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Gellen UV LED 14 polish Review and Video

 Gellen Uv LED 14 polish Review and Video

Hi everyone no you haven't got the wrong website its still Gadget Girl and no Ive not become a beauty blogger nor am I trying to be one.
However anyone who knows me knows how much I love my nails. I originally qualified as a nail tech back in the late 80's...yep I am that old lol! But sadly had to give up for health reasons so now its just a huge naily hobby.
So when Gellen approached me and offered a few sets of their latest New UV LED nail polishes for review I bit their hand off.
 They kindly offered me 2 different sets and I chose the listing that enabled me to choose my own!

 Here are both the listings I chose.
Gellen brand starter kit (6 x10ml Black bottles).
 Gellen brand environmental starter set (6 x 8ml white bottles).
 I am beyond excited as Ive only just started collecting UV LED gel polishes and generally they are quite pricey.
I have added a full video review as I feel its far better to see the polishes rather than just images of colours.

So grab a coffee and a bikky and sit back and let me try out all these gorgeous polishes for you. So all you have to do is pick your favorite colours.

Just a quick note too to those of that dont know about 'gel' polishes is that you also need a UV/ and or an LED lamp to cure them. Ive been using nail varnishes since time early 80's and Ive had the usual wait for polish to dry and generally manage to smudge it within a few minutes of putting a top coat on...sooo annoying! using a 'Gel' polish you can 'cure' your polish under a UV LED light and you immediately have hard glossy topcoats and your ready to go in minutes...its naily heaven!

I just want to point out too that on both these Amazon Gellen listings they also offer 'set' colour listings so if your just not sure what colours to choose, you can simply order their chosen sets to get you started. These are ideal if you've only just started collecting UV polishes like me.

I know what colours I love and suit me so I was super excited to have the opportunity to pick my own colours.

 Here is my video review if you prefer to just watch and see the polishes. That way you get to make up your own minds as to whether you like the colours or not.

 Both packages arrived separately but packaged extremely well in blocks of polystyrene and then meters and meters of tape...just brilliant.
The black polishes arrived first within a few weeks, but the white polishes did take over a month and a few emails from me, but I understand these things happen and they came from the same place...????

 This set of 6 polishes are the

 I thought the addition of pretty feminine flowers on the white glass bottle was particularly adorable.
I also loved having the little windows to see the color inside, rather than having to open the top each time or look up the colour codes.

The Black bottled set are 10mls and are of course slightly bigger than the 8ml white bottles so you get more. These bottles have a lovely substantial weight to them and look very elegant with their black glossy glass bottle and accent matt black lid...very classy.

Now when I ordered my colours I did actually think of you guys and picked a variety of creams, both cool and warm colours, fine glitters and chunky glitters. 
In particular for me I always have trouble picking glitter polishes as I generally find they are too thin to use as a stand alone polish; so I'm excited to see what these are going to be like.

Here are my colour choices for 6 x white bottled set in order as above;
202, 176, 127, 128, 116, 117.
 I chose 2 fine glitters - blue and green, 2 cool colour creams - beautiful violet and brightest pinkiest, pink I could find and 2 warm colour creams, orange and bright red.
 Here are my colour choices for the black bottled set in order of above;
232, 258, 173, 134, 096, 113, 
Here I chose some of my favorite colour brights for nail art, plus 2 chunky glitters (teal and a pink glitter), 1 fine blue glitter and 3 creams (the brightest pink I could find, teal and purple).
I also at the same time purchased (with my own money) the black and the white polishes to go with these 107, 108 to use with my nail art.

For the best way to see the colours and how they paint onto my nails and the pop sticks please checkout my video to see them all in natural light.

 All these bottles look good together despite being quite different to each other, they both have a classy elegance to them.

 Here they are with their painted popsticks.

How to use these UV LED polishes 
Gellens own instructions, I followed these to the letter.
I used my own GDI Base and top coat and my new Matrixsight UV LED gel machine to cure them under. (review coming very soon).

These gels once cured leave the inhibition layer which you do need to wipe away after your 2 cured coats with your gel cleanser; but I continue on to add my favorite topcoat to get that ultimate just walked out of the salon look.

Are they true to colour?
When we buy polishes we tend to assume the colour on the bottle (if its isn't a clear bottle) that is will be as near as damn it to the actual colour they show. As most polishes are slightly off with their shades.
Gellen however are almost spot -on to their own colour charts. In my video I have added the colour chart image to the 'actual' colour I'm showing you so you can see any comparison for yourself.

 The only colour that let me down a little was 232 as its more of a green in the light. I ordered it for this gorgeous glitter tealy-blue colour; shown on the chart to the left.
However its most definitely a light green see my video to see the true colour.
I have to say though its still a beautiful colour and I'll certainly be using it.

The only other color that wasn't as true as Id hoped was number 113 (5th nail along). Id hoped it was a warmer purple like the image above however it is actually a true deep purple which is most definitely a bluey purple; but again will look amazing for my stamping designs using gold or silver over it.

Glitter Polishes
These 2 fine glitters 176 an 202 I used 3 coats purely because I love depth of colour with glitters but I didn't need to as you will see in the video. Both these colours will be stunning as an undercolor for stamping as well as in their own right. Checkout the shine and smoothness seen here.

I absolutely loved these polishes, the white bottled polishes are slightly thinner and actually go on a bit smoother, the black bottled polishes are very opaque and have thicker consistency and only need 2 coats for full coverage, for exception of the sparkly blue being a fine glitter I personally would always use 3 coats with glitters.

The white polish that I bought myself I found to be slightly thicker, but this could happen to any polish however it has amazing coverage for nail art and I've used it so many times already.

Both sets are soak off polishes and are easy to remove by soaking off in acetone, mine soaked off within 10 minutes using nails wrapped in cotton pads soaked in accetone wrapped in foils; leaving my nails absolutely fine.

The first 6 colours are the white bottles the last the black bottles; they make an absolutely beautiful starter set of polishes.
 I cannot express how excited I am to have had the chance to try these polishes, the colours are stunning bright and smooth from both ranges. The glitters have an even coverage and the larger glitter polishes look stunning; as you will see in the video.
To top it all you have the peace of mind that all Gellen polishes are non-toxic and harmless to our body and skin.
Gellen claim a 14 day manicure and I can vouch for this as I wore 2 different colours for well over 2 weeks with No chips or peeling; however that can also be how you prep your natural nail. If its starting to chip you need to look into how you prepare your nail before applying the gel polishes. Its literally all in the preparation..before you can blame the polishes...sorry girls!

I always gently file the nail plate first with a fine file, I then use Naio's dehydrator and Im ready to go.

 I also use my GDI top and base coat for normal colour manicures.

If I'm using nail art which has many layers or chunky glitters I use Naio's Mega gloss sealer (UV topcoat) as its slightly thicker than a normal topcoat. Its the BEST topcoat Ive EVER used.

I have to say honestly guys I have loved every single colour and wasn't disappointed with any of them. All the colours bar two were true to the color on Gellens color chart as you will see in my video as I show you the chart colour compared to the actual colour on the nail.

It is nearly impossible to pick my favorite set, but I have to say a very close first was the white bottle set. These are STUNNING and I love EVERY colour in this set. I didn't expect to get exactly the colours I chose as I thought they would be a shade off like most polish color charts Ive ever used. BUT they are exactly what I ordered...and I love them!

The Pink 128 is one of the most beautiful coloured pinks I have ever owned and a close second was the violet 127 OMG they are sooo beautiful.

I think to get 6 UV LED gel polishes for either £9.79 (8ml white bottles) or £14.99 (10ml black bottles) is just brilliant, they are both exceptional quality and you will be paying this for just 1 polish or alot more for top brands like Shellac, OPI or Madam Glam's.
These sets are such a perfect way to start collecting beautiful polish colours quickly.
 I have absolutely nothing negative to say they are beautiful polishes and look like you've walked out the salon; not done them yourself.
Both sets go on smoothly, the coverage is amazing and they are just gorgeous...but dont take my word for it checkout my video and see the colours for yourself.
So guys which are your favorite set or do you have some favorite colours?
I will certainly be ordering some more to add to my collection; they are long lasting and they finish super glossy too.

Im a happy naily bunny!

Sets of 6 polishes for 

All my thanks goes to Gellen for kindly sending me these gorgeous polishes to share with everyone.All my views and opinions are my own.
All images are mine unless otherwise stated.

Coming soon is the Matrixsight UV/LED gel machine that Im using in my video. Plus my Naio naily haul and so much more.

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