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DB Power Large rear view mirror with Dual lens Car camera Dash cam and night vision

DB Power Large rear view mirror
with Dual lens Car camera, car dash cam and "partial" night vision with 5 inch display screen.

DB Power

We all appreciate a product that makes us safer as we speed around in our busy lives and if it can also be aesthetically pleasing it has to be good, now imagine also that the product could save you hundreds of pounds or prove your true word against somebody deceitful, then you would be thinking hell-yea, I need that in my life, well read on.

So checkout this clever rear view mirror review below.

Im the kinda girl who enjoys gadgets, but normally the car and auto gadgets are my other half's thing...until I saw this... wow it not only looks incredible but the technology this has is just amazing.

As far as packaging goes the box is clean white with a good image on the front; its a solid box too to keep it in.

On opening this box you will be impressed...very impressed.
This rear view mirror is twice the size of your average bog standard rear view mirror you probably have in your car.
What look like blemishes on the product is only air trapped behind the protective film, once peeled away shiny, shiny.

In the box we also have a Car charger, USB Cable,
Fixing belts, Rear camera + mounting screws and the User manual in converted English, somewhat hard to decipher but most of the fun is had playing around with the settings yourself.

Before we start I just wanted to show you the dash cam we are using at the moment this is the type that suckers to the window, it has served us well but looked dated. The comparison images are showing the back and the front. This new unit combines the mirror and the front dash cam and has a rear cam to help with reversing, plus a microphone and speaker built in.
Anyone that knows me knows I REALLY NEED all the help with parking, I have been known to drive around the block several times rather than attempt to parallel park, lol; I literally do not do reversing unless I have Ive absolutely no excuses now!

The back of the mirror is showing the forward facing swivel camera this can be rotated around for the best viewing angle and the large clips are used with the fixing belts to attach it to your old mirror, I have found this to be very stable.

With this unit you will need to purchase a micro SD card so you can save all your data and recorded footage. This will need to be a class 10 or above for compatibility, we tend to stick with the Samsung EVO SDHC UHS-I card for most of our projects, bit of a mouthful. The instructions recommend 8GB to 32GB.

On the back of the mirror.
GPS port for your own sat, TF card slot, Rear camera port, Car charger jack.
Note - when the mirror is attached in the car, getting access to the push in/ pop out card is a bit awkward, would have been better suited at the side of the unit, but then think how often will you be removing the card.

The buttons run along the bottom of the mirror in a plastic silver, this does actually feel and look a bit cheap, however you can see its going to take the continual use if your using it all the time. I'm hoping the coating wont just wear off; it hasn't so far.

 So here are my detailed measurements and yes it really is this gorgeous blue, very modern looking but it doesn't distract you while your driving either.

Cable Measurements
550cm from the rear camera port to the connector.
Reversing switch Positive and Negative cable for the camera is 200cm to the connector.
Between connector and camera is an extra 50cm in length.

  • This mirror has a 5 inch LCD screen in the middle of mirror.
  • Dual lens camera design.
  • Front camera has a 140 degree viewing angle.
  • When connected to backup lights, auto monitoring is triggered to show on the display LCD screen at the sometime as the vehicle is backing up! 
  • Picture in Picture display.
  • Motion detection.
  • It has automatic ignition detection and recording with a G-sensor.
  • Can be used to monitor while parked.
  • Auto display off when stopped to save power.
  • Seamless video recording in loop to ensure efficient use of storage.
  • Night Vision for interior clips and shots.
  • Built in microphone and speaker function.
  • Bluetooth.
SD Card
Please note that this mirror supports up to a 32GB card NOT included, you must make sure it is class 10 or above or it may damage the device!

Motion detection
The motion detection is so damn clever in the fact that you can set it to "motion detection mode" so the mirror will record when the vehicle moves, it stops recording if it hasn't moved for 5 seconds.

Picture in picture display
I couldn't believe it has this; it can display both front and rear videos on the mirror at the same time. So its amazing while reversing and if you are being followed you dont have to keep turning round.
For me I have severe back problems so the fact I dont have to keep twisting round is such a genius idea.

Collision induction function
A posh name for the built in G-sensor which cleverly knows when you've been hit by the sudden jar and wait for records 10 seconds before the collision and 10 seconds after....WOW!
It even has a file lock which activates immediately after a crash so that video file is saved and cannot be recorded over.

Tech Spec
For those that want to know the ins and outs of the bees knees.
  • CPU - Allwin F23 melis.
  • DDR - 64M 16 bit DDR 1.
  • Screen - 5 inch HD LCD screen.
  • Resolution - 480 x 272.
  • External port - USB 2. 
  • Rotating camera 250 degrees manually.
  • Camera angle - 120 degrees wide angle.
  • Rear camera angle - 105 degree wide angle.
  • Video format - AVI.
  • Photo format - JPEG.
  • Store format - MJPEG.
  • Battery - 420 mAh lithium Battery. 
  • Front Camera - HD1280 x 720 (30fps).
  • Rear Camera - D1 720 x 480 (25 fps).
  • Photo resolution - Max 3M

 You have to simply plug the unit into a cigarette lighter and you can then hide the cable that is left, behind fascia's.
I absolutely love the dual lens design the v140 degree viewing angle is so impressive it captures completely from one side of the road to the other.

You can set the rear cam up in or out of the car, the images say it all.  
Image by DBPower

 When you set it up; this is how you see the screen, its very cool and you have a huge range of settings to go through too, they are all worth it, you need to take the time to sit and go through them you can do this in situ of the car but it is easier to set this up before hiding the wiring as you can hold it comfortably.

Checkout just how clear it is and I love the huge size too, I was worried I may not get used to this, but I can't go back to a normal one now lol!
Plus you dont notice there is a 5 inch LCD screen in the middle until you crank it into reverse, then it comes on. 
I have found on my car that because of the length of the mirror my sun-visors dont go all the way forward anymore, this is more pronounced on the passenger side because of the angle of the mirror, your sun-visors may be further apart, but check my measurements from earlier on .

You can use your settings to continually see the road behind, this is amazing on a long trip, just dont get to distracted. Image by DBPower

I have to show you in my living room, just how bright the front view camera is as it sends this to the LCD screen, its fairly dark in my room...imagine a dark, dusk evening on the road...see how bright its showing the room...or road!

The HD video is crisp and so very clear day and night...Im really impressed.
You can also manually take a photo and record if you wish too!
Image by DBPower

I really can recommend this clever piece of kit, I did need my other half to fit it for me as its hard-wired in with the rear cam, but for power you can just plug it into your ciggie lighter.
I love the size and the buttons are easily accessible, you can change from picture in picture easily and quickly.
But for me its the reversing, its actually life changing for me as I can finally see behind me, the camera auto kicks in on the mirror so I'm not twisting behind me to reverse and its so clear too. You would never see this clearly when reversing normally so its safer too...especially with me around lol!

Its a bit dearer than your normal rear view mirror, as that comes with your car for free...but can you really put a price on safety and you get something thats a certain conversation starter; all your friends will want one of these once they see yours I can absolutely guarantee.
Its a fab piece of kit for any petrol-head too.

I will leave you with this to ponder, if you feel the need to have sleepless nights or fit-full nightmares you could go to YouTube and type in Russian dash cams, there are so many ways that accidents can happen on the roads, a loose wheel, a broken ball joint, tired/distracted driver BUT sometimes they are not even accidents but done purposefully, it could be your word against somebody trying to scam you or your insurance company, this is where DBPower's front and rear DVR can come in very handy. Can you really put a price on piece of mind.

Buy yours from

All my thanks goes to DB Power for kindly sending us a sample for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own and all images are mine unless otherwise stated.


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