Monday, May 23, 2016

Are you just plain bored with your plain keyboard?

Rekindle your Keyboard love

There are several different ways to jazz up that old computer you have. When it was new and shiny you may have given it a nickname cos it was fast it was cool and you were so proud; it sat where you could give it admiring glances, polish it so it shone like the technology of tomorrow and you loved showing it off to all your wide eyed envious friends.

As time went by maybe you weren't so attentive, you stopped wiping its discolored fascia or blowing the dust of the do-dars inside; then one day you may have relocated it under your desk, just temporarily you tell yourself but really its so as not to draw to much attention to thing like the 3.5" floppy drive, the coffee cup stain on the top or that beige is not such a fun color for a computer anymore...has the love really gone.

What can you do to rekindle the passion you once had for this box of bits.....let me tell you..........

You could -
1. Format the HD and reload the operating system add updates+drivers+programs+passwords; curse when all your documents and music files that you have spent years collecting, disappear. This; if the PC gods are in a good mood should remove as much bloatware as possible and might even clear the virus's, continual crashes, blue screens and reboots if your lucky.  
 Cons- Time and do you really know where all the old software discs are.
2. Overclock your old computer's CPU, memory and graphic card to within an inch of its life.
Cons- Takes time to learn the black arts and may shorten its already hard knock life.
3. Remove your ageing platter disk and fit a new solid state drive, boy will it boot up quick and be a bit quieter; but please refer back to No1.
4. Purchase a new faster processor " you need a new motherboard...Oh...and new memory...Oh...and you can't fit the old Graphic card in the new Motherboard; cos it looks rubbish...Oh...AND IT'S STILL BEIGE!"
5. You could head to your local PC shop with a large wad of cash be talked down to by a spotty teenager assistant and convinced to buy a new (old model) computer that the shop has been trying to shift for their new stock coming in the very next day, of course it will be pre-installed with bloatware and seriously overpriced, but at least then you could  
do a nice thing and give your old computer to a friend or family member, they might like beige; it may go well with the cord trousers they are wearing.
Cons...You are still responsible for fixing it when it goes wrong... COS obviously it's your fault!!!

Now think what is the one item on your desk that takes a hammering most of the time, has more bacteria on it than a truck stop toilet seat and shows that you have been playing Call Of Duty waaaay to much.

To use an old analogy if your car needs to go faster just add go-faster stripes it will feel quicker.
I give you the go-faster peripheral for your computer...bring in the love. Drumroll....The keyboard and mouse!

Pro-Gamers Keyboards and Mouse reviews coming soon!

Super Excited to have the opportunity to share with you all 
VicTsings latest 2016 release 
with multicoloured LEDs and backlights for pro-gamers

I have to see if this will replace my Logitech G-19 keyboard and Logitech mouse Im already using?
See you all very soon. 

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