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VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 104 Blue key switches Video 1st Impressions & Review

As a gamer I couldn't contain my excitement when I was kindly offered to share with you this amazing gaming keyboard and a matching mouse. Today Im just showing you the keyboard.

With its LED light modes built beneath the caps, brought out the mega Geek in me.
So I have got a full video unboxing and complete show round of this gorgeous keyboard.
If your a gamer or just love unique keyboards hang around and watch my video below.

Im quite a fussy person when I'm choosing the keyboard to suit me, I type daily for GGR obviously so I have to feel comfortable when typing at speed.
I have a certain tension of keys I prefer to use, I never realized I was fussy over keyboards till now.
Plus I do find that I go through my keyboards quite quickly just by simply wearing off the letters on the keys but they claim its made of a material that will prevent this, this will be brilliant for me to test out.

So please checkout my full video unboxing, first impressions and the stunning back-lighting on this keyboard it just has to be seen.
I can ramble on saying how beautiful it is, but you need to see it to makeup your own mind.
Hope you enjoy this video.
If you've any questions dont hesitate to ask.

The packaging is really good for this Keyboard the same as all of VicTsings products. Its a large sturdy box with polystyrene edges and a foam layer envelope for protection.

In the box you get your gorgeous mechanical keyboard and its keypuller, plus user guide. No disc is needed as it installs its own.

So why is this keyboard so special; well first of all its got mechanical switches not the cheaper membrane and also for me it has a good quality reinforced USB connection as I personally prefer a simple plug in keyboard not Bluetooth as I review so many Bluetooth products I don't want to be worried about drop in connections etc. Plus it means less things to go wrong.

The keyboard has 104 keys with Tactile Blue switches that are possibly of the Kailh variety. The keys have anti-ghosting and for those that don't know is when your gaming or typing fast if you hit 2 keys it wont cause any contradictions; nothing else should happen like another screen pop up or music start playing or calculator etc depending on what you've hit. The CapsLk, NumLk and ScrLk lights on the top right illuminate blue.
If you press FN+12 it will lock your keyboard so no matter where your cat walks, it will not ruin the document you spent the last 8 hours doing and FN+12 again restores it. This clever keyboard also has a windows key lock, I don't know how many times Ive been game raiding in World of Warcraft and accidentally hit the window key and up pops the start menu and everything freezes. Now it wont...yesss.
What I have just been told by my partner is that all my other keyboards in the last 10 years have had this feature too...doh...argh!

It is quite large as keyboards go being 19 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep with a cable length of about 78 inches.

These Blue clicky gaming keys are extra clicky and extremely tactile. They have been tested to work 50 million times keystroke test...very impressive..wouldn't want to be the person testing that...yeah I know its a robot...poor thing.

Keystroke test; 60+/-15 grams keystroke force and 4.0+/-0.2mm stroke travel which is quite close to Cherry switches, the keycaps have durable never fade key characters, something that for me is very important, I've gone through 4 keyboards in the last three years just by wearing off the letters of the keys so this will be a real test.

It has Multicolour adjustable LED backlight Effects, 9 effects in all in 6 different colours by simply pressing the Function button (FN) and INS simultaneously.

It's got built in gaming modes where it just lights up the keys needed for certain games, eg; Call of Duty and racing games etc; this has been a complete blessing its brilliant.

  Image by VicTsing
Another fantastic feature of this keyboard is that its water resistant with 5 holes drilled underneath to drain any liquids away from the electrics. Plus this means I can clean the keyboard. Sorry guys Im not running this keyboard under the tap for this review, if that makes me a bad reviewer, so be it. ;-)
I actually trust VicTsing's judgement on their products as Ive been reviewing for them for so long now and know how good the products are.

 Image by VicTsing
 Underneath the keyboard you can see the wrist rest and it is actually built into the board, which has its pros and cons. In my case Im not sure the wrist rest will fit on my desk (it does) and it is a hard dimpled easy to clean plastic not a soft rubber but you may feel it a bit after a couple of hours use. A good thing is that you haven't got to worry about attaching it to the keyboard if you have to move it alot.
Underneath you get 2 really neat fold away feet that will raise up the keyboard 12mm if you need the height at the top. At the base you get the normal 2 rubber feet with a small supporting piece in the middle.

  VicTsing Keyboard and matching Mouse (review of Mouse coming soon).
 So let me show you just how gorgeous this keyboard is. My Logitech G19 that is missing all of its vowel letters has been put aside now and I have used this keyboard for a whole Month before writing this review as I wanted to have a real feel for it.

The first thing I was aware of was the weight, this is mainly down to the alloy backplate and that's a good thing because it stays firmly planted with or without the feet extended.
Secondly: whether its surfing, writing, video editing or if I can find a spare half hour, gaming; some keyboards are better for certain things than others, but I have to say this is a gorgeous all round keyboard, the build quality is beautiful it feel very expensive and Ive used alot of keyboards over my computer years from both price ends of the spectrum. This one has a real expensive feel to it, its sturdy, the keys are responsive everything feels perfect and I used it immediately it didn't take any getting used to for me, I went straight ahead using as I would normally with the only caveat being : The layout is USA meaning the @ key is next to shift which is printed on number 2 and the £ key shows the # on the cap but that is never a problem to me as I touch type and I am used to this setup on some of my other gaming keyboards. I cant help but feel that they have gone to the expense with the cap puller a few spare keys caps to change out would have been a nice touch.
The Keys
When I first tried the blue clicky keys out the box, you will see in my video I didn't really take to them; they were quite loud. Having not used a blue switch clicky keyboard before Ive never experienced how loud they can be. I was certain the constant tapping would drive my other half mad and me too as I type sometimes for several hours at a time. However I was completely wrong, I dont really notice the clicks when I'm typing in the flow for a long length of time and my other half says he never listens to me anyway. So it isn't a problem to either of us!!! (well maybe for him...ahem!).

My only thing about the keys was the font surprisingly enough, this took me a a few days to get used to as some characters look slightly funky i.e the D looked like an upsidown G and the O looks like []; silly really and Im fine with it now, I dont even notice.

I cannot rave on enough about how much Im in love with this keyboard, these lighting effects have made this keyboard a pleasure to sit at everyday whether writing for GGR or simply surfing, the fact I can change my light effects is so much fun.
NOTE: I have to say here if you haven't seen my video review please go check it out as you have to see the keyboard in action, no raving on about how gorgeous the LEDs are can prepare you for how stunning they look. You have to check them out.

The LED's Speed and Brightness
I also love that you can alter the speed of all the LED modes, for example I love the 'breathing' mode but I personally prefer it slowed right down as its so relaxing and beautiful to have on. You also get to alter the brightness via the FN + arrow keys, the up and down alter the brightness in 3 stages from off low and full, whereas the left and right alters the speed of all the modes.
If I'm surfing I can change it to something more can see more in the video.
By using the FN and INS key simultaneously you can scroll through the 8 effects and honestly I think I can speak for most of you when I say you 'will' be impressed...checkout the video as I go through each one in the dark so you get the full dramatic effect...they are so beautiful!

 I have to also express how ergonomic this keyboard is, they have thought about the design and slope of the board and the attached wrist rest.

Gamer modes
If your a gamer you will also love the built in gamer modes, where by tapping FN and then scrolling through the numbers you can choose your popular gaming mode; where the keyboard turns off all the keys except those you need for that particular game...this is just genius!.

 Here are the game modes it supports;
  • League of legends.
  • First Person shooter.
  • Call of duty.
  • Real time simulations.
  • Car racing games.
  • NBA.
  • Cross fire.
  • Plus number 9 and 0 are for you to makeup your own macros.

You also get your normal media keys like screen magnifier, calculator, volume up and down, full media etc so its everything you will probably be used to on any other modern keyboard but with lighting effects...whats not to like and why would you ever have a normal keyboard...seriously I could NEVER go back to a vanilla keyboard.

 Surrounding green design LEDs and T logo.
My PC allows current to flow through USB to charge cameras etc when turned off and what
 surprised me was when I turn off my PC every night is the surrounding green LED's remain on, this makes it really futuristic looking, however Im not sure how this would fair if your using this prebuilt function with a laptop on battery power, Im not sure it can be turned off, maybe with the power save function. But I dont think many of you use an external keyboard with a laptop. Its just something to consider if you were buying it for your lappy!

I absolutely love this keyboard, the clicky blue keys no longer bother me as Im in love with the LED lighting effects. The build of the keyboard is exceptional, you feel you are using a very expensive keyboard. Its sturdy, ergonomic and super comfortable to use, it really has a fantastic design.
The keys are clicky, responsive and very tactile and they feel such excellent quality as does the whole keyboard. The substantial weight makes the whole build of the keyboard feel expensive under your fingertips.

My only real niggle and its being a bit petty is the fact I was originally looking forward to having my keyboard lit-up in just 1 I was initially a little disappointed when I found out it couldn't do this. BUT Ive worked with it and this keyboard has won me over AGAIN.
The Adjustable lighting effects are so simple to change at a whim depending on my mood; most the time I have the breathing effect on as its so relaxing and doesn't distract me while I'm typing or gaming.
The fact I can clean my keyboard with a damp cloth after removing the keys with the keypuller adds to this keyboard staying hygienic and looking at its best all the time.

If you love flashy LED's and want something special while gaming and surfing I highly recommend this keyboard; its gorgeous and I wont ever use a normal keyboard again.

If you want to check it out its here on Amazon.

I just want to thank VicTsing for kindly sending this keyboard and mouse for this review, all my views and opinions are my own and all my images are mine unless otherwise stated.

I also have a matching VicTsing mouse coming up very soon too, they look amazing together.

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