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VicTsing USB 3 slim External DVD-RW CD-RW Drive Burner and writer Review

Do you have important videos, photos, or documents you want to save onto a hard copy; not cloud or your PC... just incase they go down...well it can happen. We have had PC, SD cards and flash-drives fail and its heartbreaking if you have valuable files on there never to be seen again!!!
A DVD Burner will allow you to save your important media onto your own DVD or CD. Keep it for yourself or share it with the family, some of the most recent PC's dont come with a CD/DVD player built in, all in the name of going minimal.

I was kindly sent a CD/DVD burner and player to share with you all.
See my in-depth review below.

Well people of the Interweb we do have a DVD burner to share with you guys and it came just at the right time as our last external DVD burner looked like it came from the Ark and was like having a brick on my desk also It had started making some horrible noises and would mostly just refuse to do anything, but ruin discs.

The CD/DVD burner arrives with simple basic packaging; very deceiving actually as the image on the front shows the white version which I feel doesn't do it justice, but the description on the rear says what color it is. 

Inside you get your CD/DVD RW with its already attached USB.

I have to say Im so-verrely impressed as I love the fact you have the USB cable attached underneath in its own storage section, no losing or forgetting your cable now.

It neatly curls around its own indentation.

 There is a little nook to slot the USB port into so it stays secure underneath while traveling or stored away till needed...super clever design and
 also 4 little rubber feet for more security at the outer extremities.

The Textured finish has a modern feel with a brushed metal design on the top whereas in fact its plastic; but it looks elegant and way more expensive than it is.
Its also an anti-scratch finish, subjectively speaking.

I love the super slim design, it doesn't feel heavy in your hand but it does feel substantially solid and is compact not much larger than a CD case, ideal for traveling as it will simply slip alongside your laptop in your laptop bag; ready when you are to save your precious files.

 Underneath is all the spec.

 The front drawer has the relevant information printed on the front.

Main Features
  • Ultra Slim.
  • USB 3 technology.
  • Backward compatible to USB 2 and USB 1.
  • No external power or driver needed.
  • Gorgeous brushed metal effect case (but it is plastic).
  • Anti-scratch finish.
  • Compact and elegant.
  • USB storage slot, no more lost cables.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and all versions of MAC OS systems. Computers, laptops, and computers with USB ports. Not sure about Windows 10 but I see no reason it wont work.
  • Measurements in cm 14.7 W / 14.4 D / 1.7 H.
  • Weighs 806oz.
  • Internal Chip 9.5mm.
  • USB Interface; USB 3 compatible, backwards to USB 2 & 1.
  •  Working voltage; 3-5V.
Write Speeds(MAX)
 Those that want to know the read and write speeds here the info from the site.
  • CD-R: Max.24X CAV
  • CD-RW: 4X CLV
  • High Speed CD-RW: 10XCLV
  • Ultra Speed CD-RW: Max 24X Zone CLV
  • DVD-R: Max.8X CAV
  • DVD-R DL: Max.6X Zone CLV
  • DVD-RW: Max.6X Zone CLV
  • DVD+R: Max.8X CAV
  • DVD+R DL: Max.6X Zone CLV
  • DVD+RW: Max.8X Zone CLV
  • DVD-RAM: Max.3-5X PCAV(4.7GB)

Read Speed(MAX):
  • DVD-ROM: Max 8X CAV
  • CD-ROM: Max 24X CAV

This looks gorgeous with my laptop and is one of the main reasons I wanted to review this as my CD drive doesn't work properly and I had forgotten how much I missed playing DVDs or gaming CDs on it; let alone saving my images and videos.
You have to admit it will look classy and elegant on anyone's desk.

 Its been awhile since we've successfully saved media onto a DVD or CD from the laptop and its quite refreshing to have a hard copy of our more important files.
The drawer opens smoothly and the CDs fit securely on the spindle.

One of the main things with this external DVD burner player and Re-writer is it doesn't need any external power supply, it receives it all from the USB.
Using Windows 7 after plugging it in a driver was found very quickly it really is simply plug and play and within seconds of putting in a CD/DVD you can watch or burn to disc.
The whole drawer comes out and the design uses the whole size of a CD, hardly anymore.

A green LED flashes to show you its accessing your disc.
 The eject button next to the LED will only work when powered and attached to a PC or my laptop so you've no worries about it accidentally popping open in your bag or case
Note - There is always the emergency draw opening pinhole if needed.

We found once the DVD is inserted it comes up on the PC as 
Matshita-DVD-RAM USB device.
While spinning you can hear the unit, but its not annoying I actually prefer to hear it, I know its working its socks off for me. You dont need any particular burning software, we always used to use Nero. But now the DVD burner uses windows own software, sooooo easy.

The green LED stays on while burning to disk on both normal writing and re-writer.

Using the USB3 on my main system
We tested a normal write to DVD disc(one off record) and it took 4 minutes 50 for a 688MB file with a mix of image and video.
The Re-Writer DVD was faster with the same file 2 3/4 minutes. This seems strange that a re-writer is faster but I feel both were fast at saving my precious files.
I also had an old CD-R quite scratched that I found lurking at the back of the cupboard and at 4x record it took 10 minutes and 15 seconds for the same files, but the drive still did its job.

I feel everyone needs one of these if you have important files, and media, you have that hard copy and its so easy to simply plug into your USB and your away.

Our vintage CD/DVD burner/player.
Out with the old and in with the new.
I just had to show you our last CD/DVD burner which is quite ancient and built like a brick, is as heavy as a brick, and so is its external 12v power supply, just look at the size comparison.
Obviously the VicTsing one is on the left...der!

You can really see the difference in size with both drawers out.
 Here even the height difference shows, you can REALLY see just how compact this new one is.
Dontcha just love how technology improves!!!
Note - the instructions state best not to use an external hub or an extension cable but as its built in cable is only 8 inches long. I used a good quality shielded extension cable on my main system and the drive worked flawlessly, with no loss of data.

I absolutely love how elegant and modern this looks its going to look amazing on any desk. The slim size means it fits alongside my laptop in my laptop bag so I can take it anywhere.
I cant lose or forget my cable as its built in; this is just genius plus the added fact the cable fits so neatly in its own storage section underneath.
 One of the main reasons this is so good is the fact you dont need a separate power supply, in the past we've had bulky power supplies and power cables so it really wasn't portable. Its refreshing to know this little unit can travel anywhere we go.
My laptop is USB 2 and it works perfectly with this The backwards compatibility makes this a unit usable for anyone with a PC/laptop USB port no matter what its age.

You can buy yours from Amazon Uk

All my thanks to VicTsing for kindly sending me this product to share with you all. My opinions are honest, unbiased and my images are my own unless otherwise stated.

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  1. I really like this CD/DVD burner. Now thank God I can save all my important documents and pictures without being scared of loosing it. I like its different characteristic too specially the option of attached usb cable underneath.


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