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EBoot 7 piece gel nail art brushes Review

I've something for all you nail addicts out there not the hammer and nail but the hand and nail kind.
Ive recently started doing gel/acrylic nails after many years as I'm an ex nail tech so decided I wanted to start doing my own nails again after many years.

So when I was kindly offered these to review I jumped at the chance as I only had a small shorty gel brush from Naio...even though that is very good; sometimes you just want a different size brush for other things. 

The brushes arrived in a ziplock bag and inside that they came in their own white backed plastic flip over case to keep them in.

 The case they come in is a lovely sturdy case to keep in your nail boxes.

The 7 brushes are ideal for the girly girl; as they have the most beautiful pink swirls made of actual acrylic.
You can see here how gorgeous the pink and white swirls are making these a pleasure to use; well they are for me. It wouldn't be the same for normal paint brushes.

Dont be confused with using these for acrylic nails though as they are 'gel or nail art brushes'; and would NOT be suitable for building acrylic nails as they cant soak up the monomers as well. Acrylic brushes are normally made of Kolinsky sable hair and can hold more liquid and are generally longer, rounder and firmer to pat the setting acrylic powder into nail shape.
These are perfectly designed for the more fluid gel extensions with the flat shorter length brushes.

Each brush has its own plastic tube to keep it protected when not in use; however Ive removed mine as you have the case which for me is enough and hasn't been any problems so far.

Each brush is of a different size number 8 and number 10 you will probably use the most; well I do anyway.
 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14.
They are approximately 14cm long.
Number 8 was driving my OCD crazy...I do wish they could have printed these on equally lol. 

I have found the numbers printed on the sides have started to rub off; as Ive used them for weeks now and the acetone has removed my numbers, however I tend to know the size I need by looking anyway so its not been a problem. 
You can see here they all have a nice size distinction making this set perfect for gel nails- builder layer and base coat and most nail art.

 My most used brushes for gels are number 8 and 6, one for builder gel and sculpting and the smaller one when using my Naio ice white for the French manicure look, this brush enables me to add a really neat smile line. I couldn't be without this one now.

I absolutely love this little set of brushes, the size variations have been so useful for me. Ive used them for both nail gel extensions and nail art; Ive lost no hairs which were my main concern with such affordable brushes. I thought I was going to get hairs stuck in my nail tips embedded into the gels...eeep!. But nope, nothing like that so far.

 The brush shafts have a nice width to use and are not too thin.

 The brushes pick up enough product to use properly too; plus they then clean up easily with acetone, especially with the grip designed in metal.

I always have at least 2 brushes on the go when I'm doing my UV gel nails, you can see here at the bottom of the image above; I have the little green shorty brush that came with my gel set from Naio and I then purchased the Boan rhinestone detailing gel brush, as like a magpie I saw the rhinestones and just had to have it lol!

I also used these for my glitters and pigments; however they didn't pickup my glitters as well as the pigments above. They seem to soak up the dry pigments if that makes sense, but the glitters simply fell off making a mess across my table.

 These gorgeous pigments are from the Color Shack Gnarly nails on ebay and you can see here how the pigment sticks so well to the brush hairs, it then paints like a polish across my nails.

See here my finished nails after using the brushes for the pigments.

Yes I can highly recommend these brushes for home use and most certainly a backup set if your a professional nail tech. I found these absolutely fine to use and so surprised they didn't molt onto my nail tips. They also look so good in my nail trays and yes that's quite important to me!.

Dont they all look great; Im so happy to be back doing my nails again after all these years. Im now on the lookout for some acrylic brushes in this rose set now as I like them so much.
I have to coordinate don't I girls?

You can buy your 7 piece Uv gel brush set from Eboot 
on Amazon.

All my thanks goes to EBoot for kindly sending me these gel brushes for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own and all the images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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