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Thorfire VG 25 Cree XP-L LED 1020 lumen Flashlight review

I have another Thorfire Flashlight for you guys today, infact I have 2 but I wanted to show you this one first.

Thorfire have kindly sent me 2 flashlights to share with you, the baby of the range and big momma a 3000 Lm flashlight wow; I cant wait to show you guys.

So see after the jump my full indepth review.

I have to admit the outer packaging is very simplified, but its not about the box its about whats inside.

 So inside the box you get your mini torch, user guide, 2 spare coloured on/off buttons in orange and blue, a lanyard and you get a belt case.
Plus spare O rings for the seal.
This is just amazing what you get in this box.

I have to say Im super impressed with all the extras you get with such a small torch.

 The fact you get a wrist strap with it is brilliant as it already has a pen clip.

The VG 25 has a slightly flared out section which has 2 holes either side. These holes fit the lobster clip of the strap perfectly, making this super secure its not going to fall off any time soon. 
You also can see from image 1, two more holes so you have the choice of where you wish to clip the strap too, its personal choice.

You also have the 3 choices to hold it, 
  1. wrist strap,
  2. Pen clip,
  3. Use the belt clip case.

The case is made of strong nylon braiding with a belt loop to carry it around easily without having to have a bag. 

So on to the flashlight itself, it is made from aerospace grade aluminum alloy under military grade hard anodized process. This flashlight has been designed for the military, law enforcement, fishing and camping and now little old Gadget Girl!
Its waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (2m submersible).
its 13.7 cm long and 3.5cm wide.

I love the unique quirky design as its comfortably ergonomic in your hands, it really feels good and for alloy actually dosent feel to cold when you first pick it up. You could easily carry this for a few hours.

 The flared top holds the mode button.

 The end has a rubberised on/off button and you have the choice to swap the button to an orange or blue.

Personally I just like the black as it looks more expensive looking...yep...Im a torch snob! However in the dark you may see the orange if its in the bottom of your rucksack. But hey Im sure its easy to remember your on/off button is on the end? ;-)

 The bulb end of the torch has the triangle hot warning symbol. To be honest it only got warm when I placed my hand over the bulb, see later.

The bulb area has a large mirrored surround to spread more light from the Cree LED bulb.

 We are so happy with the Thorfire Flashlights we now have 4 of them so left to right you have;
Thorfire VG 25 (this one).
Thorfire S70 3000 lumem flashlight....coming very soon.

Thorfire also have a range of camping lamps too which are just as great quality see below.
Thorfire multifunctional camping lantern.
Thorfire telescopic Lantern.
All 6 have the amazing Cree bulbs and never have let us down.

The last smaller Thorfire we reviewed on here was the 502B and we've used it everyday out here, its an incredible brightness and the battery last so long. You can see its well loved, battered around in the bag, its been dropped so many times but its a tough cookie, it just keeps on working. Right now its in my handbag and I wont be without it. 
But I hope to be swapping it with this one.
Image by Thorfire

Tech Spec
  • This Thorfire VG 25 has the latest Cree XP-L LED bulb.
  • It is 0.5-1020 lumens.
  • Powered by 1 x 18650 3.7volt battery or 2 x CR123A batteries NOT INCLUDED. Thorfire recommend the 18650 and we have used Genuine protected Panasonic batteries in all the Thorfire flashlights successfully with no problems.
  • Waterproof and shockproof design to IPX-8 and submersible up to 2m. (Not for diving however).
  • Hard anodized surface and high strength stainless steel clip for every day carry.
  • It comes with spare O rings to maintain its waterproof-ness.
  • 79 grams in weight (excluding batter).

Here are the full details of the brightness (lumens) with every mode. and how long it lasts.
These results are pretty much on spec too! They do last absolutely ages, but thats also down to purchasing the correct rechargeable batteries.

Memory chip
It also remembers the last setting you've used if its been on for more than 3 seconds. I really love memory torches as we all have a favorite mode on these torches.

 You can clearly see here just how bright this amazing little torch is. Our room is pitch black and it goes from a slight glow to almost day light bulb brightness!

Thorfire have done it again its another fantastic Every Day Carry torch. They have never let us down. The aerospace grade aluminum alloy build has a lovely substantial weight giving it an excellent quality feel to it.  It feels robust and super sturdy, you seriously cannot get much better than Cree bulbs, we wont use anything else as our torches. Its absolutely amazing brightness and its the brightest small torch we've ever reviewed.
The end tail button turns the torch on and off and the side mode button is perfectly placed to flick through with your thumb.
The strobe mode is simple and quick to access in an emergency; just press and hold the side button for a fast strobe flash, it seems a bit quicker than other strobes Ive reviewed before.
The long distance 400 yard distance beam I have to say this is pretty much on spec.

We at Gadget Girl Central love the ergonomic design as its super comfy in your hands and the unique shape of the head makes it extra comfy in your hand. It reminds me of a cobra head...sorry to all you snake-phobes out there. 
I also like the deep knurling pattern on the barrel its ideal if your hands are wet or cold. 
 Knurling- a pattern of straight or angled crossed lines which is cut or rolled onto the material.

All 4 modes are amazing and I had actually forgotten it had a turbo mode till I read the instructions and I found the cleverly hidden technique of pressing the mode button quickly 3 times. Its brightness blew me away as I was already impressed when I thought it was already on its brightest on high.

I have all 4 fingers wrapped over the head of the torch here and you can see just how bright it is as you can see my "bones" now thats bright and yes it was starting to get hot lol!
Turbo is the only mode that actually warms up around the head quite fast; something you need to be aware of. However this clever flashlight drops back down to high after 3 minutes to save power and you getting too hot.

I highly recommend this little flashlight it really is a mighty midget of the Thorfire family.
The 1020 lumens is huge for such a tiny torch; plus the fact you get all the other modes too its the perfect torch for camping or emergency use. I now have this in my bag permanently, move over 502B there's a new Cree(d) in town.

Its perfect for your pocket using its own stainless steel clip, or worn on your belt-clip you wont know its there and its safely secured as it also has the wrist-strap.
Great pressie for any outdoorsy person or any night owls out there, with upto 480 hours run time on moonlight mode.

So go get yours from Amazon Uk

If you are after a bigger even more powerful torch then checkout my next review of the 3000 lumen; its big brother coming soon!

All my thanks goes to Thorfire for kindly sending us these flashlights to share with you all.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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