Thursday, June 23, 2016

Travelers Times Travelers Notebook Surprise.

This week I received an amazing parcel from Travelers Times and I could not contain my excitement to find one of their beautiful leather Travelers Notebook and extras.
Many of us on social media make friends; but occasionally you make a friend that feels like you've known them for years. The lovely Keeley who owns Travelers Times on Etsy has no idea that Im making this post; as this was sent as a gift from a friend out of the kindness of her own heart.

However I just had to share with you guys this stunning hand-made leather travelers notebook as it was too beautiful to keep to myself.
 If you love your planners you will appreciate how special a gift like this is.
Ive added a video too as its so much easier to chat to you guys about it as I show you at the same-time.

This is my very 1st leather Travelers Notebook and I just cant contain myself with excitement. I was genuinely overwhelmed to receive such a wonderful gift.

Here is my video it really is the best way to see such a beautiful leather notebook.

Well if any company deserves a mention about their packaging its Travelers Times.  Just look at the beautiful brown paper and craft string wrapped just as my Mum used to wrap her gifts to people back in the day.

 The next layer is in white tissue paper. 

All Keeley's parcels come with both these beautiful vintage camera stickers and the craft tags with these so much, Im keeping these to add to my journal!

 Inside the little envelope was 2 gorgeous washi-tapes and a little packet of fun paper clips. Im new to planner arty stuff but I had been dabbling with collecting washi-tapes to decorate my refills; so Im so excited to now have these 2 in my collection. 

Oh wow......I love all of these so much...the little dog is so cute she knows me so well; as we both have dogs. Plus I adore these I have 2 of these from her I bought last time and use them daily! Also the Kate spade type bow Ive wanted one of these for sooo long.

Let me show you round it...
Travelers Times use the finest grade leather, which is then hand dyed bringing out all the lines and features making each one unique. Keeley also puts a protective layer over the leather for added protection so I can happily take it out and about with me.
This amazing rich pinky-red leather is called Cranberry; the image above shows this almost perfectly, I absolutely love this colour.

The leather is soft to touch but sturdy enough to hold all my notebooks and perfect for those of you that like to roll your travelers notebooks....eeep...I just couldn't do that its beautiful as it is!

A perfect charm for me I absolutely adore this little camera.

Inside was 2 of my favorite Journal inserts of
"A day on 2 pages" and 1 blank notebook as she knew I was thinking of starting to art journaling...soo...soo happy!

The 1 day on 2 pages is undated and you have the option to use the extra page as overflow (like me) or just add notes; it just perfect for how I write.

Im already a huge fan of Travelers Times refills and I made a large order a few weeks ago. I love the 90gram heavier paper which doesn't bleed through with any of my fountain pen inks Ive used so far. Parker Quink ink, Kaweko and diamine inks.

 *Checkout my video as I go through each of these refills and inserts so you get to see them more clearly.

This beautiful notebook has 4 elastics which Im super excited about as I dont have to piggyback if I dont want to; saying that I probably will as now I can get that gorgeous stuffed look Ive always wanted lol!

I had recently treated myself to Cult Pens limited addition Kaweko Sport Skyline in Metallic Purple; they are a PERFECT match; what do you think?

The beautiful riveted penloop holds my little Kaweco perfectly.

Im honestly so excited to be now journaling in such a stunning looking notebook and Ive been using this notebook everyday since it arrived. I cant stop petting the beautifully soft leather as it feels so luxurious every-time I use it.
I love it!

For me the fact its been hand-made with the extra aspects making it personal to me is super special!
This beautiful notebook really has a wonderful olde world charm!

If you want to get a special gift for some one in your life; I would 100% suggest a Travelers notebook personalized to that person especially if you know they love to journal and plan.

As much as I still adore my Happy Planner, Websters colour crush and my Carpe Diem planners; its the Travelers notebook for me. Its taken me a while to find what works for me and this certainly is it.

If you collect your leather travelers notebooks just checkout these AMAZING leather colours.
Go funky...bright or vintage the choice is yours, they are all gorgeous colours.

"Its a 1 stop shop "
for everything Travelers Notebooky!
Everything is handmade; both the notebooks refills and the inserts.
Travelers Times on Etsy 

A huge thank you to Keeley at Travelers Times Im actually lost for words and so grateful for such an incredible gift it means the world thank you sooo much.

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