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Dimples Excel 2 in 1 Precision Mini Jot Disc fine point and Micro knit fiber tip stylus set Review

Heya people Ive something for those of you who enjoy using a stylus with their tablets or phones. I have always disliked leaving fingerprints on my screens, you have only to hold up your device at an angle and can see its smudge city, you can be continuously wiping the screen or...

Over the years Ive collected many stylus's, I've been on a mission to find the most comfortable, most responsive and most luxurious.

So when Dimples themselves kindly offered to send me their new stylus set I couldn't wait to try it...could this be the one?

Im quite a fussy stylus user and I know what I like and prefer from my stylus...believe me Ive gone through so many in the last few years trying to find my "ultimate stylus". ....That's another review!

I have at least 20 in my drawer, but its only a few I always go back to. I do alot of writing and surfing and my stylus's have to be comfortable with a nice balance.
I hate a light stylii; Im not sure why but they feel really uncomfortable in my hand. I prefer a more weighted stylus and where possible a cool metallic feel too. Am I being too fussy...maybe?
Fingers crossed this is going to be a keeper!

Its so refreshing to receive a stylus in a nicely presented box rather than just a plastic bag.

 Underneath is this items full and longest name Ive reviewed lol.

I was so impressed to open the solid sturdy lid to find the 2 beautiful stylus's sat in black flock-lined form.

Okay well what makes these stylus's or stylii different from your £1 shop jobbies...well alot!

First of all lets take a sec to look at this beautiful blue stainless steel and aluminum body.

There are 6 other colour variations too.

Plus of course mine, this stunning Blue + Blue which is my favorite. 
 Just look at what you get in this set, you dont just get 1 stylus you get 2. So you get to give one to a friend or spouse. Or keep one as a spare.
Then you also get 2 replacement Micro-knit fiber tips and 4...yes I said 4 of the mini jot discs.

This luxury set combines 2 different types of stylus one at either end; both offering you different writing or drawing experiences; not possible with the cheaper normal rubber tipped stylus.

 First of all we have the Micro fiber knit tip; this is a first for me, Ive never had the chance to try one of these yet.
These are said to be far more durable than the rubber tipped ends.

The other design is the Precision Mini jot disc fine point stylus.
This clever stylus design allows you to angle the tip to a 75 degree angle which is a normal writing/drawing angle for maximum hand comfort.
(As shown in the image above.)
 Perfect for writing, surfing, gaming or drawing for longer lengths of time.

 This set has been so cleverly thought out; as you have one of each of these excellent quality tips on each stylus. 
PLUS you dont have just "1 double ended stylus" have "2 in the box set"!!!

You have the Fiber knit for everyday normal surfing, writing etc; but when you want to do something more detailed your never without your precision tip.

To make them even more luxurious you have a matching aluminum lid to cover the mini jot disc.

This has actually been a niggle of mine for years, Ive always wanted a stylus with a lid to keep my stylus tips free from dirt and dust etc. Especially when its bouncing around in my hand bag.

 Even the lids have been made as an addition to the design with the Dimples logo and the fact you cant even tell its a lid covering another stylus??

They are also screw threaded to make them more secure. I have to say its a super smooth screw thread too.

But thats not all.......
Nope...when these wear down...which will take an age or if the mini disc gets damaged as their design alone makes them a bit more delicate; you simply replace them with one of the 4 spares in this set.

You get 2 Micro fiber knits tips and 4 Precision Mini jot huh! This set will last you for years if used properly.

 The Fiber knit tip simply unscrews from its really well made screw thread and you replace it with one of the 2 in the box.

 The Mini jot discs are slightly different in that you gently pull it out from the stainless steel tapered head and then push-in the replacement.
You get 4 extras of these as the discs could get scratched or dirty over time being a flatter surface. Plus they are a little delicate being able to bend around. You also need the disc to be clean too to see clearly through it, for your precision work.

They both have a lovely cushioned rubberized grip too, which I have to say really is super soft and so comfortable to hold for those longer writing sessions.

Image by Dimples excel
You can see in the image above the intricate parts to this beautiful stylus.

Tech spec
  • Length 5.6 inches (140mm) long.
  • Pen Tube diameter is 0.35 inches (9mm).
  • Disc diameter 0.27 inches (6.8mm).
  • Fiber tip diameter 0.24 inches (6mm).
  • Weight is 24grams.
  • Material made from Stainless steel and aluminum with NO PLASTIC PARTS. except on the mini jot disc which is a hard conductive plastic tip.
The stylus's are both compatible with any capacitive touch screens.
Note; With the mini jot discs you need to remember to clean them regularly with a quick wipe as any pieces of dust or dirt could potentially scratch the screens; it only takes a few seconds. I wipe mine every night before going to sleep. 

Writing Samples
Okay so you need proof of the pudding dont you; so I'll show you some piks while I was using my Nexus 10 tablet.

First of all the Fiber knit tip; its responsive and super smooth, one of the smoothest tips on any stylus Ive used.

Plus it can still do any width of line the same as the mini jot disc; however you cant see through it like the disc tip. Using the Fiber tip I didn't expect it to still draw this thin.

The Mini Jot disc is the queen of stylus's its super smooth and soooo very responsive; with no jumps or breaks in a fluid line drawing.

You can also see here, how clearly you can see the line through the transparent disc; perfect for artists and gamers.

This set is an exceptional luxury stylus set; I love the colour its a beautiful blue which is perfectly balanced in my hands. The aluminum feels cool in your hand and the rubberized grip is super comfy with extra squidge; ideal for me when I'm often writing or surfing for a few hours at a time.
The rubberized grip being placed at 1 end is in the correct place "just" for the mini jot disc end of the stylus not really for the fiber tip. However I do still hold the rubberized grip when using the fiber tip, but hold it further back along the barrel (if you see what I mean).
It feels a lazy girls hold but its actually very comfy and perfect when sitting in bed playing a game or surfing. They really have thought through this design...high 5 Dimples...!!!!
What makes this set extra special is the fact you get 2 types of stylus tip; one for everyday and the other for more precision drawing and gaming. Ive found with certain app games you need to click on an exact point to play. I often play "Find the object" games and you need to tap a more exact precise point. This mini jot tip has been amazing for these. 

The Sketch apps is where it comes into its own; its wonderful to see where your placing the tip, the flat disc feels strange if you've never used one before but it gives you real slip and slide that you probably haven't been used to. Ideal for finer artistic work where you can see an exact join through the clear disc..see my images.
Plus the detailed adult colouring apps too, you can get into the smallest sections to colour.

An extra clever thing Ive discovered is that as its just me using this set; I can pinch the cap off the spare one and I have a lid for both ends...Yay super cool!
It makes it a bit longer in length but its worth it as it will prolong the life on both ends of the stylus not just the mini jot disc; its just PERFECT for my hand bag.

I can highly recommend this set for anyone who loves using a stylus and especially for those of you that love a more luxury pen to use like me. You dont have to just have luxury ink pens you can now have luxury stylus's too.
In my opinion too; both guys and girls would be comfortable using these, sometimes they can be too thin or small for larger male hands, but because of the gorgeous balance I feel it would suit anyone who enjoys a beautifully balanced stylus.

I take the view if you've spent a small fortune on your phone or tablet you dont want to be using a £1 stylus on its screen. Cheap rubber tips will disintegrate and eventually scratch and quite often dont have the responsiveness that this set gives you.
The extra luxury feel and balance makes surfing, writing or drawing a lovely experience so you really will get the most out of your tablet/phone.

It looks as good as it feels and would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves their phone/tablet.

You can buy your Dimples Excel 2 in 1 Stylus set (2 pack) from

All my thanks goes to Dimples Excel for kindly sending me this beautiful set for this review. All my views and opinions are my own, my photographs are mine unless otherwise stated.

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