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MatrixSight 36 watt UV LED Diamond Shaped Nail lamp Review and Video

Hi everyone Ive something for you nail addicts out there!

I was recently offered this gorgeous UV LED gel nail curing lamp from MatrixSight and I jumped at the chance...just look at it; its to be offered a gorgeous PINK UV gel machine really gets my pulse racing...who wouldn't want this sitting on their desk!
UV LED gel nails and polishes have made a huge comeback this year and many of us are doing our own nails at home using the amazing UV LED polishes that are available by many brands at the moment.

So I have a video review and corresponding post right below so grab a coffee and bikky, sit back and relax.

First of all some of you may not know why you would use LED/UV polishes to air dry ones; well Ill tell you, your have dry hard glossy nails in 2 minutes, no waving your hands in the air to dry (you know this doesn't work right...waving hands around wont dry just stops you touching anything to smudge them lol) but it does give the nail technician a giggle.
Air dry nails are not truly dry for at least an hour or more, some are still dig-able, key scrap-able, phone scratch-able you name it they are gonna smudge for at least an hour afterwards and we are always in a hurry...right guys.
With UV LED polishes yours are cured (dried) in minutes some brands its seconds and your ready to go! They also last for weeks and your only worry is the regrowth at the back of your nail which you can re-do...fantastic why ever use air dry polishes again? I wont be!

 Here are some UV/LED polishes I reviewed last week, they are so beautiful and so affordable. Checkout my full video review and swatches.

My nail background history
Something you probably don't know about me is that I'm an ex-nail tech and in the 80's and 90's was learning everything I could about nails gathering my qualifications, running a mobile nail service and two full time Nail Salons. As more and more shops started selling to the general public and the increase of the internet with online purchasers not asking for qualifications, people began doing there own nails and their friends and family's mostly with little to no experience.
So I decided to go into teaching nail technology with a large nail brand; so I could hand some of my experience to the next generation, knowing in my heart of hearts it was the best thing I could do, been there and got the T-shirts (no really Ive still got the 80's T-shirts).

Anyway back to the MatrixSight UV LED gel lamp... 

Recently, I got back into doing my own nails again so I was super excited to be offered...not just a UV LED gel lamp...but this gorgeous diamond shaped gel what a comparison to my very 1st breeze block of a gel nail lamp back in 80's.

Checkout my full unboxing, 1st impressions, and look round as well as my opinion of this gorgeous UV LED lamp.

It arrived super fast through Amazons post as usual and in a very well packaged colorful modern looking box.

Then you slide out the polystyrene drawer and inside sits the lamp, power supply and the cable, plus of course the instructions.

Without me repeating myself this is a UV and an LED lamp so you can cure both types, gel polishes and gel extensions. Unless your a professional tech you now don't need to purchase 2 different machines. This is just for me to do my nails at home so I can use this for both LED and UV curing so Im a happy bunny.
Its perfect for nail gel extensions and LED polish curing an all in one.

First of all I want to say that this is a 36 watt lamp and I feel especially if your a pro nail tech you should be looking at 36 wattage no less. I know you can get 9 watt lamps everywhere and Im sure they work fine but with lamps getting so affordable its probably not worth getting a lower wattage lamp as it reduces curing times for UV polishes and gel extensions.
You have to checkout this stunning diamond design in this AMAZING pink metallic finish and wow it doesn't get more girly than this, does it; I had fallen in love just getting it out the box.

 This neat looking lamp is ideal for any mobile nail techs I would have loved this when I was doing it many moons ago as its super light.
It has a metal mirrored base plate which will help cure faster by directing the light rays directly onto your nails.

You can see here the lamp easily holds 1 hand or 1 foot and then you cure your thumbs separately.

 If you turn over the lamp you will see the underside has 4 rubber feet so its not sliding anywhere across your table.

 But if you look carefully you can also see 4 poppers too; these pop out and you can remove the base plate for curing your toenails too.

I think that I may have created an optical illusion, but bear with me.
The base removes easily so you don't even have to use it, but to be honest it will improve curing times by being mirrored.
It also makes it easy to clean too.

 Now for feet; yep you can do your Shellac polish on your toes too and have it last for weeks. I can get my toes in the lamp easily but if you wish to look more professional the base un-pops and then you simply put your foot on a towel and sit the lamp directly over the toes without the base plate...very clever and a nice addition to this lamp.

 Turning the lamp over you can see inside; the main curly lamp is your UV lamp and you then have 12 smaller LEDs. The fact the whole inside is mirrored your getting excellent lighting efficiency. You will be amazed how this cuts down curing times.
You can also see here the plastic hand guard to prevent anyone touching the bulb while in the lamp.

 MatrixSight claim they are long lasting LED bulbs which provide a whopping 5 years of non-stop use. Well mine are still perfect and Ive been using this lamp 2-3 times a week as I keep changing my polish and nail art. I know Im addicted and I don't want to be CURED...pun intended!, Ha NAILED it, and again She scores, gota HAND it to me (ok, I will stop now).

 Inside you can see the curly UV lamp or the CCFL light.
Otherwise known as a Cold Cathode Florescent lamp which are known for being energy saving,

Okay so to the back where all the action is...okay the buttons and the power cable.

Here you have 3 metal buttons offering 3 curing time options; 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. These timers will turn off after their respected times automatically.
I have found the buttons a bit clunky but they do what they should and that's what matters. 

 Each button has its own LED so you can see which one is on, if your a working nail tech you have full control of the buttons for your client while they simply pop their hand in and relax.
In this image the 60 second button is pressed. The bottom green LED simply shows you its on. Its orange while in standby.
It has no on/off switch but you simply press the the button that's on; to turn it off again.

17.5 x 15.5 x 8cm.

  • Suitable for a salon, home or student use.
  • Cures quickly all UV and gel based products.
  • Cures 1 hand (4 fingers and 2 thumbs separately) or 5 toes at a time.
  • Using LED light it is non-harmful to the body compared to long use of UV light.
  • Energy saving.
  • Timing functions.
  • Auto shut off.
  • Compact easy to carry and store.
  • Light weight at ONLY 408 grams.
  • Long cable.
  • Functions; 10, 30 60 seconds. 
  • Input 100-240 volts, 50-60Hz to power supply with a UK plug..yay!
  • Output; 12volt 3A.
  • Power; 36watt=12 watt CCFL + 24 watt SMT LED.
  • Long life bulbs; more than 50000 hours.

I have been using this gorgeous looking lamp for absolutely weeks now I love this. If you want to see this lamp working hard see my full video unboxing, 1st impressions and in use.

 I have my gel nails all organized on my desk, I'm using Naio gel system...that's another review as its one of the best systems Ive ever used. It cures super fast under the lamp. The fact the lamp turns itself off for you is brilliant no smudged fingers here.

I also got the opportunity to try some beautiful UV LED polishes from Gellen and they cured within a minute despite the stated time of 2 minutes, so I'm assuming that's the LED lights. The polish was glossy absolutely dry and I tried to dent it as soon as it came out and I couldn't. I'm honestly so impressed.
I found the machine gets quite warm but its more of a comfortable warmth its never hot! 

NOTE: My only niggle is the fact that in the main listing of this machine; it states the light turns on automatically by placing my hand on the base plate inside. 
My lamp doesn't do this so I may have been sent the basic machine. But I do feel the base plate couldn't be removed if this was the case.
Plus the base does feel a bit flimsy with your hand on the base plate, Ive removed this now as it creaks and bends under the weight of my hand. I simply put my hand on a towel and put the lamp over the top.

You can cure 4 fingers minus the thumbs or 5 toes; then your ready to go no drying time needed. Some polishes may differ in their timing so you will have to check your manufacture instructions to cure the brand of polish you use to get the best out of them.

I have Gellen and GDI polishes and they look stunning. What do you think?
This beautiful pink is Gellen's number 128 8ml polish; this is one of my alltime EVER pink favorites and that's a big statement for me to make! 
But see 13 more colours in my Gellen polish video here!

Obviously depending on your topcoats you may have to wipe the inhibition layer off with gel cleanser right at the end. I now use Naio's Mega gloss topcoat which is a NO WIPE topcoat and Ill never look back its amazing.
 My nails are glossy and strong and I rarely ever break them now, I usually end up with backfills where its grown out. My manicures look as good on day 14 as day 1; I'm in so love!

I cannot express what a gorgeous machine this is, its excellent quality, affordable, compact and looks damn good for home or salon really does.

A quick disclaimer
If your just doing UV gel polish its safe enough to do on yours or your family and friends nails, but if your going into nail extensions you could do some real damage to your nails if your not sure what your doing. So please consider doing some nail technology courses and you could gain yourself a really exciting career in the nail industry.

Update October 2016; annoyingly my main UV light has started flashing on and off . Its still working but I have to wiggle the lamp gently to get the lamp to stay on.

You can buy yours from

 All my thanks goes to MatrixSight for kindly sending this UV/LED lamp for this review.
 All my views and opinions are my own and my images are mine unless otherwise stated.

If you liked this review you may enjoy one of my recent UV polish swatching video reviews and 1st impressions. HERE

Plus my new set of gel extension brushes below.

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