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VicTsing VGA to HDMI Adapter converter cable with Audio support for HDTV and PC #Review

 VicTsing VGA to HDMI Adapter converter cable
(with Audio support for HDTV and PC)

Yep what a mouthful for a title of a cable I know; but wow it saved the day.
I know this review wont be for many of you, but when you need this little beauty you...really NEED it!

So checkout my full review below and explanation of what this actually is.

So what is this cable for I hear you thinking....well I have quite an ancient laptop compared to today's technical spec and found I couldn't connect it to our new Smart TV... Samsung Smart TV review coming soon.

As technology increases, new versions of encoding signals and connecting devices are dream't up, all in the name of advancement and must have buzzwords, truth is this forces people to upgrade and replace old equipment. Most TV's and monitors now dont have the connectors that were available 5 years ago, its called "planned obsolescence" and we are all victims(?) to this trickle of improvement(?).

Try as I might I just couldn't find the right connector, there were so many cheap cables with the reverse connectors but I needed old to new, NOT new to old.
So the item I needed was a magic box of tricks that would upscale a 15 pin D-sub from my old laptop to display HDMI on the new HD Led TV, - NOT - HDMI to Dsub on old screen.

Then the lovely people from VicTsing came to the rescue and kindly sent me the exact cable we needed...thank you VicTsing you really saved the day.
I wanted to share my videos and images with my family by taking my laptop to their house as I have all my favorites stored on it.

As usual it arrived super fast from Amazon; its got great packaging with half a teasing window. VicTsing have done a fab job of making a cable look special...high 5!

So what does this do?
In basic terms as I had to get my head round this too; it takes my old laptop's VGA output and converts it to HDMI 1080P with audio output.
You wouldn't believe the trouble I had finding this cable and didn't realize it was right under my nose from a company I have reviewed with before; they then kindly sent this to me to share with you all.
 So it comes in 2 parts
 The USB connector cable and the HDMI signal converter.
 This explains the parts of this clever kit.

 Image by VicTsing  
This explains what it can be used with, its technically for an old device to connect to a new device, converting its older sound, video and images to our modern day spec. It can stream 1080 HD video.
Note: you do need to provide your own HDMI cable as its NOT supplied, many of us have these with our new TVs etc or they are easy enough to come by I would advise a quality cable so it will not suffer from signal crosstalk (distortion).
 Plus it does need an external power source with the operating current of at least 170mAh, you could power it from your own device the cable length is 96cm or you could use your own external wall adapter.

So let me explain the techy specifications for those of you that want and need to know as I had so much trouble finding this.

  • Resolution: 720P/1080i/1080P.
  • Audio output3.5 audio interface/R+L.
  • Input Voltage: 5V 1 A.
  • Input end: VGA+Audio.
  • The Output end: HDMI. 

 Here are the actual measurements of the cables.
 Image by VicTsing  

The connectors are extremely well made and the cables have that soft flexible rubber feel, not firm and shiny which could crack with use....you know the types I mean.
Image by VicTsing 

 Electrikery lives here

The VGA (D-sub(DE15)) plug has 15 pins and also the thumbscrew attachments if needed.
Note - make sure that this is the correct connector on your output device and not a DE9 connector, which has the same housing but only 9 pins.

 The HDMI output port.

So here it in action.
 So here it is setup I hope you can see this with all black cables and black laptop. The Dsub (vga) and the audio cable are plugged into my little ancient Acer Laptop and the HDMI is then powered through from my 5v 2A plug unit.

Using our own HDMI cable it is then plugged into the back of our Samsung TV.

Voila we have laptop screen on the TV woohoo!
The look on Scrat's face makes me think this is what Dsub must feels like being converted to HDMI ;). 

This was what I wanted and it works beautifully, it saves buying a new laptop. Plus now gives me the option to stream 1080P HD video with friends and family with great sound too.
There was no visible ghosting or tearing of the screen while playing video and no noticeable lag or jitter while gaming. I was very impressed at the sharpness of high resolution images portrayed on the HD 1080p screen especially as my old laptop maxed out at a lowly 1600/900.

In conclusion I have to say Dsub has never looked so good.

You can buy yours from VicTsing on Amazon HERE

All my thanks goes to VicTsing for kindly sending me this adapter for this review. All my views and opinions are my own and all my photos are my own unless otherwise stated.
 More VicTsing products Ive reviewed are below.
Im excited to be bringing some more VicTsing products very soon; see below.

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