you just have to careful not to nip any parts of the silicon while clicking in your lens. I caught mine a few times, but you then find the knack.

 In the beginning of my video you will see me being initially slightly disappointed with the "flappy" flash cover.

HOWEVER looking closely I WAS SOO WRONG.....its made so you can slide and lock it onto the flash mount just like you do your flash...see above....you can see here it keeps the flap secured down, it even adds to the whole case being more secure, I love it.  
See more closely in my video!
 Its genius...high 5...EasyCover!

Above is my Canon 7D with the EasyCover next to it; showing front and back shot; you can see here how stable it is to be able to stand by itself.

Im so pleased with this excellent quality camera skin, it has a really super smooth chunky feel before its even on your camera.

Fitting it on the camera
I was prepared for battle as I thought it would be like getting a rubber glove on an octopus...ok.... crap....comparison I know; but you get what I mean. ;-)
EasyCover do give you instructions on how to fit it and they are absolutely correct to say start from the bottom; as the bottom has a base hole to slip the camera in side-ways.
If I can fit it anyone can...seriously!
It was super easy and I got it on 1st time...see my video...how easy it was...yep even with long nails!

It even fits well with any of your lenses attached, you also have complete access to your battery and card slots too; without having to remove it everytime you need to change a card or battery.

I can now hang it from my fence and not worry too much being against the rough wood.
Daisy is getting expert at photobombing my photos...lol!

The only section that is slightly stretched and that's not at all due to EasyCover; its due to my tripod base its wider than the base and pushes out the bottom section slightly, its no worries to me as you can see for yourself how tightly the skin fits all the way round, it looks amazing.
To make this camera skin fit to its best; EasyCover had to design some extremely thin sections so you need to take care when stretching it over your camera in certain places. I only found 1 place it was thin and even if I had snapped this it wouldn't have made any difference to how tight it was around my camera, its been so well thought out.

Its also super comfortable in your hand as its warm to touch as well as being slightly squidgy soft too; essential on those cold Winter days photographing outside, the silicon skin gives a layer of warmth under your hand, it feels gorgeous. Sometimes we all know how cold a metal camera body can be. I dont like wearing gloves and normally have to wear fingerless gloves and my fingers are always cold. So Im all prepared for Winter photography now!!!

A silly thing but important to me is that the Canon still shows through, yep I'm definitely a Canon-girl and proud of it.

Another Daisy Photobomb!
I can now put my camera on the damp ground while reaching for something in my bag without any worries.
If your are off traveling or hiking I highly recommend EasyCover as it not only looks good; its giving your expensive piece of kit approximately 2mm layer of silicon skin protection. It actually feels much thicker than this, but my calipers never lie and its definitely thicker in some places for extra protection, around the hand grip etc.
Its completely shockproof, scratchproof and splashproof, plus you can wipe it clean if you splashed it with mud etc.
For example I used to photograph motorbike racing with mud and stones flying everywhere etc, I always had to be so careful to avoid the mud and gravel.

LCD screen protector included.
We spend alot of money on our cameras yet often we often dont think how to protect it. EasyCover thinks of everything including a 2mm super strong LCD screen cover with your new EasyCover. (Dont forget these are made to fit your chosen camera) For me though I already have a Larmor protective screen protector on my LCD screen which has been on for years; but Ill certainly be keeping this as a spare incase or when I scratch-up this one.

If you've spent your cash on a Pro camera its definitely worth considering this extra protection. Plus in some cameras you get the choice of colour; black, yellow, red or camo.
Its so affordable against a pro camera worth from £500 - £2000+ its worth EVERY penny.

A perfect gift for anyone with a Nikon, Canon or Sony A6300 camera; they will love you forever!
See here for your Camera

You can get your EasyCover from
Camera Clean
You can also get your EasyCover from any one
of these shops too

All my thanks goes to Camera Clean for kindly sending this EasyCover for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own. All images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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