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Fotopro Flexible Mini Tripod with universal clip Review and Video + Wimberley Plamp Stake & G

I have something for all you mobile photographers out there; how many times have you needed an extra pair of hands when taking photos or videos...go on I know its a yes.

 Well now you have with something that's light and compact from Fotopro. I was kindly offered this mini flexible tripod to share with you all.

So I have added a fun, chatty video so you get to see this little guy in action after the jump.
 Fotopro is an award winning global brand that designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of photographic equipment for professional photographers.

So I was excited to have the wonderful opportunity to work with such a great brand.

What I love about this adorable mini tripod; is the fact you can use multiple devices in it; eg; GoPro's, phones or cameras. So to have a small portable tripod that will fit all of these devices is just genius...thank you Fotopro!

 I was excited to have the chance to not only use it for my Samsung S4 phone but also
my GoPro twin the KitVision Escape HD.
(See my KitVision Escape HD review and videos part 1 & Part 2)
I had originally hoped it was going to fit my new Canon Powershot SX720 as it shows that it fits so many Powershot models. However my model is the latest Canon Powershot and its much wider than the other models...sigh...but Im still pleased to be able to use it on my phone and the Escape.

Here is my video review and chatty box opening and 1st impressions, plus I have added some fun footage of trying it with my Plamp family for more height and versatility.

But if you want to find out some more indepth details read on......

It arrives in a modern sturdy white cardboard box with sneak peek window; on the back simply shows you how to use it in a few images. You also get the choice of 4 colours. I chose the black as I love all my camera equipment to match.

Inside the box you get the mini tripod all connected together and doesn't it already look pretty cool.

This mini tripod from Fotopro is a portable compact tripod you can keep in your bag or rucksack until you need it. It folds flat perfectly as you see above with the Fotpro logo on the device clip.
This octopus style tripod fits most smartphones, the GoPro and slimmer cameras.

 It has universal adaptability to use with many devices with this cellphone clip which you simply pull out and it closes firmly to fit over securing your device...see my video.
 Phones up to a 6 inch screens will fit this clip, e.g; the iphone 6, 6s, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge etc.

My Samsung S4 is 7cm in width and it fits securely. In my video Im actually shaking it...very scary moment...but it was completely secure...gulp...phew!!!.

The phone connector is attached to the Gopro connector and in doing so it can be angled backwards or forwards for best viewing or shooting angles.
 The GoPro connector will also fit similar cameras like my Kitvision Escape HD and you simply unscrew the phone clip and your left with the GoPro clip...brilliant idea.

TIP: Just remember where you put your phone clip, if your anything like me you'll put it down somewhere and forget where...sigh, well I warned you guys lol!)

The 3 tripod legs have dumpy rubber feet at the end which are super grippy; no slipping across the table now.

The legs have soft foam and engineered plastic material to allow it to be bent and wrapped round things to give more stability as you will see in my video.
 The legs themselves feel extremely durable and don't feel they will snap or break anytime soon.

Length 8.3 inches (21.5cm) long.
Once seated your device sits at a height of 5.9 inches.
It weighs only 2oz (55g)

Here you get to see both my devices I can use with this tripod.

Using the tripod
I have to say as soon as I got it out the box I was amazed at how light it felt in my hand...that's a good thing! ;-)

My phone fitted easily into the clip and extremely securely too, the slight over-grip holds it securely.

You can see from the back how well the clip hugs the phone. I found the most solid and stable way to use it was to splay out the legs (as in the image above) and you get absolutely no wobble its not moving...super secure!

 Fantastic for gaming...okay...Mahjong then lol.....or skyping and conference calls all hands free.

You get to watch my Gadget Girl Videos all hands-free, drink your coffee, snack away and sit back and watch.

Next I fitted my Kitvision Escape into the tripod and because of the GoPro screw fitment its doubly secure and you simply screw it up tightly. It simply becomes one device legs an all!

You then also have a great handle; I love the fact that the foam encased legs makes it a super comfy to control or film manually or carry for long periods of time.

 I also want to point out that it also has a small hole to attach it to a wrist strap or attach it to your bag. I personally use its own legs to wrap round my rucksack strap. It looks super cute this way too.

So lets show you how well the legs wrap round anything you find to give amazing hands free versatility.
I loved hiding this in our tree and capturing footage of my puppy up to no good lol! Also good for bird watching, barbecues etc.

Secured onto our fence post to capture anything, wildlife, naughty puppies or even my own video reviews; you have to admit it looks fab!

 I also wrapped the tripod around my bird table pole to capture what birds come too and from the bird table.

 Next I attached it to my own garden fork as I had a brainwave of being able to stick it in the ground in the garden anywhere if I didn't have anything to secure the legs onto.

The Wimberley Plamps + Fotopro Tripod

It was then I had a LIGHTBULB MOMENT as remembered I had my Plamps; if you've been following my videos you would have seen the Wimberley Plamps I reviewed last month.

What if I wanted to use my phone/GoPro in the tripod but didn't have anything to secure the legs to anything! If you not quite sure what Im rambling on about then please checkout my video as I show you how to set these up.

Here is the Wimberley Stake (review coming soon), a screw driver in the base allows you to stick it in the ground anywhere...see my video!
Then the tripod legs wrap round the stake itself, as you can see here it works perfectly for my phone and the KitVision Escape; you can perch it at the top or round the side of it, anywhere you like.

Next is the Wimberley Plamp G it too has a bendy extension but with clamp on the end; this now allows me to bend it into any position at any height of the Plamp...perfect for keeping off the ground and wildlife watching. You can see here its perfect with both my Escape and the phone.

Both the Fotopro and the Plamps open up being able to photograph and video virtually anywhere; so exciting!!!

If you haven't guessed yet I absolutely love this little tripod; by itself it gives me hands free photography and video and the bendy legs allows me to attach it to almost anything it can bend round.
Combined with my Plamps it opens up even more options; I'm one happy bunny!

Its light, durable and rugged as well as being excellent quality and the fact it has universal adaptability makes it such a versatile tripod to keep at hand for whenever the photo/video urges takes you.
I wont be without this and its one of my few gadgets if it broke or I lost it I would have to replace it; its an affordable fab little tripod and every mobile photographer NEEDS one of these.

The 2 Images above are by Fotopro

You can buy yours from Amazon Uk
 ONLY £12.99

All my thanks goes to Fotopro for kindly sending me this to share with you all. All my views and opinions are my own. My images are mine unless otherwise stated.
If you want to know about my Gopro twin the Kitvision Escape please see below

and videos part 1 & Part 2
If you want to learn more about the Plamp family checkout my full video reviews below.

The Plamp 2, Plamp G and carbon fibre extension

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