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Feelily 18 piece sketching and drawing set with Canvas wrap review

(It has 18 sketching pencils but there's so much more equaling to 28 pieces).

As a bit of an art and stationary collector; I'm super excited to bringing you another product from Feelily.

You may remember I reviewed one of their large capacity pencil cases a few weeks ago.
 I was then kindly offered this beautiful artist pencil roll with sketching kit to share with you all!

So anyone who loves their art, in particular sketching and drawing with pencils and charcoals stay reading I think you may like this review.
Ive also added a full video review too again for those that want to listen to my review as well as read it.

I was actually really impressed with how everything safely arrived undamaged, packaged separately for you to unwrap and also with just how many items you get with your kit. It came in a simple transparent plastic wrapping and sellotape so literally nothing special.
But honestly once you start unwrapping everything you'll forget it had no box.

Once unwrapped you realize just what you have in this amazing kit.

Here is the art kit as it comes all wrapped in each individual packaging.

I have to say when I first got these boxes out I initially thought I had 12 B's and 12 4B's but it wasn't the case, I was quite confused at this....however inside both boxes contained the set below.

Unwrapped and here is what you have...for a better look checkout my video as I go through everything here in more detail.

 Okay so here is the full set of sketching pencils all Marco Raffine.
You get 18 pencils ranging from HB to 8B all sharpened ready to go.
With 3 charcoal pencils (soft, medium and hard unsharpened).

2 x 2H
1 x HB
1 x 8B
1 x 7B
1 x 6B
1 x 5B
4 x 4B
1 x 3B
4 x 2B 
1 x B
Charcoal pencils hard, medium and soft all 3 unsharpened.

Note; my only niggle and its just being picky is that the pencils are very light and you cant see the lead at the end; meaning it may not be fully leaded inside; but of this I am not certain.

Next are 3 Tortillions pencil blenders made of compressed paper, this I cant wait to try as Ive been meaning to get some of these for my colouring.

All 3 different sized blenders have double ended tips.

 Here you have a box cutter type blade; Feelily have called this a pencil sharpener for those of you that prefer sharpening your pencils this way especially the charcoal ones, I know there are alot of you. For me I definitely prefer a pencil sharpener.
The blade has a clip that you can use to clip to your pocket it also can be removed from the sharpener then you use it to snap the blade off when it becomes dull.

 You also get 2 erasers, 1 Plasticine moldable  type for dabbing any mistakes with no bits. Plus a normal hard eraser.

 To top it all the hard eraser is a "Faber Castell" eraser, so pleased with this am I.

You then get one double ended pencil extender, the image above shows the double one ontop and my Prismacolour one I got in my pencil accessory kit underneath.
I just wanted to show you the difference in size and the fact you have the options of different pencil widths of either end. 
More detail in my video.

Finally the wrap itself which feels like a fine canvas material with lovely brown PVC edging; giving a gorgeous charm to the roll. It also has a PVC leather look strap that will secure your roll once its rolled up.

One side is slightly unfinished; however its exactly where the strap ties around it so it doesn't show.

It measures unrolled exactly 19 inches long and 8 inches wide with a 18 inch long and 1 inch wide strap to wrap it with.

 On the back you can see how nice the fine black canvas looks.

All fitted inside
It doesn't take long to slide everything into your new roll, infact its surprisingly I normal...dont answer that lol!
 It feels really good to get everything set up.

 I love the brown PVC leather lip to protect all the sharpened pencil tips it goes over your pencils approx 1.4 inches giving plenty of pencil protection. Its also divided up into 3 sections so they fit snugly underneath rather than left completely open...if your not sure what I mean I show you in the video.

I just want to point out that you not only receive 28 art pieces; but you also have plenty of room to spare, you can get "41 items" in this, the slimmer gaps will fit paintbrushes or slimmer pencils for example either side of the popper on the left and through underneath the leather sewn on part on the right.
It will hold all you favorite arty bits and securely too as the elastics are tight.

 Okay so finally its wrapped up; it looks super cool and it has an olde worlde charm to it.

Here is the pencil tip end; showing you just how protected the sharpened pencil tips are, the PVC leather offers complete protection of your art pieces.

Here is my video of the unboxing and a complete indepth look at each of the arty bits in more detail. Plus what it looks like empty and full and rolled up.

I absolutely love this sketching kit I've been doing art for over 30 years, but never had such a lovely set like this; with everything in this roll; I still have 13 places to add my own arty bits and pieces, its just gorgeous.

If your an art student who loves sketching, this set will make you one happy-bunny, go treat yourself right now. Its perfect to pop in your bag, glove-box and take with you anywhere.
All your art supplies will be easily organized and you can see what you want at a glance.
Plus its sooo affordable you simply cannot go wrong, if your an artist you will be sure to use everything in this set, even if you add your own favorites bits and pieces and use these for extras and spares; its just perfect!

If your not sure whether you like sketching, this set is so affordable to simply give it a go, also ideal for the young or budding artist; plus us hardened stationary addicts.
So guys thank for popping by let me know what you think and I for one am looking forward to doodling with you all very soon.

Feelily 18PCS Sketching Pencil and charcoal art roll/wrap set

I want to thank Feelily for kindly sending me this gorgeous art roll for a discounted price. All my views and opinions are my own and all photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

If you liked this review you may like my last review from Feelily.

Coming very soon is the gorgeous Feelily Marco Raffine 72 coloured pencil set, Im super excited to show you this its just beautiful.

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