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VicTsing Homasy 22W Mini portable Whisper-quiet Dehumidifier Review

 Do you have damp or mold in your home, office, garage etc? Then you need to get ontop of it for the sake of your own health. There are many methods to help with mold; including damp paint etc but this doesn't fix the problem or the damp in the air.
A dehumidifier will always be the answer initially to dry out the damp air and there are many on the market.

We have been using dehumidifiers for nearly 30 years and I only reviewed a Touchscreen larger version last week.

Today VicTsing kindly sent me a few things to show you all and that included a smaller "humi".
So I have added this full article and video review for you guys to help you choose which you prefer below.
Grab a coffee and bikky and have a listen or a read.

 In the box you get your mini Homasy, a user guide and an electric 3 pin power plug.

 The Homasy comes into 2 parts with a removable tray to catch the water its removed, this clever gadget will turn off when its full.

 This water tray is transparent so you can see the amount of water its collecting on a daily basis, I actually like being able to see it out of interest.

Once full it auto stops and you simply pull it out and pull out the little black stopper seen above to drain out the water.

Another clever design is having a removable lid so you can wipe out any mold or dirt collected in the tray.

Built in above the unit is this bright red plastic holey top to expel the clean drier air back into your room.

The 9 volt adapter plugs directly into the base.

 A clever design plan was to have the cable sitting in the middle gap of the tray so you can remove the tray without having to physically unplug your unit; however I would always unplug it for safety as you can never be too careful, but they had the right idea.

  • Adapter output voltage: 9V DC/2.5 Amp
  • Power: 22W
  • Dehumidifying capacity: 220 ml a Day; Max:300 ml
  • Maximum area for dehumidifying: 20m2
  • Noise: 35dB
  • Usage temperature:15c to 35c
  • Size: 154 x130 x 218 mm

 This Homasy Dehumidifier works with "Peltier technology"

 So in as plain English as I can explain this; a Peltier junction is a semiconductor that get hot on one side and cold on the other when voltage is applied and current flows through it. So, it acts as a heat pump, or a thermoelectric cooler, moving heat (energy) from one side to the other. There’s no motors, pumps, fluid, oils, or gases involved, so it’s quite efficient. With only a fan to move air over the junction – it’s also very quiet, I should know as my water cooled PC uses one on the CPU.

Please feel free to google it as there are many explanations on the web!!

This little Homasy is made of ABS plastic with one very simple button and 1 mode it doesn't get any easier. Press it once and a blue LED lights up to say its on so simply walk away as once the little 260ml tray is full the blue LED will turn red and it will auto shut off making it extremely safe.
To empty simply remove the tray pull out the little black bung and pour it down the sink, pop the bung back in and away you go.
NOTE; Always unplug while dealing with the water to be safe. 

If you would rather listen to my rambles grab a coffee and bikky and press play. I often prefer to see the product in real life than just piks so you have the choice.

Im really impressed with yet again another great dehumidifier from VicTsing, this little portable Homasy is only 15.4 x 13.0 x 21.8 cm in size, making it ideal to pop on a windowsill, into a cupboard or wardrobe, garage etc.
Build wise I can say it does feel a little plasticky; but it thoroughly removes damp, mold, bacteria and mildew from the air quickly and quietly.
The user guide claims it removes 300mls of water a day, however this would only be possible if you emptied the 260ml water tank at least once a day which actually is possible when you see what this takes out the air!!!

I have to admit that after only a few hours it removed this amount of water from our dining room; so Im really impressed with this. It really is whisper quiet as you will see in my video I had to check it was actually running lol.

This little "humi" covers 22 square meters so can easily be a workhorse for all the rooms and cupboards in your home.
Its light compact and extremely portable to move around the home, we will be moving this from dining room to library to wardrobe throughout the year as our 400 year old cottage does suffer from some damp.
It naturally has a little bit of damp which we have kept ontop of with quite a large cronky 25 years old dehumidifier that we nicknamed, Humi . 

I have found this little gadget really successful at removing the moisture quickly and quietly from our air. I absolutely recommend either this Homasy or the Touchscreen humi if you have any damp or mildew in your home, its something that cannot be left, purely for your own health.


Here is my other Dehumidifer video review also from VicTsing

 Thanks to VicTsing for kindly sending me this product to review; all my views and opinions are honest and my own. 
All photos are my own unless otherwise stated.


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