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Eboot 36 LED's Selfie or supplementary ring light Review

Beep beep....Calling all Selfie Addicts!!
Hi everyone Ive something for those of you addicted to taking selfies...OK that could be ALL of you... ;-)

I was kindly offered this gorgeous looking 36 LED ring light to share with you all by a company called Eboot. This LED light is also a number 1 best seller on Amazon so of course I had to try it too to see what all the fuss was about.

Ive added a chatty video review too; to show you some ideas of how to use it other than for selfie's. If you love your photography you will find this an invaluable piece of kit to keep in your bag.
Its not often I find a gadget that is a multi-tasker, usually they do what they say on the box and thats it...not this one. I could see so many ways of using this in so many situations so I wanted to show you a few.

Could this be the Selfie addict's most important gadget...well watch my video and see what you think for yourself.

I have to admit Im not a selfie snapper I dont like looking in the mirror let alone taking loads of piks of me in different positions...eeep...nope...tooo scary for me.

However I know so many of you are so I had to give this little gadget a good run through for you.

Just grab a coffee and a bikky and checkout my full review of this clever little gadget. You have to see just how bright this is...I hope you will be as surprised as I was...!

When this first arrived I was slightly disappointing in the packaging as its literally was just a white box with a half moon tease window. However I do understand basic packaging can keep costs right down.
Being a small white box you can then decorate it however you wish if it was a gift for someone.

Inside its a very simple plastic mold it sits wrapped in a cellophane wrap. This comes with no user guide or leaflet explaining batteries or modes, but its super easy to work out.

This is an 8.5cm diameter 2.1cm thick  LED ring light to clip onto your smart phones or use as extra supplementary lighting. These hit the market a few months ago when a well known blogger started using one.
So I'm super excited to have the chance to try one myself; not for selfies...god forbid...but extra side lighting for my photography.
It comes in black or white...I received the white one which looks very clean and 'apple-esk'.
Its the perfect size to pop in your handbag or rucksack to keep with you just incase you have the urge to "Selfie"!

This selfie light has 36 'Highlight' LED's and these have 3 levels of brightness which you scroll through via the button.

This little light takes 2 AAA batteries (not included) something easy to find in most shops in the UK!

The gap in the middle is to allow the camera on most phones to see through it; but still allowing the clamp to get some purchase (grip) on your phone. 

You can see here you still have plenty of room to hold your phone comfortably too.
I did find it quite a bit heavier to what I thought it would be, thats partly down to the batteries inside but then it does have a good quality build to it, something I didn't think it would have.

 At the top of the light is the on/off and mode button, this is set slightly to the side which is slightly odd.
However when you have it set on the phone my finger sits more comfortably at the top rather than to the side... I can still reach it easily...I'm just being picky.

But when using it off the phone as extra lighting in your hand the button is in the perfect position as seen here.
The clever cut-out also is a comfy ergonomic hand grip to hand hold this light for anything you may need.

 The light is designed to fit most phones and has a cut-out so your phone slides neatly into the light making the light sit flat. Here you can see the angle compared to the image below.

 Most widths of phone will fit easily into this indent and the clamp has rubberized edging so not to damage the screen of your phone. This for me was a massive worry even though I wasn't going to keep the light attached for long; I'm not really being a selfie gal.

Ive had no screen problems at the moment but you always have to be aware not to have items clamped onto your phone for too long as these capacitive screens can be quite delicate.

Using the Selfie light
This clever little light has been designed initially for those of you who love their selfies, but also for those like me who want to add additional lighting for their images. Being so compact and portable compared to most photographic equipment this is perfect as a quick extra lighting unit.

 The 3 levels of brightness really make a huge difference to any photo. 
This is ONLY mode 1!

As there wasn't any instructions I didn't realize till I pressed the button to turn it off it had more brightness great surprise and when I reached level 3 I was quite taken with how bright this was.

Dont forget to checkout my video to see exactly what all 3 levels look like in daylight and darkness. They really give off an amazing amount of illumination and is PERFECT for extra side lighting or just when your having to shoot in low light.

Stand alone lighting
I found this light stands by itself due to its clever design; the batteries make it top heavy, so you can work hands free and concentrate on getting your shot. It simply rolls back round to this position.

 Extra lighting for those of you that sell things on ebay, etsy as well as using it for portraits.

Image by EBoot
Portraits and Selfies
If your looking for a pik of wont find it, Sorry you will have to trust me on this one. In the photographic world, portraits are said to be better quality when the person has beautiful ring-light circles in their eyes, usually by a pro-ring-light costing well over £100.

However I was amazed to see on some test shots how this little light creates those circles...obviously how bright they are depends on which mode you use and how close you are to your model. But wow it is damn good people!

Using this with the Plamp 2
I discovered a way of using this light more than just for selfies by controlling my lighting.  By using my Plamp 2; you may have seen a previous video review HERE where I reviewed several products from Wimberley. You could use any of the three shown here to hold this light to place wherever you wish.

First of all clamp the Plamp 2 to your table leg or drawer handle (Ive used above to show you...) literally anything so its perfectly placed to capture my image. Then attach your light to the mini have a bendy lamp.

 Next you dont even need to clamp to anything you can use it as a stand alone lamp for extra lighting. Curl your base so its perfectly stable and it wont fall over and you have a camping light...the perfect camping/festival gadget!

Here it is illuminating my coffee table to show you just how bright this is!
Ideal during powercuts; the fact it uses batteries makes this so useful.

Im so happy with this little gadget, its so versatile, I absolutely love products you can use for more than 1 thing.
 This is a simple but genius idea to get better selfie shots, resulting in gorgeous skin and eyes; always wanted in good portraits and selfies.
 But thats not all; this also makes an amazing supplementary light for so many occasions.
You ebay, etsy sellers, if you need a little extra lighting that can be moved anywhere. Using batteries makes this a compact little unit which is also very portable to simply pop in your bag or rucksack; plus its a stand alone little light.

But I decided to go one stage more and I brought in my Wimberley Plamp 2 and now I have goose-neck lamp and extra lighting clamped anywhere I need flexible lighting at a touch.
As its not a beam of light like a torch you get alot of illumination perfect for camping and powercuts.

Main features;
  • Selfie light making the skin and eyes look beautiful.
  • Stand alone lamp; leaving you hands-free to concentrate on your image.
  • Side lighting.
  • Additional lighting for photography and videography.
  • Powercuts.
  • Emergency light in the glove-box.
  • Use a a normal flashlight where you need more illumination rather than a beam of light.
  • Great for close work ie soldering electrics.
  • Continuous output lighting- or until the battery goes flat lol! 

I decided to go one stage more and I brought in my Plamp 2 and now I have goose-neck lamp and extra lighting clamped anywhere I need it.
As its not a beam of light like a torch you get alot of illumination perfect for camping and powercuts.

Use with Plamp 2 and you have so many other extra uses,
  • Gooseneck lamp.
  • Camping light from tent.
  • Barbecues at night clamped from a tree by itself or using the Plamp.
  • Bedside light.
  • Manicure light.
  • Craft light.
Well you get the idea dont you...go on guys can you think of anything else let me know?
I can highly recommend this Selfie light; but dont just believe me its already a number 1 best seller on Amazon. 

Its robust and a comfy size to sit in the palm of your hand and so easy to use. Plus its so affordable and I feel this would be the selfie addicts dream pressie!

This comes in black, white and pink.

You can get your EBoot 36 LED selfie light 
from Amazon Uk

See my previous video review of the Wimberley Plamp Family, as they will go perfectly with this little light. Ive used mine so many times already just for my review images.

All my thanks goes to EBoot for kindly sending me this Selfie light to share with you all.
All my views and opinions are my own and all images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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