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VicTsing Sakura Roof Prism 8 X 21 Mini Travel folding Binoculars Review

 Something for the birdwatchers, hiking and camping enthusiasts today. Plus something I have used everyday since it arrived.
A Mini travel pair of Binoculars from VicTsing. 

If you've been following me you would have noticed quite a few products from VicTsing as they have great quality and a huge variety of fun gadgety products for everyday life.

But as a bit of a birdwatcher today I have these adorable Sakura travel binoculars, main article and video 1st Impressions below....

 Daisy and I took the binoculars out for a test drive in the woods today.
 Well Daisy looks super cool in them doesn't she.

I love that these travel binoc's arrive in this little gold box.

The label on the side has some of the main details on, so they have made the effort to let us know more.
Inside the box you get a neat little carry case, user guide and a tiny lens cloth; I didn't expect that.

Then inside the case the adorable binoculars are folded up small, with a carry cord attached.

 A nylon case comes with it so you have something to keep them in. Mine was thrown together with some wonky stitching; but it doesn't affect the case itself.

Image by VicTsing

Specifications of the Sakura Binoculars
  • Red membrane binoculars; ideal for outdoor recreations such as campers, sports enthusiasts, and concert and festival goers.
  • High magnification and sharp clear optical performance.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • 8 x 21.
  • Fully coated optics for increased brightness with a wheel to adjust definition.
  • Magnification; 8X.
  • Objective Lens diameter; 22mm.
  • Line Field; 126m/1000m.
  • Eye piece diameter; 15mm.
  • View Field; 7.2 degrees.
  • Fold size; 9 x 6 x 4cm.
  • Open size; 9 x 10 x 4cm.
  • Weight; 242g (with packaging).

Binoculars 101
So what do the measurements mean?
Well all binoculars have two number measurements;
The first number the 8 in this case refers to the magnification; how many times closer your object will appear compared to the naked eye.
The second number; 21 indicates the diameter of the "light gathering lens", the objective lens (front lens) in millimeters.
The size of this lens will determine how much light the binocular can get for effective viewing. The higher the number, the larger the lens therefore the brighter the image. However larger lenses are heavy and more expensive so its finding your own balance.

These are also "roof prism" binoculars which means that the prisms inside overlap closely, allowing the objective lenses to line up directly with the eyepiece.
Resulting in a slim, streamlined shape offering an image which is magnified and in a straight line.
The other option is a "Porro Prism" system; where the objective lens is offset from the eyepiece, these offer greater depth of perception and a wider field of view; and therefore alot more expensive.

    These folding roof prism binoculars are genuinely perfect for outdoor recreations of all kinds from bird watching like me to sports and I have to say IDEAL for the festival season coming up if your at the back of a huge crowd.

     These tiny binoc's close up really small and open up to almost double, so I feel they would fit most people easily. They open up really smoothly and defined, holding their position well plus they feel fab in your hand.

    The adjustment wheel is smooth and feels great quality too. It sits comfortably on the bridge of the binoculars, these help with clarity.
    There is a diopter adjustment for personal sharpness. You can see a + and -  its only on the right side, you use this after having focused with your left eye first.. I didn't expect this on such cheaper binoculars.

    The lenses have a cushioned rubber for added comfort around your eyes while using them; the user guide suggests you can roll them down for eyeglass users however I found them too thick to roll down easily. But as an eyeglass wearer I was still able to use them.

     The objective lenses have a bright orangey/red optic coating, this is for anti-glare, brightness and sharpness in lower light conditions.

    Alot of the more of the expensive binoculars have these coatings; but its not expected on something this affordable. I found it works average in low light which is to be expected for its lens size.

    The rubber is armored making them super rugged to be just thrown around in your bag or rucksack. 

    It also comes with a neck cord too. Let the cord hang out from the case and you can hang it up in its case too.

     I love that you can pop them down anywhere and the armored rubber really protects them. Yes the rubber coating on the case does mark easily but it doesn't effect the quality of the optics.
     They are even splash proof to a certain degree but dont drop them in a river or leave outside in the rain. You can pop them down in damp grass and not worry.

     Checkout my video unboxing and 1st Impressions in the woods and our 1st Spring day woohoo!
    Plus a little input from our Daisy.
    Even Daisy looks good! She's huntin squirls!!!!

     I was pleasantly surprised with these and first impressions was just how small they are. Despite being so small they do have an excellent quality feel and lovely substantial weight in your hand. The armored rubber is super smooth and chunky in your hands and you know it will take a few knocks with no worries, the lenses also have rubber protection surrounding them.

    They fold up really small and are ideal to throw into your rucksack or handbag, glove box etc. The fact you have a case and cleaning cloth too is just perfect.

    As a bird watcher I found these great for bird spotting despite not being zoom binoculars, the fixed focus distance of 1000m gets you close immediately; if you want zoom binoc's you will probably be paying double or even quadruple. If your not sure whether you would like binoculars these are great to get the feel of. There is a knack to seeing through them and getting the image aligned, slightly open or close the barrels until the distance object becomes as one. As a glasses wearer I always take my glasses off anyway and then use the binoculars own focusing wheel to get my object in focus, but thats my choice.

    I can highly recommend these adorable mini compact binoculars, I feel everyone would love to own a pair even if your not a bird watcher its purely human nature to be a bit nosey isn't it...go on admit it lol.
    But if you love camping and sports or are off to some music festivals coming up soon; these will be invaluable for you. I wont be without mine now and these are the perfect size to just pop in your bag. Ive had expensive pairs before and they are so heavy to carry around; granted you do get the quality but I didnt tend to carry them around therefore missed so much. Go grab a pair of these they are so affordable and excellent quality for their size.

    from Amazon Uk

    All my thanks goes to VicTsing for kindly sending me these to share with you all.
    My views and opinions are my own and all images are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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