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Feelily Super large capacity 72 pencil/cosmetic case Review

As you guys may have noticed Ive been quite into my planners and Ive just got back into art again after a long time; over the years Ive collected alot of art mediums but of course its all mixed up together in a small arty toolbox and I have to rummage around to find what I want.
So when Feelily kindly offered to send me a large capacity pencil case it was a big yes; as I have a mix of boxes and bags with loose pencils in and can never find what I want.
This could also be used for cosmetics and art stuff too.

For me though Im going to show you what different sets of art items look like inside to give it a real test run.
Ive added a quick video too so you can see just what I got in this case.

Well I can honestly say it just arrived in a padded white envelope and this plastic bag taped rather badly. However it does save the pennies so they can offer these cases cheaper.

This large capacity multi-purpose case is made of a royal Blue Oxford material, it feels like a type of nylon and its pretty heavy duty. I actually like the honeycomb design made in the fabric. It's shiny appearance making it easier to wipe clean.
Measurements are :
7.8 x 5x 3.5 inch.

 Mine arrived with these smiley face rubberised zips; which you have to admit does make you smile.

Note; I do however have a slight niggle however with these cases in that they cannot tell you what zip design you will receive. You can choose your colour case out of this blue, grey, pastel pink, purple, red or black. 
All these are great colours but you cant choose; say the purple one just because you like the cute bees.?, it dosent work like that.

I was kindly sent this blue version to show you guys not my first choice of colour however the colour has actually grown on me and I do like the smiley face zippers, reminds me of my Hippy days. You cant help but smile back at them lol.

 A nice design feature is the nylon handle which is sewn well and its secured ontop.

 Here you can see how nice the honeycomb fabric is; it looks stylish when it catches the light.

The case has 4 zip compartments.

 Each zip has a large zipper pendant (not sure what you would call these). I have to say the metal zips are well made, I was expecting them to be "just ok", but they feel pretty strong and what with the zip pulls being large its easy to just whip open the compartments with no sticking or jamming; Im impressed.

 Once inside you have 10 elastic pencil/tool holders this keeps your items secure and organized.

 So you have 3 compartments like this which holds 20 items.
The first compartment the lid holds 5 items of differing shapes.

What does it hold?
Im going to show what I managed to get into this case.

 First of all Im going to try and fit my whole Prismacolour Coloured pencil accessory set and my beautiful set of 72 Marco Raffine pencils.

The top compartment is set out slightly differently and is perfect for my Prismacolour colouring pencil accessory set. The elastics are designed for smaller items like erasers or sharpeners and a larger elastic for a thicker pen, pencil or a ruler etc. Its perfect!

 Mission one...yep the Prismacolour set is in and looking good!

 I love how the case sits, although I wish the top "lid" would stay up...however thats me being ultra-picky.

Ohh you have to admit they look gorgeous all set out by colour and its easy to find without lugging my large tin around.
Dont get me wrong I actually love the large Marco Raffine tin its beautifully designed, but if I was traveling or I was going too and from art college or school I would want something much more practical and this is it.
Plus I get to organize the compartments by colour or art medium.

 I love having the pencils so easily accessible so if I want to go outside and colour or move rooms; I can just grab the case and a colouring or sketchbook.

 The case is sturdy and the zips slide round smoothly and easily without squashing the pencils inside.

There is plenty of room for the pencil tips so they stay protected and dont get crushed when the case closes. You can see the pencil leads have plenty of room.

I then added different popular sets and art mediums to show you how they fit inside.

 Here is my sketching pencil set which sits perfectly opposite the pencil set for the eraser and sharpener.

 My Derwent pastel set.

Here is my Johanna Basfords 26 Staedtler Fine liners set out perfectly, they cover one and a half compartments. I did struggle a bit getting them in the elastic as they have triangular barrels plus they dont lay as neatly as the pencils. As long as your not OCD this shouldn't be a worry as it closes fine and they are still set out neatly.

The last compartment fits my set of 10 glitter gel pens.
These have slightly thicker barrels so I had to remove the pen-lid to slide the pens in more easily, then click the lids on once in the elastic.

Here are 4 of my fountain pens and Ive been able to add extra cartridges of different sizes so I could keep these with me if I wished. 

Something really handy is the fact you can stand the case on its side if you wish to view all the compartments and it wont fall over.

I can highly recommend this case as it really holds so much, I was amazed as it held all my 72 Marco Raffines (review coming soon) as well as the Prismacolour pencil set, you can even slip more items in the compartments if you need to and of course double up on an elastic if needed.

 I thought I would add a quick video as its a super cute case and I wanted to show you just what you can get in this thing.

This colourful fun case is robust and sturdy; its easy to organize all your art mediums and then its easy to see what you need at a glance.
Up until now I had been rummaging around in a mini tool box and things just end up at the bottom often getting chipped or scratched my pencils get broken etc whereas NOW the pencils leads are kept undamaged even when the case is zipped up. Its designed well so even closed nothing is crushed together.
If your an art student with alot of art mediums I would definitely suggest getting 1 or 2 of these cases as being rectangular they would stack as well. The handle makes it easy to carry.
My only niggle is that I filled it way to fast and may have to purchase another one....

A lovely affordable gift for any art or cosmetic lover.

You can choose your colour of case
from here 
what colour would you choose?

All my thanks goes to Feelily for kindly sending me this gorgeous pencil case at a discounted price to share with you all.
All my views and opinions are my own and all images are mine unless otherwise stated.

Coming next from Feelily is the beautiful 
Marco Raffine 72 Pencil set 
seen in this review.

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