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Daisy's doggy unboxing.

 Daisy's doggy unboxing.

I have something for the pet and dog lovers today and I'm excited to introduce our gorgeous puppy Daisy for her very 1st doggy unboxing!
I was very kindly offered a few products for Daisy to try from the lovely people at a brilliant online pet superstore.

You may have remembered Wolfie our elderly fellow who also reviewed some items for the Petshop last year but he sadly now has passed away, RIP my Boy, it was lovely that he got to try a variety of senior foods and we ended up buying more of the goodies they kindly sent as he loved them so much.

So when we got Daisy our German Shepherd puppy I was super excited to have the opportunity for her to try some treat samples.
However for Life reasons out of my control; I wasn't able to review these samples immediately so she has shot up to almost fully grown in the last Month and I desperately wanted cutey puppy piks.
But...hey.. shes still super cute at 6 months old.

So Daisy has made her first ever Doggy Unboxing video and article below; I hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun filming her.

First of all I just want to tell you a bit about this brilliant online petstore. is not only an extensive online petshop but they also offer a nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food. So people who struggle to get out for shopping will never run out of their dog/catfood petfood, no more last minute dashes to the supermarket; its delivered on-time to your door.
They are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving you time and money. All of the staff are pet owners so they understand the needs of other pet parents.

How it all began
The idea came from Adam the founder of Petshopbowl. His mother suffers from arthritis and struggled to carry the heavy bags of dog food and last minute rushes to the supermarket for cat-food. Adam also noticed that supermarket prices were really expensive so he decided to setup his own business with his partner Lexi that would make a positive impact on the pet industry.


What offer

  • They stock over 10,000 products and all major brands of pet food and supplies
  • They offer a unique subscription service called Bottomless Bowl to ensure you never run out of pet food again.
  • They deliver everything straight to your door and offer free delivery on all orders over £19.99
  • They aim to provide excellent customer service
They have already won these awards for excellence.

 Daisy was kindly sent these items

I decided to do something a bit different to my normal style of review as the video says it all and I feel you will enjoy watching this rather than reading it this time.

So here is the video, we decided to let Daisy open the box herself and choose which ones she wanted to try first, I then added a fun out-take section, I hope you enjoy it too.

 So here are the 3 items Daisy received and Im really excited for her.

So as Daisy is running Gadget Girl today she told me her absolute favorite out of the 3 was...!

Number 1

This is Daisy's number one hit as you will see on the video that she even stole it while I was talking about one of the other to watch.
100% natural antler.
For me I found this an unusual treat and something we have never given to any of our dogs before so we were curious about this.
It was a perfect treat for her as she is very mouthy and bitey still; so anything that is painfree for me, is good.
Ill be buying a box of these lol!

Daisy was kindly sent a large one and its perfect size for her, anything too big or that she cant finish in one sitting she has a tendency to bury; so this was perfect size for her.

Nutritional spec
Chewing releases the feel-good chemicals from the brain...ohh...good.... she must be feeling pretty good all the time...with...all the bites Im getting....!
Anyway this keeps your dog happy and busy anything as a distraction from chewing us has to be a winner.
Your dog will wear down the outside until the marrow is exposed making it a lovely treat inside too. 

I have to say I originally thoughtg these were a bit dear, but Daisys not through hers yet, its lasted so well and Id definitely buy another one, well how could I not you saw her face lol.

Size and prices
Small £3.88
Medium £5.49
Large £8.89
Extra large £10.89

Number 2
Wow I was shocked at Daisy's immediate "Take my money" reaction she LOVED these so much we will definitely be getting Her some more.
She had approximately 3 pieces inside well worth it for that smile on her face...if shes happy Im happy.

 Nutritional spec
  • 100% natural Quality real chicken.
  • No chemical Additives.
  • Naturally Low in Fat
  • Just pure human grade real meat.
These are premium gourmet tasty bites, a great size for daisy's every expanding mouth, not too small but perfect for a growing shepherd. Maybe too large for a Chihuahua but you would just cut them.
The meat is human consumption standard with no chemical additives or artificial Preservatives/Flavors/or Colours.
I highly recommend these as it took her some real chewing time to get through just one...yesss... hand healing time.
They come in a re-sealable 50g bag, to keep the gourmet meats fresh.

How its made
They trim to size, slowly roasting the meat in its own juices retaining all that doggy heaven flavour.

So most dogs will find this extremely stimulating for their sense of smell, it will clean their teeth and strengthen their jaw muscles...WHAT...WAIT..strengthen jaw muscles....ohh...nooooo!

Available in 11 dog mouthwatering flavors.
Beef liver sticks
Chicken and Calcium bone
Chicken dumbells.
Chicken and cheese
Chicken chips
Chicken strips.
Chicken breast fillets (Daisy's fave).
Duck breast fillets.
Duck strips.
Ocean white fish.
Venison strips

Price varies of the above

Number 3

This adorable mini puppy pack contains 3 approximately 4 inch long treats; these are a fab size and a refreshing change from the teeny tiny treats for puppies, perfect for our ever growing puppy.

Nutritional spec
  • Calcium rich with a unique shape and texture.
  • Designed for developing teeth and gums.
  • Omega 3 to help keep fit.
  • Vitamin and minerals.
  • Cereals.
  • Derivatives of vegetable origin.
  • Vegetable protein extracts.
  • Meat & animal derivatives inc 4% chicken.
  • Minerals.
  • Seeds.
  • Oils and fats.
  • Herbs.
Only 75p a packet

Im so pleased with what they kindly sent Daisy to try; she loved them all. But she certainly had her favorites.
 The Stag bar she wanted with her at all times and the Pet Munchies were a complete hit as I know she loves her chicken, being chewy they are a bit softer than a hide chew but chewier than free dried this lasted her well and she kept going back to the empty packet...yep we'll definitely be getting her more of these.
The Puppy Tubos were an ideal size as a training treat for her.

Stag bar, Pet Munchies and when they had all gone she went for the Tubos. This was a highly successful first doggy unboxing with one happy puppy! 

If you have any pets then you simply cannot go wrong with ordering from the they have an incredible variety of foods for every type of animal bird and pet. From diets, treats and toys to leads, collars and beds and so much more.
Plus the Bottomless bowl is just a genius idea to never run out again, it happens to us all, having to suddenly dash out on a Saturday night as your running out of catfood...not anymore.
You just wont be able to help yourself you will just have to spoil your pets with so much to choose from.

So all 3 products were a complete hit for Daisy's very 1st Doggy unboxing and I think you'll see from the above video, that happy face.

All my thanks goes to the lovely girls at the petshop for kindly choosing some fab products for Daisy to try that suited her.
All my view and opinions are my own and all the images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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