Friday, September 23, 2016

Travelers Times NEW refills and my updated Travelers Times Notebook Boho style video!

 Travelers Times NEW refills and my updated Travelers Times Notebook Boho style!

I ordered my 3rd lot of inserts from Travelers Times as they are always just what I need to help me keep organized; this month I ordered some different designs; so thought you might be interested to see what I purchased this month.

 I also started decorating my Travelers Times leather Notebook in Boho style...just the outside at the moment....inside later on...!

So after raiding my jewellery box I found some pieces to start decorating my gorgeous Cranberry planner. I also added to my notebook a new fountain pen too! ;-)

 Ive added a full video unboxing and look round for you so you can see how gorgeous they look grab a brew and a bikky sit down and relax.

So back to my gorgeous new refills and as usual they were packaged beautifully, this is what makes it so much fun to open. The pictures just dont do them justice that's why I added my video too.

 So here they are but you can see them better on video;

The one I'm really excited about is the Daily journal; a day to a page. Ive been using the day to 2 pages but as Ive been getting so busy I wasn't using up my full 2 pages a day and I hate seeing blank space makes me! 
So Im giving a day to a page a go until I have time to do more arty bits again. 

Its amazing that 1 notebook can actually be a game changer and this is it. 
I have been looking for a week to a page and notes page for a while, so I can add notes/ideas one side and still see what Im doing through the week the other. 
I LOVE this notebook, its been amazing! especially being Midori/regular size as I have plenty of room to write notes or even decorate if I want too.

Now finally the Contacts Notebook something that Im writing down with real ink not in pixels...if I lose my phone or it goes down Ive lost every phone number I have so I want a permanent book to write everyone down.

Ive been collecting Dreamcatchers and native American Indian jewellery and artifacts for many years; so the new craze in the planner world for Boho is like Christmas for me and of course offers loads of inspiration and ideas. I raided my jewellery box and found some bits and pieces to start decorating the outside of my gorgeous TT Cranberry coloured leather notebook.

 I also bought another LamyAL-Star...for my notebook...not for me of, in "purple" as it 100% matches this cranberry colour perfectly...even though Lamy call it "purple" nope its definitely NOT purple; Id say metallic burgundy...anyway whatever colour they call it...its a perfect match for my notebook and I love it.
Last thing to say is that Ive been using Parker Quick ink and Diamine inks with all my ink pens and Ive had no bleed through whatsoever, the paper is fairly thick and just gorgeous to write and draw on.
Oh yes and finally you also get the choice of blank, lined, dotted or grid.

It just glistens in the sunlight I absolutely love this colour.
I have been using my new inserts for a week and I have them ALL in my cranberry notebook and it looks amazing with everything in together; all my planning dates and times as well as my journaling its been heaven writing in just "one" notebook. Its feels very weird and odd but I know where everything is rather than juggling between 2. 
So I have to say I have found my perfect refills and inserts for my perfect Midori/regular size and perfect pen...until my next one that is...eeep yep I might have made another guilty purchase from Travelers Times...coming very soon ;-)

If you have a travelers notebook and are looking for some refills and inserts or something specialized just go check Travelers Times out Im sure Keeley will help you find just what your looking for.
I love that they have a craft paper cover so you can decorate them to your taste, if your good with art its perfect. 
Im still a learner planner decorator so its been washi tape for me up till now; but I have some new stamp sets coming so we will see what I can do.
See what you think, you dont need to spend a fortune to make your notebook look good and make it yours...personalize it to you and make it special every time you pick it up?

*I have also added a full video so you can see all my new inserts in full and a close-up of my beautiful cranberry in natural light.

Sniff....mmm real leather.....yum!

I love journaling outside and Daisy will sit next to me but she does love the leather smell.
She has been obsessed with my Cranberry ever since I got it.
 I'd love to think that shes "guarding" it...but hmmm...maybe not lol!

Let me know what planners your using, or if you've any ideas for decorating Id love any advice. 
Okie bye for now and see you all very soon.

I have the September Brimbles box coming up next....and...yes you guessed it..its 
BOHO...happy dance!

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