Thursday, June 30, 2016

Colourful Steel wire Cable Keyrings Review

 Steel Wire Cable Keyrings

This week I kindly received a small parcel in the post and inside were these  colourful cable keyrings.
However there was nothing in or on the packet to say who sent them.

So if you sent them to me, please send me a quick mail ASAP and I can link them to you.

 The keyrings arrived in this white ziplock bag; handy to keep them in.

These stainless steel twisted wire cable keyrings arrived in a pack of 7; an unusual number but its great to have this many as they are so useful for so many things.

I love that you have 7 keyrings covered in 7 plastic colours, perfect for key sets so you know whose is whose keys.

These keyrings have a screw and barrel connection.

 The barrel slides down to screw-tighten to the connectors; these are super strong.
Plus being stainless steel and then also covered in plastic you have flexibility too.

They are exactly 16cm long and have a 1.6mm diameter; larger than most keyrings, but very thin and light to use.
These are perfect for not just keyrings but for luggage tags and hanging any tools, like torches, spanners pliers etc; plus they can really hold some weight! 

My other half has his eye on these already.   
Bagsy the purple heard it here first lol!

There isn't much I can say about these other than they are extremely well made for the price. I was expecting them not to connect easily or get cross threaded and jammed; Ive had none of these, they all work smoothly and easily.
Although they are quite stiff at first so you have to hold them firmly to connect them as they an ping off; but once they are bent a bit its fine. I also dont open and close them often so its not an issue for me, it shows they have some strength in them.

The fine screw thread makes them strong and even thought these are small they really hold some weight if you wanted them too.
They also have a LONG screw thread so they are NOT going to come undone easily as it takes about 30secs to screw them up lol.
The fact you get 7 in a packet gives you loads of options to use them for different things.

Definitely something I would recommend as you never know when you need one or 2 of these; super useful. I also really love the variety of colours too....well its a girl thing isn't!

So as I explained before I do not know who sent these to me so until then; just type in "Stainless steel cable wire keyrings" and Amazon will find these for you.

All my thanks to whoever kindly sent these to me (please email me ASAP); all my views and opinions are my own. 
My images are mine unless otherwise stated.
Bye for now.

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