Tuesday, August 02, 2016

VicTsing Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Touch Sensitive Controls Review

Here is something that most of us would probably find useful and I had been looking for a good touch sensitive lamp for awhile.
This black elegant lamp has a super bendy silicon rubber gooseneck and the LED light has 3 impressive brightness settings.

But dont take my word for it checkout my box opening and full review on my video below.

 I have added a full video unboxing and 1st impressions of this gorgeous lamp so you get to see for yourself how bright it is.

Its amazing how often we use extra lamps around our home, but finding a bright lamp that doesn't cause eyestrain is another matter. I suffer from migraines so its vital I have the correct bulbs in the lamps that dont flicker or ghost.

So I was excited to see that this elegant looking lamp from VicTsing has 
"Eye protection"!

The large lamp has a wonderful substantial weight on removing this from the box, it feels excellent quality from the minute you get it out the box; something I really wasn't expecting for such an affordable lamp.

 In the box you get your beautiful black glossy ABS plastic lamp. You get a silky cleaning cloth for those pesky fingerprints, power cable plus user guide.

 This elegant lamp is made of top-grade ABS plastic with metal at the base for stability. This is the substantial weight you feel as soon  as you pick it up.

The gooseneck is made of smooth soft silicon rubber so you can twist and bend it to its full 360 degree angle to aim your light anywhere you wish.

The single bulb is 4Watts and has a LG chip for a long lifespan of upto 50,000 hours. It is also energy saving and consumes 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb of the same brightness.
Its a soft, flicker free 5000k daylight bulb makes it ideal on the eyes preventing eye strain and fatigue. Perfect for reading, work or study.

 This is the top part of the bendy head and has these holes for design, I feel this is unnecessary but still adds to a nice design.

This metal base has matching piano glossy finish to the bendy head. Both attracts fingerprints like a magnet...but VicTsing have thought of everything and added the blue polishing cloth to keep it all shiny and new.
 Here you also have your touch sensitive on/off mode button, no more clicky buttons.

 At the back you have the power cable port.

The base has 4 felt pads to prevent scratched table tops.

Total height 19 inches.
Base plate diameter is 4.5 inches.
The metal upright part is 6 inches and then it goes into 7.5 inches of bendy gooseneck.

 This amazing soft touch silicon rubberized neck is super bendy to any position; however the first 6 inches from the base is I believe a metal tube as this keeps the whole lamp perfectly stable, it really feels safe no matter where you position the neck. I love this.
The head swivels 360 degrees too so you can aim the beam anywhere you wish.

Lamp in use
This larger sized lamp is stable and the power cable plugs in to the back port and lays neatly down the back of a bedside table etc.
The neck extends out to ...a distance so allowing you plenty of room underneath the light without the large flat base getting in the way like other lamps; ideal for arts and crafts where you need alot of space.

The LED light shines evenly across a wider space of the table being a circular lamp rather than a horizontal lamp.
This is perfect for crafts etc.

You have 3 lamp brightnesses
  • Low 15%, 
  • Medium 52% 
  • High 100%, 
All 3 of these are really bright in there own right; but dont take my word for it checkout my video and see for yourself to make up your own mind.

I absolutely love this lamp, the black glossy finish is elegant and will look gorgeous in any setting. the light is bright enough for all my art and coloring as well as using it to add light to photograph my products.
The 5000k daylight bulb gives a natural hue rather than the yellowy incandescent lighting. Therefore it is so gentle on your eyes preventing eyestrain etc.

Plus the fact the LG chip saves energy therefore your pennies too; I love this lamp but do go checkout my video so you can see for yourself.

Thanks for popping by and I will see you all very soon for the next review.


Thanks again to VicTsing for kindly sending this beautiful lamp to share with you all. All my views and opinions are my own and my images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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